Best Longboard Bearings

Who doesn’t want to have high-quality longboard bearings that can help you get smooth, fast, and noise-free features when you roll while riding.

Here, bearings play a master role to get everything you want in a longboard, and no component affects the operation of a longboard like it.

Not all longboard bearings come with the same features, and when you start riding with a good set of bearings, you will notice the difference, and it can instantly change the way you ride forever.

Sometimes it depends on if you are a beginner or pro and what you value speed or acceleration.

Many things need to care, and this article 10 best longboard bearings will help you pick the best product and whatever you are looking for in it.

The existent of different bearing brands are noticeable. Before purchasing any bearing, one thing needs to remember the size of the skateboard and longboard bearings is standard.

Here, our list of the top 10 longboard bearings of 2021 will must help to narrow your wish.

Let’s check the products.

1. Neal Precision Skate Bearings 

  • Color: Black/Ceramic;
  • Size: 8 Pcs.

Without wasting further time, let us talk about the first product NEAL Precision Skate Bearings. As we all know, skateboarding will also become more enjoyable and can offer an exciting experience for you with perfect skate bearing. If you invest your money in this product, it will help you to reach the destination in the smoothest and fastest manner.

This well-balanced skate bearing is known for working quickly. Because of its high-class ceramic, the product is famous for being around forty percent stronger and fifty percent lighter if you compare it with steel. Without any doubt, you can make sure that the tool is able to give a high spin rating. The spin rating is up to a hundred thousand rpm under each load.

I can assure you a rider will love the inclusions in the set because of its eight precision bearings, a waterproof sticker, four skateboard spacers, and an aluminum case. Lastly, budget-friendly skate bearing tends to squeak after a while of use.


  • These NEAL Precision Skate Bearings can help you to make amazing as a longboard rider.
  • The user can get the fastest speed and needs to have the ultimate bearings.
  • The NEAL Ceramic Si3N4 Hybrid Skate Bearings can make you astonished because you will notice it is 50% lighter and 40% stronger than steel.
  • Once use this impressive product, you can instantly feel the difference in it. This brilliant skate bearing is finely balanced and offers unbelievable maximum spin. The spins rating of 100,000 rpm is under load.
  • The product comes with a reusable aluminum case. It includes 8 Precision Bearings, 4 Skateboard Spacers, and a Waterproof Sticker.
  • NEAL Precision Skate Bearings can give a guarantee to give rolling smooth and long feeling to your Skateboard, Longboard, Pennyboard, Inline Skates, and Scooter.


  • It can give the opportunity of enjoying a more precise, smoother, and faster ride to its user.
  • High-class ceramic, which is stronger and lighter than steel.
  • Users like its finely balanced system.
  • It comes with a high spin rating.
  • Many inclusions, including precision bearings, spacers, and stickers are a part of it.


  • The customers complain that it tends to squeak after using it for quite a while.

2.Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards

  • Color: Steel;
  • Brand: Zealous;
  • Material: Alloy Steel;
  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing.

When you choose to go with Zealous, I assure you that you, investing your money in the right product.

Zealous is fantastic which is built to offer so many excellent features for your longboard.

In our list, this Zealous bearing for Skateboards and Longboards already won the award for the best value pack from the customers.

The first thing to mention about the item is this brilliant bearing of Zealous come with already in-built speed rings and spacers. The manufacturer adds this feature so that the user does not lose the tiny parts during the process.

Don’t you think it is rather convenient for you guys?

You will impress after watching the friction that it delivers. Because of the tribology, the product associates 0.003% percent of friction. You can say it is insanely low compared to other brands’ longboard bearings.


  • The product dimensions are 4.5 x 4.2 x 0.8 inches, and the weight is 0.3 pounds.
  • These bearings come with built-in precision 8mm axle holes and 0.5mm speedrings. So there is no chance of losing the small parts to lose during the changing process.
  • Zealous bearings deliver insanely low friction. The speed level is another stage of this tool. Its Tribology is at 0.003% means that the friction of the product is almost zero.
  • Zealous bearings come in with their special lube, and makers are using a custom Archoil Nanoceramic Grease to keeps the metal smooth and maintain the fast speed of the skateboard.
  • These beautiful bearings of Zealous are available in two colors, green and white. The steel used to make the green color, and the white one is ceramic. These color-coordinated rubber seals help to keep away all dirt and dust to protect the bearings.


  • It has built-in spacers and speed rings.
  • In this product, you will love its incredible low friction system.
  • This skateboard bearing can deliver fast speed at all times.


  • The customers complain that the tool makes rattling sounds from time to time.

3. Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings 

  • Color: Darkside;
  • Brand: Heady Shake;
  • Material: Nylon, Steel, Titanium;
  • Item Dimensions: 2.99 x 2.99 x 0.94 inches;
  • Item Thickness: 7 Millimeters;
  • Compatible Lubricant: Oil.

Athletically speaking, this Heady Shake Pro Skate Bearings is a gem. Right out of the box, you can use these pre-lubricated bearings. To ensure that the tool remains at top speed, the manufacturer uses the finest-quality special lubricate.

These bearings are famous for their rotation and high-spinning speed. The long-lasting life of these impressive skate bearings can give you a life companion for a very long time.

The good news is that the designer of these bearings made them for roller skates, longboards, and even kick scooters.

The good news is if you are choosing these bearings, you can get four skateboard spacers and a cool waterproof sticker.

Lastly, you can get back your money if you do not like its service.


  • The manufacturer wants to give the ultra-smooth and ultra-fast option to its user. So they add pre-lubricated bearing to offer maximum ride support.
  • It has an unmatched precision design. The Heady Shake bearings for skateboards can give excellent rotation, high-spinning speed, and long-lasting durability for more efficient support while riding the board.
  • The manufacturer of the Heady Shake Pro wanted to add blazing speeds for all gears, and they did this job very well. These top-quality bearings are perfect for any skates, including inline and roller skates, longboards, skateboards, and kick scooters.
  • These inline bearings are not only ideal for boast sleek and skater-friendly designs. It is also best for eight professional-grade bearings, four skateboard spacers, and a waterproof sticker.
  • The brilliant skateboard bearings are crafted with heavy-duty and ultra-precision titanium with a single-side sealed rubber shield to make it better than standard bearings or generic replacements.
  • These premier skate bearings are not only easy to install also easy to clean because of less friction.


  • Uses special lubricant.
  • The bearings are Pre-lubricated.
  • It has a quiet rotation experience.


  • It is obviously not an inexpensive product compare to others.

4.Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

  • Color: Black Mamba;
  • Lens Color: Stingers – ABEC 11;
  • Manufacturer: Yellow Jacket.

We have another contender on our list, the Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings.

This amazing bearing comes with high precision and high-speed bearings that are ultimately flexible. The user can use these bearings on their skateboard, longboard, inline skates, and rollerblades.

On the other hand, the product comes in a pre-lubricated feature to give you top speed while giving off minimal friction.

You will love its engraved bright color seals, and it ensures to keep away dirt, rocks, and dust and extend the life.

These top-quality bearings are affordable. If somehow you do not find it suitable after using, then the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee.

These Yellow Jacket Premium bearings can provide you with an excellent speed and easy-to-maintain cleaning option.


  • The manufacturer of Yellow Jacket uses the highest precision German manufacturing techniques to create brand new stingers to make the bearing world-famous.
  • High-quality premium steel is used for the Yellow Jacket stinger to make the tool more unique by adding extra precision and smoothness of its spin to make it different from another skate and longboard bearing.
  • The stingers come with seven different and unique color seals. It is for customization and protects the bearings from all types of dirt, rocks, and dust. The color seal also helps to increase the lengthen the life and maintain precision.
  • The user can get these high-quality Yellow Jacket stingers at a reasonable price with racing and durability option.
  • It is designed beautifully to last longer than any other bearing available on the market with a full refund option.


  • The brand provides a unique packaging design.
  • This bearing delivers high speed.
  • It comes with engraved color seals.


  • Many customers complain it makes noise.

5.Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

  • Brand: Bones;
  • Material: Alloy Steel;
  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing.

When talking about longboard bearings, how could we forget to mention the best-selling brand BONES REDS?

It is known as the number one brand in the longboard bearing market in the USA.

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack gets so much attention for its steel braces, and the balls consist of a nylon cage for better retention. These bearings are user-friendly, comes at a reasonable rice, and are easy to wash options because the user can easily take off the components.

The bearings provide a special speed cream racing lubricant to show its better performance.

The bearings have a Skate Rated trademark to assure its user that the product is from the Bones brand, and tolerances, clearances, materials, and lubricant provide the best longboarding performance, which is synonymous with the Bones brand.


  • The item dimensions of the product are 4 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches, and the weight is 1 gram.
  • Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings achieve the title of bestselling skate bearing brand in the USA.
  • BONES know the importance of interludes the SKATE RATED sticker on the packaging and to make its authenticity, so they use it in this product packaging.
  • A single, non-contact, and removable rubber shield feature is used for easy cleaning and less friction to the bearings.
  • For more speed to the longboard, a top-quality nylon ball retainer helps to deliver greater strength and speed to the longboard while riding.
  • BONES manufacturers use pre-lubricated with speed cream racing lubricant to protect the bearings from dust.
  • The clearances, tolerances, materials, and lubricant are skate rated than others.
  • Users can get a set of eight bearings, instructions, and logo sticker with the product.


  • Bones is known as the best-selling brand in the longboard bearing market.
  • The bearings are easily washable.
  • The manufacturer uses durable components.


  • The speed of the bearings speed is not high.
  • The bearings easily rattle after extended use.

6.Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

  • Brand: Bones;
  • Material:  Nylon;
  • Item Weight: 0.16 Kilograms;
  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing;
  • Item model number: DECK;
  • Department: Unisex.

In your search, I can say this is the most reliable skateboard bearings these days. You will surely like every feature of Bones Bearings Reds Bearings.

Many skateboard riders choose this product because it has come from the reputable brand Bones.

This impressive tool comes with a set composed of 8 bearings, equipped with a logo sticker with full instructions.

The most favorable benefit you will get from this product is it promotes less friction, and the cleaning method is simple.

It happens because of the Bones Bearings Reds Bearings single and non-contact rubber shield feature. The user can remove the rubber shield and integrated it into it.

This brilliant tool is designed to promote a high level of speed and strength to the longboard.


  • The package dimensions ‏of this bearing are ‎4.2 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches, and the weight is 5.64 ounces.
  • Bones Reds have manufactured to Bones Skate Rated specifications in a manufacturing facility to give the finest-quality skate bearings to its rider while riding the longboard. They also offer a combination of performance, durability, and budget-friendly tool in the longboard industry.
  • To give more character to this skate bearing single, non-contact, removable rubber shields smartly designed for easy cleaning and less friction.
  • The manufacturer uses a top-quality high-speed Nylon ball retainer so the product can deliver greater strength and speed.
  • Bones Bearings Reds Bearings have pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant. The lubricant clearances, tolerances, materials make these tasks easier and durability possible.
  • The product comes with 8 Bones Reds Bearings, 8 Speed Washers, 4 Bearing Spacers, and proper instructions and Stickers.
  • The user can fit these Bones Reds Bearings to all skateboard wheels.


  • The product is composed of 8 reliable and sturdy bearings.
  • The rubber shield is used to promote less friction and ease of cleaning.
  • A top-class nylon ball retainer assures it to offer a high level of speed and strength.
  • This tool can raise a smooth ride for its rider.
  • This bearing comes with a pre-lubricated already.


  • You cannot find a groove at the inner race of the product.

7.Rollerbones Bearings

  • Brand: RollerBones;
  • Material: Nylon;
  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing;
  • Item Model Number: 17506719820;
  • Department: Boys.

These Rollerbones Bearings are also known as precision skate. These bearings are especially for skates, and you can use them for your skateboard or for your skate shoes to enjoy the ride.

To make the bearings more durable finest-quality steel the manufacturer uses. It can withstand impact and long hours of skateboard sessions.

Because the bearings have been pre-lubricated with speed cream, it can deliver its rider a smooth ride.

Here, the tool design is quite straightforward. The Rollerbone bearings don’t make use of spacers.

You will love it because the maintenance is very normal and hassle-free. You can disassemble it without having any issues and clean the dirt stuck in the bearings.

However, when it comes to durability, many of you raise a question about the shield because it looks a bit flimsy compared to others.


  • The item dimensions of the product are 1.18 x 4.72 x 2.36 inches, and the weight is 5.93 ounces.
  • Rollerbones provides a 16 pack of 8mm bearings, and it is enough for one pair of skates.
  • These brilliant bearings of Rollerbones have a lubricated option that comes with low viscosity bones speed cream to keep the metal smooth and provide a fast ride.
  • The manufacturer makes sure that the skate-rated clearances, tolerances, materials, and lubricant can provide the best performance to its rider, keep dirt and dust away, and ensures durability so they can use it for a long time.
  • The detachable swift-speed Nylon Ball Cages protect the product from cracking.
  • Rollerbones can give you a fast skate ride and a long-lasting product with an easy-to-clean option.


  • The product is smartly designed for speed.
  • It comes with a pre-lubricated with speed cream.
  • To increase the life of the bearing it made with durable steel.
  • The user can easily maintain it.


  • The shield of the bearings looks a bit flimsy.

8.Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

  • Item model number: OBCZrO2UK;
  • Manufacturer: Oldboy Labs.

You can blindly trust The Oldboy brand when planning to buy bearings for your skate and longboards. I can assure you that Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearing is a winning product that delivers a very smooth and enjoyable riding experience to its rider.

The manufacturer of Oldboy heavily lubricated these tool bearings with a special lubricant. It will help to resist drag and friction and deliver brilliant speeds.

You do not need to think about the price tag because Oldboy ceramic bearings are one of the best cheap longboard bearings and not susceptible to wear and tear at high speeds.

It can deliver a better performance than steel bearings because they are more durable than them.


  • The package dimensions of the product are 3.11 x 2.76 x 2.09 inches, and the weight is 3.53 Ounces.
  • The skateboard bearings are set of 8 Oldboy ceramic bearings and are heavily lubricated to resist drag. The user needs to break them in with a few gnarly, and after that, they can experience a new level of a smooth ride.
  • These impressive bearing super hard ceramic balls come pre-lubricated. It will help to reduce friction and prevent its wheel from wear and tear.
  • It is best for slalom skating, bombing hills, and long-distance cruising.
  • Oldboy Ceramic Skateboard Bearings deal with indestructible polished glass balls to make them durable. You do not need to worry about rust and damage of the product that happen from dirt because of the ceramic balls.
  • The manufacturer adds heavy lubrication to prevent wear and tear. It also secures it from water and keeps the nylon-bearing cage protected from cracking.
  • There are two gnarly stickers inside every pyramid-power box of the bearings.


  • The product can deliver a very smooth riding experience than others.
  • The ceramic bearings are not efficient to wear and tear.
  • These bearings come at a very affordable price tag.


  • While the bearings spin, it produces a lot of noise.
  • The maximum customer says the dust and dirt particles can get inside the bearings.

9.Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings

  • Size: One Size;
  • Brand: Bronson Speed Co;
  • Material: Ceramic;
  • Color: Multi-Color;
  • Item model number: 72390;
  • Compatible Lubricant: Oil.

If you think that ceramic bearing longboards are best for you, then you can check out the Bronson Speed Co. G3 bearings. These bearings may not be as fast as ceramics, but this product is the ideal cheap skateboard bearings you will find in the stores.

The high-end metallic materials make Bronson G3 Bearings very reliable and durable. The roll raceway balls of his tool added to roll deep in raceway channels.

These impressive bearings help to reduce the side-impact and are made to deliver better speed and reduced wear and tear.

In addition to this, to make the tool more top-class, the manufacturer adds microgroove surfaces feature to lubricating the moving parts.

Because of its surprising speed, the users choose it. However, you can also find so many fascinating benefits you can get by using this Bronson G3 bearing.

Though it is not as good as ceramics, I can assure you it is the finest steel skateboard bearings and will be worth your money.

Not only durability, but the tool is also easy to maintain.


  • The product is designed especially for speed.
  • The maintenance is not tough.
  • This bearing promotes oil circulation.


  • The big disadvantage is this bearing is less durable than ceramics.

10.KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

  • Color: Blue;
  • Brand: KVENI;
  • Material: Ceramic;
  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing;
  • Compatible Lubricant: Oil.

In the world of skateboard bearings, the brand KVENI always ensures its customers serve their best-quality products in front of them.

KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings are one of them and can be your reliable companion while sliding through roads with its high-speed quality and lubrication.

One of the finest quality Chromium Steel and ceramic ball materials make the longboard bearings more reliable and durable than others.

You will get excited to know that racing car lubricants are used inside part of these bearings so they can spin faster and smoother.

These single skateboard bearings are perfect for longboard, trike, roller skates, fidget spinner, or kick shooter. The manufacturer uses a red cover to give it look more beautiful.


  • The item dimensions of the product are 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.18 inches, and the weight is around 3.84 ounces.
  • One of the top-quality Chrome steel and ceramic ball add more durability.
  • These bearings of skateboards already meet international ABEC standards. The user can get a high-quality, high-speed, low friction to give its rider a smoother feeling.
  • These blue skateboard bearings are 608s and measure 22mmx 7mmx 8mm are perfect to fit with any wheels.
  • It is an ideal skateboard bearing for skateboard wheels, mini-cruiser, longboard, kick scooter, trike, inline skates, roller skates, fidget spinner, and more.
  • This waterproof skateboard bearing comes with blue color unique seals. The disassembling and cleaning part is not difficult. The seal helps to protect the bearings from dirt, rocks, and dust.
  • To lengthen the life of the bearing and maintain precision, the manufacturer pre-lubricated it with racing lubricant to give a smooth spin.


  • It comes with supreme quality.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • The maintenance and cleaning part is easy.
  • Professional skateboarders use these bearings.


  • It is essential to screw the bearings tightly while assembling the product.

How Do You Install Bearings?

Installing new bearings is a critical step, and you need to install them very carefully by maintaining all the steps.

Let us check the steps.


At First, Adopt These Good Preparation Habits 

  1. Keep Bearings Clean – No need to open the package until the bearings are ready to be mounted. Once you open them, handle the tool with clean and dry hands or wear gloves. Try to keep them clean as much as possible.
  2. Keep Surfaces Clean – Before using them, choose a clean surface or clean paper or plastic. All mounting and housing components need to be clean before working with them. You can use either an Emory cloth or a fine file to remove any rust or burrs from the bearings.
  3. Check Dimensions – Before installing the bearings, measure the shaft and housing diameter to make sure you choose the correct size. Another reason is to make sure that the shaft and housing are round before installing the bearings into the longboard wheels.

Secondly, Determine The Best Bearing Installation Process 

  • Mechanical Mounting for Small-Sized Bearings

Bearing Fitting Tool


You will found two types of mounting processes, for example-The mechanical and cold. For tiny bearings that come with an Internal Diameter up to 4″/100 mm, mounting is the best option.

It is known as a convenient mounting method for installing method. In this method, you can mount the bearing with no electricity. To install the bearings perfectly, you should check the proper seating and use a particular fitting tool to drive it onto the shaft.

It will be best if you use a sleeve, impact ring, and dead-blow hammer tools.

Try to avoid applying force directly to the bearing’s it means the rings, cages, balls, rollers, or seals.

  • Hot Mounting for Medium-Sized Bearings

Induction Heater


If your bearings come with an ID that exceeds 4″/100 mm, then you need to increase the force considerably to mount them. In this process, you can use heat and are known for hot mounting.

One vital factor is that oil baths and exposure to open flames can harm the bearings. To avoid this problem, you can use electric induction heaters because it is easy the regulate heat.

Another essential part is the temperature between the bearing and the shaft is not the same.

A bearing temperature that is 150 F above is sufficient for the shafts. Heating the inner race and freezing the outer race is the basic method.

Once hot, carefully slide the bearing inside the shaft. Do not rush, and when it cools, it will grip the hole automatically, and lastly, try not to overheat past 250 F.

  • Hydraulic Mounting for Large-Sized Bearings

Hydraulic Pump + Oil Injector

Hydraulic mounting is perfect when dealing with extra-large bearings that come 2 to 37 inches in diameter. For extra-large bearings, you will need less manual effort to do this task.

Hydraulic techniques can give excellent control and precision while cutting down the risk of damaging valuable bearings and shafts.

In this method, it can create a thin oil film. At first, shafts with oil ducts and grooves will accept oil-injected between the bearing bore and shaft surfaces.

However, it will help to reduce both the friction and the force needed to mount the bearing perfectly.

With the help of an oil film, bearings can be mounted physically by using the hydraulic pump to drive them up the shaft.

It happens when you will pump the oil into the hydraulic nut, which then pushes the piston out by giving a force enough to move the bearing into position.

For quality assurance, the pressure is being monitored by the pump the whole time.

Mounting bearing’s vital work is to find the balance between minimum required force with maximum control.


Lastly, Handle with Care 

While you are working these types of jobs, handle them with care and attention. Always remember you might not be able to see the damage, but once mishandling these tools can end up costing you tremendously in production downtime.

It does not matter if the longboard bearing is cheap or pricey, but it takes long hours to install it.

While installing the bearings, try to avoid all tiny mistakes and read the instructions step by step, or you can take expert help. 

Are Spacers Important in Longboard Bearings?

Let first know what is bearing spacers. It is a small metal cylinder tool that fits into a skateboard wheel between the bearings. The prime purpose of using these tools is to reduce the weight distributed to each bearing of the longboard wheels. Bearing spacer’s premier work is to give a smoother and stable turn to its rider and extend the life of bearings.

On the other hand, the bearing spacers are optional. The long boarders and casual skaters do not put enough pressure on their boards. That is the main reason they do not ever need to use the bearing spacer.

If you want to slide, do many tricks, and skate hard without any doubt, you can use them.

Steel, aluminum, or other types of metal are the essential material for bearing spacers and comes at a reasonable price tag.

Bearing spacers are not a one-size-fits-all tool. You can measure the size of them by two things:

  1. Axle diameter.
  2. Overall spacer width.

The 8mm x 10mm is known as the radical bearing spacer size. Here, 8mm refers to the diameter of the axle, and 10mm is the overall width of the bearing.

The bearing spacer set always comes with standard size, but you can purchase them separately.

Things You Need to Consider

It is common to hear people these days want to know which is the best skateboard bearings? You cannot get any generic answer to this. You can get different answers from various people.

In reality, there are so many options, and difficult to compare each other.

Now, if you want to invest in top or cheap longboard bearings, you need to be aware that there are many great options in the market today.

It means that as a beginner, you can never run out of options. For instance, top longboard bearings nowadays can come in metallic bearings or ceramic skateboard bearings. You can also easily find skate bearings made of titanium material.

Finding the best skate bearings can be tricky, but following some rules, you can get yours. Here are some things that you might help getting a set for your skateboard if you consider these things before buying.

  • Budget

Before finding the ideal longboard bearings, this is the tricky part of buying skateboard bearings.

Not all people have the same taste when choosing bearings, and different people will have different budgets.

Not everyone is willing to spend on high-end ABEC 9 or ABEC11 bearings. Some customers will prefer cheap but also best bearings for longboard wheels.

It depends on you if you invest $100 for ceramic skate bearings or $15. Sometimes you can get top features products within a short budget.

You have to understand that the price isn’t the only thing you need to consider while purchasing these tools. So try to find the product you want to get that matches your budget with other vital features.

  • ABEC Rating

Another vital feature if you determine to buy the best skateboard bearings is the ABEC rating.

If you do some research about it, you might find out that many customers mention ABEC ratings in their content while talking about the product.

When giving a product review, it will help you to understand the overall quality of the skateboard wheel bearing.

The ABEC rating feature will tell about the accuracy and precision of the skate wheel bearing.

Start with a skateboard wheel bearing that comes with the highest rating from its customers is challenging.

It means that ABEC 9 has better quality, and the higher ABEC ratings are the most expensive skateboard bearings. As a beginner, it will be wiser if you avoid sticking with the best ball bearings with the highest rating.

  • Noise and Vibration

Here, another factor that needs to check that could affect your overall performance.

The best longboard wheel bearings come with a quiet and minimal vibration to disrupt your tricks. If your skateboard bearings vibrate, it surely will make noise, which means it is not the best one.

The best-quality skateboard wheels and bearings include spacers that come with a quieter and more stable mood.

Spacers are small cylindrical pieces. It mainly fits right on the axle of the skateboard. A spacer helps to align the bearings and tightens the axle nut tightly.

On the other hand, it also removes any restriction to the spin of the wheel of the longboards.

But the vital disadvantage is that not all skateboard ball bearings come with this spacer, not even the best one.

  • Maintenance

When dealing with these products, you need to keep in mind that skateboards are for the road.

There is a high chance that skateboard wheel bearings are going to be exposed to dirt, dust and impede the movement of skateboards easily.

Here, maintenance is a vital issue, and you have to handle it carefully. Before purchasing, keep in mind that the best bearings for speed should be free from debris.

For this reason, the fastest bearings come with shields that perfectly cover the side of the bearings to protect them.

The same technique also applies to waterproof skateboard bearings. The shields are also used for the fastest skate bearings and utilize to reduce friction. The shields are used simultaneously with a retainer. It helps to keep the ball in place.

While choosing skateboard bearings, go after those which you can disassemble effortlessly. Removable shields mean you can easily maintain them.

  • Material of the Skate Bearings

Materials play an essential role while selecting an ideal skateboard bearing if you want to use it for a long time.

As for the material, there is two prime materials you can find steel or ceramics, and you can select between them.

So what are the best bearings for skateboards that can serve you for a long time? Is it steel or ceramics?

The expensive bearings are made of ceramics. It is because of its weight and durability.

You can find expensive skateboard bearings which come at $50 to $140.

On the other hand, you can also get cheap skateboard bearings which are made of steel and cost around $8.

Now talk about the ceramic skateboard bearings. The price of ceramic is higher than steel.

You can choose steel longboard bearings for a number of reasons. Steel skateboard wheel bearings can provide user durability and practicality.

  • Tolerance Level

The tolerance level of longboard bearings is another most essential part you need to find out carefully. This tolerance level is measured on the ABEC rating scale. A high ABEC rating provides smooth and well-fitted results from a particular set of bearings. Lower ABEC ratings cannot give you a smooth and quick ride like the high one.

The ABEC rating also affects the speed, how well bearings can tolerate weight, and other things.

  • Lubrication

Picking longboard bearings that come with a pre-lubricated option can offer you a great advantage. The pre-lubricated option can help to increase the performance of the longboard bearings. However, you can notice the difference as soon as the bearings are in place. Not only that, the pre-lubricated bearings ensure to get minimal friction right out of the package.

Benefits of Longboard Bearings

  • Keep Wheels in Place – Though we know that wheels are a tiny component in a skateboard. Here the bearings play the impressive role of attaches your skateboard’s wheels to the axles. Bearings are the essential part of getting your wheels rolling.
  • The Universally Sized – The skateboard bearings come in universal size so, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect fit. All longboard bearings come in the same size to fit any skateboard wheels you want to use.
  • Increase Speed – It will help to increase the speed of your longboard, and you can fly while you’re skating. Longboard bearings provide smooth and at faster speeds and flexibility with each ride.


What is the Best Lubricant?

When it comes to lubricant, we know how it is essential to keep the longboard bearings safe. Lubricants can clean and protect the skateboard bearings to eliminates friction and without obstructions to increase their performance.

Not only that, but it can also help to keep bearings in top shape and prevent wear of the skateboard wheels bearing.

Below, I am mentioning the top five lubricants’ names.

  • Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant.
  • Liberty Oil Synthetic Lubricant.
  • Ardent 0270-A Reel Bearing Lube.
  • Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant.
  • Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit.

What are built in Bearings?

Many longboard bearings come with built-in spacers. These spacers have inner rings which help to elaborate on both sides of the bearings. It also acts as the bearing spacer and speed washers, and the main reason you do not need to buy extra bearing spacers and speed washers for your longboard. Built-in bearings help to change and mounting wheels much faster and make the task less stressful.


What kind of materials are the most durable for longboard bearings?

Three types of material are used to make longboard bearings.

  1. Steel- If you choose steel, then let me tell you it is industry-standard, durable, and economical. These steel bearings are costlier because they contain better sealing, higher-quality metals, and more inner ball bearings. One downside of steel bearing is if it is exposed to moisture, then it tends to rust. Therefore, you need to well-oiled it to extend its life.
  2. Ceramic- Ceramic is stronger than steel bearings. Ceramics are more smooth, have heat-resistant options, and produce less friction to increase speeds than steel ones. If you compare it with steel bearings, ceramic deform less often, does not rust easily, and does not need too much attention.
  3. Titanium- Titanium bearings are lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to rust. There are some similarities you will find to steel bearings. But its material’s strength and corrosion resistance are high. It needs lubrication to reduce excess friction.


What kind of bearings deliver a smooth riding experience?

For your smooth riding experience, you can get so many options available in the market, but to make your work easy here, I am highlighting the top ten longboard bearings name.

  • Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings.
  • Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings.
  • Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings.
  • Zealous Steel Bearings.
  • Heady Shake Skateboard Bearings.
  • Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings.
  • Bones Big Balls Skateboard Bearings.
  • Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings.
  • Bronson Speed Skateboard Bearings.
  • KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings.

How important is it to buy waterproof longboard bearings?

Steel longboard bearings can be easily damaged by water if you do not maintain them properly. You can easily find waterproof longboard bearings, and it is one of the vital things you need to check before purchasing your longboard. Waterproof bearings can help to protect them from water easily without damaging them.

You can easily find a set of low-priced bearings which is specially made to use in wet weather.

How to identify a strong longboard bearing?

It does not matter if you are a beginner or professional can get an ideal bearing for your longboard or skateboard if you know how to identify them.

  1. At first, know what is bearings parts are.
  2. The materials of the product.
  3. Check the ABEC rating.
  4. Find out the difference between a bearing seal or a ball retainer.
  5. Inner and outer races of the bearing.

Do Longboards Use the Same Bearings as Skateboards?

There are no differences between longboard and skateboard bearings. Standard longboard bearings come at the same size as skateboard bearings, and you can easily use skateboard bearings on your longboard on any board of any length.

You’ll only need two bearings for your longboard per individual wheel.

How to Clean and Provide Lubrication to a Bearing?

Only by using five steps bearings can easily clean and provide lubrication.

  1. At first, remove the wheels of the longboard.
  2. Then remove the bearings and shields from it.
  3. Soak bearings in cleaner carefully.
  4. After that, dry it properly with a clean cloth and re-lubricate them.
  5. Lastly, replace shields and mount bearings.

What are the Fastest Longboard Bearings?

If you desire cruising, slalom skateboarding, or downhill longboarding, the first thing you will need is a pair of excellent quality bearing that will give you tons of speed.

You can use Bronson Speed bearings, Oust MOC 9, Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings, and KVENI Ceramic Bearings. They are known as the fastest bearings in the market for these kinds of rides.

When should one replace the longboard bearings?

Bearings help to connect the wheels to the board. It also helps the wheel’s spin round swiftly to give better speed. If you use it frequently, the bearings wear down, wheels have more resistance, and will get harder to spin.

It is better to replace your longboard bearings at least every 1 to 2 years. On the other hand, it depends on the quality you are using, the maintenance, and the weather.

When should I clean my longboard bearings?

Things you need to clean:

  • A skate tool.
  • A razor blade
  • Some good-quality solvents such as isopropyl alcohol, mineral spirits, you can also use gasoline. It works well too.
  • Lubricant.

At first, remove the bearing shields carefully and put them in isopropyl alcohol to soak them for a few hours.

After that, once the bearings soak properly and get all the dirt out, take it out of the solvent.

Air-dry it for about 30 minutes. Once it did in the final stage, lubricate the bearings with a tiny drop of skate lube and put it again on the shields.

How to clean longboard bearings?

Do not clean your bearings frequently because they need to be cleaned about once every two to three months. It depends on the environment. If the surface you are riding is not cleaned often then it is essential to shine up your bearings once a month

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