Best Longboard Wheels

Longboarding is becoming more popular day by day among people of all ages. Exciting Cruising along with smooth sliding highly depends on the quality of the good longboard wheel. Longboard wheels are the essential part of your longboard and choosing the right wheel is a bit tricky if you are a beginner in longboarding. Don’t worry, we have done some market research for you, and here is a list of the 10 best longboard wheels for your next purchase!

Our Pick of the Top 10 Longboard Wheels

1.Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Caguama longboard wheels are well known for their incredible speed and big size but the reason for keeping it in the first place is its comfortability. This 85 mm longboard wheel will allow you to have a smoother and comfortable ride regardless of the distance and type of ground. Especially, if you are a craver Caguama will provide you with maximum rolling speed for commuting, carving, long-distance pushing, and pumping. It is specially designed for an electronic longboard. It is one of the biggest longboard wheels in the market.


  • Super-fast speed and velocity with 88 mm diameter and 56 mm contact patch.
  • Comfortable grip and multi-durometers options
  • Heavy-duty and supportive core for rough road
  • Lightweight wheel and best for quick acceleration.
  • Smooth and plush thane formula for perfect slides


  • Shorter life span than other longboard wheels.

2. FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels 

If you are looking for a durable longboard wheel, FREEDARE longboard wheel is just your type. These 70mm diameter x 51mm width and 83a durometer wheels are made of polyurethane. The best feature of this wheel is that it comes with ABEC-7 high steel bearings and built-in spacers. These spacers help to fit your wheels perfectly to your deck and improve performance. And the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (AVEC) ratings indicate the efficiency of the bearings. Freedare longboard wheels are well known for a fast and smooth ride on the small and bumpy road without any difficulty. It is one of the best cruiser wheels on the market. If you are on budget Freedare have some great deal for you. These Pre-lubricated wheels come in a set of four and are a complete ready-to-go package for your next ride!


  • Built-in bearing with spacers for a smooth ride
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple design for easy customization
  • Pre-lubricated for instant using
  • great longboard wheels for cruising and skate parks


  • Smaller in size
  • not fit for technical sliding

3. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels

If you are a pro in longboarding, speed must be a factor in choosing the wheels. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels allow you to enjoy high speed and good grip with its 80A Super High Rebound (SHR) hardness. It comes with an offset core that makes the wheels able to grip perfectly through turns and corners. 76 mm x 53mm diameter is big enough to predict the slides and you can control the slide even at a high speed.


  • 80A durometer for stable high speed
  • 76mm mountain cruiser wheel for downhill racing
  • Offset core for a firm grip in turn and corners
  • Controlled sliding and predictable in nature.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Limited lifespan

4. Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels

Shark wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels are one of the long-lasting wheels in the industry. These large longboard wheels are specially designed for cruising and carving. 78A durometer allows you to slide perfectly and hold a better control and grip. With sidewinder technology, these wheels offer you a smooth ride with a higher level of traction. You will be rolling so fast even on the rough terrain including water, sand, and pebbles.

Another excellent part of this wheel is that it is designed to prevent loose attachment that reduces the chances of accidents. Compared to other longboard wheels Shark wheel can reduce the friction levels while sliding or rolling.

Who doesn’t love something stylish and unique? Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels allow you to choose from a wide range of colors and styles. You can choose the best pair of longboard wheels that match your personality.


  • Comparatively long-lasting in nature
  • Sidewinder technology for a smoother ride
  • Less friction on rough terrain
  • Stronger grip and controlled slide
  • Multi-color options


  • Cracked paint after a few months or miles.

5. All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

If you are one of them who loves to take “the road less taken”, All-Terrain Longboard Wheels is a perfect addition to your quiver. This 100mm X 65mm longboard wheel is specially designed for rough terrain and will just roll over anything. Their super high rebound allows you to enjoy unparalleled speed. Another special fact is that they are not just perfect for longboards but also for skateboards and electronic boards. All you need to fit in your skateboard is a riser lift kit.


  • big and beautiful wheels great for sliding
  • can go smoothly over rough terrain
  • SHR for stable speed
  • Can be used for a skateboard as well
  • Controlled grip and smooth ride in sidewalks and grasses


  • Weight is slightly higher
  • Durability is limited

6. Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

Shark wheel dominates the market with its superior performances. You may not expect a top-notch slide with these 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels but you will experience decreased frictions while riding. The sine wave design will allow you to enjoy superior lateral grip with easy recovery from sliding. The shark wheel lasts 10% longer in cruising than other wheels. It is proven to make a firm contact patch with the various ground by removing the sand, water, and gravel from the surface of the wheel. This excellent wheel was featured in the sharp tank and discovery channel and already have received thousands of positive reviews.


  • Best wheels for rough terrain
  • Smooth break with superior lateral grip.
  • Scientifically proved 60% less friction
  • Lasts 10% longer in cruising than other wheels.
  • Scientifically proven 10% more rebound.


  • An early sign of wear and tear

7. Skateboard Wheels 60mm 83a with Bearings

If you are looking for something cool for your skateboard lover friend, a pair of FREEWARE Skateboard Wheels can be an excellent idea! These 60mm wheels come with fancy packaging and four different colors. You don’t have to worry about bearings and spacers, it is famous for its built-in spacers in the bearing that makes it even cooler. Ratings from the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (AVEC) are a bonus in the package.

This cruiser wheel is just perfect for cruising. If you are a beginner you can try some early street tricks with it. They roll smoothly in the skate park so if you have a skate park terrain nearby, they are a good option for trying.

The durability of the wheel is always a concern for a skateboarder. But if you take good care and use them for street skating only, you will find FREEDARE very durable.


  • AVEC- 7 high rating
  • Built-in bearings with spacers
  • Multi-color option
  • Delicate packaging
  • Durable


  • Not fit for rough terrain

8. 70mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels 

Cruiser Wheels were intended to be perfect for sculpting & gliding and also each heck of a freeride wheel. It is 69mm in diameter, 78a in toughness and also are marketed in a series of 4 wheels. Any sort of riding is well-suited to the high-rebound urethane. Because of the urethane’s properties, the square-lipped standard set when you really need it but it can still be stretched out for a smoother slide. These tires leave a lot of thane marks, but they’re super tough. Every set is around 1.45 pounds in size. These 78a tires offer excellent cornering grip and roll nicely over cracks, tiny pebbles, and uneven terrain. They provide great control while skating, hold you back swiftly, worn out fast, and create thane lines. It’s perfect for drifting, carving, and freeriding.


  • They certainly live true to their moniker. It felt like I was riding through the clouds, and I was able to ride across uneven terrain without experiencing any debris or surface differences/flaws.
  • The wheels are fantastic; they have a nice feel to them.
  • The old timer will be able to perform errands all around area and local stores on these nice soft cruiser wheels.
  • Wheel is lightweight and ideal for fast movement.
  • For excellent sliding, you can use a slick and plush thane formula.


  • If the wheels have a severe cut or gash on the contact patch, it might cause the lip to rip off after use.

9. 70mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels 

Another 70mm wheel that is excellent for cruising is 70mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels. The package includes eight bearings and four 8mm x 10mm Spacers. Those ABEC-7 bearings with spacers are a great deal that ensures a noise-free ride. Those bearings are slightly greasy and pre-lubricated that makes them ready to use in rainy weather.

These longboard wheels will provide you with top-notch performance even on worse terrain. At the same time, these big and smooth wheels are positively reviewed for a longer lifespan.

If you are choosy about colors here is good news for you. This wheel has a wide variety of color options and you can choose according to your preferences. They are very vibrant and surely you will love them.


  • ABEC 7 Bearings with built-in spacers
  • Vibrant color
  • Top-notch performance on worse terrain
  • Noise-free ride
  • Pre-lubricated bearings


  • Spinning quality deteriorates with time.

10. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels Set of 4

We are not done with the best list yet! Before you make your decision have a look at Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels. This wheel comes with 8 bearings having AVEC 5 ratings. You can choose either a green or white one. Both have a stylish design on their surface. These 70mm butterball Wheels may not be top-notch for sliding but in the case of powerful grip, this is one of the best. This cute little thing is just perfect for beginners and kids for controlled speed and better grip. 80a formula makes it moderate hard so you can also enjoy busting mega-sized standup slides, sit-down slides, or hands-down slides with it. It has an excellent urethane composed of first-class urethane for doing all of your favorite downhill skateboarding activities.

Another special feature is they are center set which helps you to have a good grip and allows you to flip your wheels and prevent coning. There are around 17 thousand 5 star ratings and reviews for sector 9 butterball from around the globe. You can check those before making the final decision!


  • Kids friendly skateboard wheel
  • 80a Durometer for smooth and Controllable slide with easy hookup
  • Cosmic core and center set
  • Global 5-star rating
  • Fun color and design


  • Limited life span
  • Small in size and not perfect for technical sliding

Softer Vs Tougher longboard wheels

The hardness or softness of the longboard wheels is measured by a durometer. Durometer is a measurement scale that is denoted in “A” Scale, upto100-point. The lower the point the soft the wheel is. A wheel with 100A is the hardest.

Hard wheels will roll fast, but it is very hard to predict the slip or slides. Wheels ranging from 80a to 100a are known to be hard. If you love to ride at slower speeds, you should have a harder wheel for your longboard.

On the other hand, soft wheels are grippy. Wheels ranging from 70a-80a are typically soft and slow down you faster than the harder wheels. Though they are less durable but much easier to control when you are on faster speeds. Softer wheels usually have thick thane lines. They absorb vibrations, and they have a more controllable grip.

Riders prefer soft wheels and moderate hard wheels for cruising and as they maintain a higher speed. For other beginner tricks, harder wheels are suitable.

longboard wheel buying guides

From hundreds of brands choosing a good longboard, the wheel is not easy. Longboard wheels are usually made of polyurethane, and they come in different sizes and colors. Larger, softer wheels offer a smoother ride on a rough road. On the other hand, a wheel that is designed for rough terrene may be of limited life span. So while buying a longboard wheel, you should consider shape, size, durability, and comfortableness according to your style and preference.

  • Selecting longboard wheel size : Longboard wheel size is measured both in diameter and durometer. The diameter is measured in millimeters (mm) and the durometer is measured on an “A” scale of 100. The lower the number in diameter, the smaller the wheel.

54 – 59mm : This is average wheel size for beginners and suitable for skating streets, skate parks, bowls, and vert ramps.

60mm :   This size is suitable for downhill riding, made for faster speed and rougher roads.

<p “=”” tve-droppable”=””>65mm  – 75 mm:  This is the most common-sized wheel that provides excellent speed and moderate acceleration.

  • Selecting durometer : When buying a longboard wheel you need to check the durometer as well. Durometer is the measurement of hardness or softness of longboard wheels. All the wheels are measured on a scale ranging from 70a to 100a. The higher the durometer the harder the wheel is.

78a – 87a : This range indicates the soft wheel good for rougher surfaces. They can easily roll over cracks and pebbles on their path. Especially designed for exciting cruising, longboards riding, downhills, and rough surfaces.

88a – 95a : They are slightly harder and faster. But the grip is not that comfortable but still manageable. Suitable for street skating and rough terrain.

96a – 99a : They are hardest wheel that comes with good speed and grip. Perfect for beginners on smooth surfaces like skate park and skate streets.

Selecting wheel core : This is a very tricky part for beginners to choose. The longboard wheels usually have a plastic core inside the wheel where the bearings are set on. Wheels that are made of 100% polyurethane is slightly expensive than the plastic one. A wheel can have either Backset Cores, Center-set Cores, Side-set CoresMost wheels that are designed for street and vert skating have the center set core. This type of core distributes the weight evenly throughout the wheel and keep the shape of the wheel unchanged for a long time.

Best Longboard Wheel Brands

Every longboard wheel brand has its specialty and uniqueness. So choosing only one brand as the best is a kind of tough question and it highly depends on personal choice and preferences. It also depends on the model you are looking for. The different model serves different purposes. Still, when it’s about Best Longboard Wheel Brands and quality, no one can beat Orangatang. 

The first thing that will catch your attention is its vibrant look and soothing color. Orangatang Caguama 85mm Longboard Wheels are a teenager’s favorite choice for the longboard. This large longboard wheel is as speedy and full of life as your youth. Orangatang uses the original happy thane urethane formula that is super-fast smooth, plush, and able to hold a strong grip. If your weight is a bit heavy don’t worry about the longboarding, this longboard wheel is big enough for heavy riders as well.

Long boarder’s other favorite from Orangatang wheel is their Kegel. Orangatang Kegel wheel is well known for its high-speed steamroller action. If you love to date the downhill with the high speed it will be your absolute favorite. This pushing downhill racing longboard wheel comes with eight pieces of installed Jehu V2 bearings. It offers a soft to hard formula with 77a, 80a, and 83a durometers so that you can choose the hardness according to your preference. Sharp lips offer maximum traction for your downhill racing, pumping, and carving.

Another versatile choice from the Orangatang wheel is Durian. This 75mm x 52mm longboard wheel comes in 3 vibrant colors of orange, purple and yellow. This wheel offers 80a, 83a, 86a durometers, which is comparatively harder and makes it perfect for easy sliding. Like other models, it also comes with installed bearings. Heat-resistant urethane makes it a perfect choice for a hot summer. Anyone would love a downhill ride with its high-strength core and comfortable grip.

Features that make Orangatang wheel best brand:

  • Big and beautiful
  • heat-resistant urethane for the hot summer ride
  • The super speed with stability
  • Amazing cruising and carving experience
  • No wheel bite in riding
  • Multi-durometers options
  • Can accommodate heavy riders
  • Simple but soothing look
  • Supportive core
  • Super-Fast and comfortable
  • Top-notch bearings with integrated spacers and speed rings.

Limitations of Orangatang wheel :

  • Soft wheels are not perfect for technical sliding.
  • Colors can be faded with the use
  • Bit expensive than other brands.

Size Of The Wheel For Different Size Deck

Are you thinking about which wheel size is perfect for your deck? Well, you are not alone in this thought. To make all those measurements simple we made a chart of the wheel size for different size decks. All you need to know is your deck size. Wheel size is measured in millimeters (mm). It will vary according to your deck size. For example, if your deck size is 7.5, you need 50-52mm wheel size to be fit in. Check the chart below for further details!

Deck Size Wheel  Size
7.5 – 7.75 50 -52 mm
8.0 – 8.125 50 – 54 mm
8.25 – 8.375 52 – 55 mm
8.5 – 8.625 53 – 56 mm
8.75 54 – 58 mm
8.875 – 9.125 54 – 60 mm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Longboard Wheels


Hard wheels with a durometer from 84a to 88a are best for sliding on the park and street. Wheels rated between 75A to 78A are softer wheels that are not recommended for sliding. You can cruise and crave with 78A wheels. These durometers reduce vibration from uneven roads and allow you to enjoy smoother skating.

Q: How do you know a wheel is fit for your deck?

To pick the right skateboard wheels for your deck, you need to know the size of your wheels and deck. The Skateboard wheel’s size is measured by diameter (millimeters) and durometer (100 point A-scale). Diameter is the size (width and length) of the wheels and durometer is the hardness and softness of the wheel. For example, if your deck size is between 8.5 – 8.625 you will need a wheel of 53mm -56 mm. The hardness of the wheel will depend on your preferences. A wheel with 96a-99a durometers is perfect for beginners skating streets, skate parks, pools, and other smooth surfaces.

Q: What are built-in bearings?

For smooth rolling of the wheel and quick acceleration, you will need sensible Bearings in your skateboard. Usually, every skateboard wheel comes with two regular bearings. A built-in bearing means bearings with built-in spacers in them. The bearing spacer is a metal cylinder that fits into your wheel between the bearings and helps to align the bearings perfectly. Bearings with built-in spacers have a longer lifespan and better performances.

Q: What is ABEC?

In the world of a skateboard, ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers’ Committee. It is the method of measuring and rating the accuracy and level of tolerance of bearings in the USA. American Bearing Manufacturers Association set this standard. This standard is expressed in an only odd number and the rating starts from 1 to 9.


  • ABEC 1:  skateboard bearings with ABEC 1 rating are the cheapest ones. The quality of the steel is not that great and least accurate in quality.
  • ABEC 3: skateboard bearings with ABEC 3 rating are generally cheap. You should not expect fast and smooth-rolling with this type of bearings.
  • ABEC 5: skateboard bearings with ABEC 5 rating are standard for most types of skateboarding. They are affordable to buy and roll faster and go smoothly.
  • ABEC 7: skateboard bearings with ABEC 7 rating are very fast and smooth. They will cost you slightly higher but are worth buying.
  • ABEC 9+: skateboard bearings with ABEC 9+ rating are extremely fast! They are simply great for downhill racing and riders who want to move wild. They are the most expensive bearings to buy.

Q: Are 60mm wheels good for cruising?

60mm longboard wheels are perfect for cruising. But you also need to check the softness of the wheel. Softer wheels are better for cruising if you are a beginner. There are specially designed longboard wheels for cruising to provide you a smooth ride as they tend to be softer than other types of skateboard wheels. 55mm to 60mm wheels with a durometer of 78a to 83a is recommended for cruising.

Q: What longboard wheels are best for sliding?

Harder wheels with a durometer from 84a to 88a are best for sliding.

Q: What does durometer mean for longboard wheels?

Durometer is the measurement of the hardness or softness of longboard wheels. All the wheels are measured on a scale ranging from 75a to 101a. The higher the durometer the harder the wheel is.

Q: Can you use longboard wheels with a skateboard?

Yes, you can but with a riser. You can use your cruiser and longboard wheel in a skateboard by adding risers. ½” riser pads and 1 ½” bolts are all you need to make your longboard wheel fit for your skateboard.

Q: What do you think of the new longboard wheels called Shark Wheels?

“Don’t re-invent the wheel”, Shark wheel has just proven the quote wrong. Rather than following a traditional circular shape, the new Shark Wheel dared to appear as three-dimensional sine waves. And guess what? The 70mm longboard wheel, with its soft 78a durometer, is now one of the best performing longboard wheels in the market.

Q: What hardness should my longboard wheels be?

Well, it depends on your preferences. If you love to slide you should have harder wheels with a durometer of 83-88a. Softer wheels (75-80a) are typically slow down you faster than the harder wheels, though they are less durable, but much easier to control when you are on faster speeds. Softer wheels usually have thick thane lines. On the other hand, if you love to ride at slower speeds, you should have the harder wheel for your longboard.

Q: Is It Better To Go With Small Or Large Longboard Wheels?

Understanding the longboard wheel size is pretty important. To simply put small wheel is better for faster acceleration where a large longboard wheel is for slower acceleration. You can roll much faster over rough terrine when you are on large wheels, and with a small wheel, you will roll a little slower.

Q: What type of wheels is best for rough roads?

Rough and uneven roads pose a great risk for most of the riders. So finding out the right wheels for a rough road is very crucial. To choose the best wheels for a rough road you need to check the different features of the wheel like size, durometers, materials, and shape. In this case trusted brands are Shark wheel, Orangatang, MBS, Ricta, Freedare, Splitfire, and Bones. 54mm to 60mm wheels with durometers 78a to 88a are moderately hard and better for a rough road.

The skateboard wheels that are crafted with the finest urethane are always best for rough pavements. Another thing that helps the wheel to survive on a rough road is its bearings. High-quality bearing with AVEC rating 9 to 7 doesn’t give rough terrain a chance to ruin your ride. Adding a riser in your bearings will solve even the least possible chance of losing apart in a grassy, watery, and rough road.

Q: What are the wonderfully carved longboard wheels?

MBS All-Terrain LongboardWheels are one of the wonderfully carved longboard wheels that are popular for their high traction. On a rainy day, high traction prevents the wheels from slipping on a wet road and helps the riders to maintain control when accelerating it. Riders consider them as one of the most reliable longboard wheels for cruising and carving because of their ability to roll over the small barrier in their way.


Q: What accounts for the high cost of longboard wheels?

A set of quality longboard wheels will typically cost you from $35 to $55. You can say the longboards wheels are highly charged if that is above this range. Although the price will vary according to the size of the wheels. If you want to buy a slightly larger wheel with built-in bearings it will cost you more. Materials of the longboard wheels also affect the price range. You need to pay a bit more if you want to get some finest quality urethane and the best formula from top brands.

Q: Should I use the longboard wheels for sliding on rough terrains?

Sliding on rough terrains with a longboard wheel is a bit risky if you are not a pro. If you are riding in a worse terrain with larger cracks and stones, you must go with some strong wheels like MBS All-terrain wheels or Shark wheels.

Q. What are the best downhill longboard wheels?


The Orangatang in Heat 75mm wheel is one of the best longboard wheels for downhill riding and racing. On a sunny day, this wild wheel is the perfect companion for downhill racing. With a diameter of 75mm, and a durometer of 77a, 80a, 83a, 86a the Orangatang in Heat is a well-balanced wheel for hard carving, pumping, and downhill riding. The offset bearing seat that is preinstalled and the sharp edges ensure high traction, make the riders able to control in a wet road. The In Heat is made of Happy Thane formula that ensures high roll speed, high traction, and smooth, predictable slides.

Q. Are 60mm wheels suitable for cruising?

60mm wheels are a good choice for young riders who are a beginner in cruising. But I will suggest choosing 70-75mm and over for cruising. A wheel in this range will make your experience better as they roll over smoothly on the harsh terrain. You also need to check the durometer of the wheel that means the hardness of the wheel. A wheel with a durometer from 70a-99a is great for cruising as they are moderately hard and that makes them faster. You also need to check the weight of the wheels. Comparatively, lightweight wheels are better for cruising.


Q. How often should I replace longboard wheels?

It depends on how often you use your longboard and on what kind of surface your wheels go on. Generally, you should change your longboard wheels after every 2 to 3 months with another pair. Rotating will increase the lifespan of your longboard wheel. How often you should replace longboard wheels also depends on the wear and tears sign, how often you board on, and the type of longboarder you are. If you see your wheels are in irregular shape, showing signs of flat spot and faded color it’s time to replace your old buddy with a new one.

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