Best Skateboard Trucks in 2022

Trucks for skateboards are the foundation and lifeblood of your board, so you shouldn’t skimp on them in any way. If you purchase the right trucks, they can last for a very long time and make all the difference when it comes to landing a trick.

The greatest skateboard trucks are hotly contested in the skateboarding world. There is undoubtedly a significant difference between low-cost trucks and high-quality trucks, but ultimately it boils down to individual preference and style.

10 Best Skateboard Trucks

This really varies depending on where you intend to skate and your preferred skating style as to which truck is the best. A few trucks excel in all situations; some may be great for cruising while others excel in skate parks, streets, or bowls. Let’s examine a few trucks to see what distinguishes them from the competition. And I’ve got you covered if you’re on a tight budget.

1.Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks

The Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks are one of the most popular models available right now. It has a respectable ability to guarantee simple turns. The hanger’s 159 mm diameter makes it suitable for a variety of skateboards. The double kingpin setup is the only additional feature that needs to be mentioned. It provides incredible steering.


  • Smooth Ride

Smoothness is one of the main qualities a person looks for in a skateboard truck. The longboard’s rotation mechanic and smoothness are related. The rotating mechanism in the Gullwing product is fluid. The longboard is consequently smoother and softer than typical longboards. Both smooth and sharp turns are permitted.

  • Strong Construction

The building material is essential for the skateboard truck’s durability. As opposed to some regular trucks, the Sidewinder unit is made of high-quality materials. Strong metal was used in its construction. A number of years can be expected from the construction. The skateboard truck can carry several boards before it stops working.

  • Fast and Secure Turn

The skateboard truck’s rotation technology is impressive, as was already mentioned. It not only ensures a safe turn but also enables you to complete it quickly and with less effort. You can turn easily with a small amount of body movement. The product will make performing those 180s incredibly simple. To avoid becoming lightheaded, be sure to stop and spin.

  • Varieties of Options

Not to mention, there are a lot of different sizes and colors available. The Gullwing skateboard truck is available in two sizes right now. On the other hand, the product comes in a variety of colors. There are six color choices: black, Rasta, lime green, silver/orange/blue, and silver only.


  • Has the highest number of turns of any skateboard.
  • Comes with a 9-inch axle that works with a variety of decks.
  • Uses dual kingpins to ensure the smoothest response.
  • Does not sway significantly at high speeds


  • This may result in an expansion of the wheelbase

2.Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Quality is important, but a manufacturer must also take into account the design and aesthetics of skateboard trucks. Paris made sure the Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks are fashionable enough for today’s society. The texture and build are both strong, thanks to the aluminum construction, which makes it more durable. 90a urethane bushings ensure swift responsiveness.


  • Aluminum Construction

Well-known aluminum is used to make the well-liked trucks. This aluminum, though, is not the usual kind found in many skate trucks. Gravity molding is also done on virgin aluminum for an incredibly long life. To make the material tough, it goes through a further procedure called heat treatment. Among the best builds on the market can be found in these trucks.

  • Fantastic Baseplate

An ingenious component called the 6-hole baseplate is included with the skateboard truck. One of the best available in the market. Longboard trucks can have a good pressure distribution thanks to the base plate’s six holes. Another benefit is universal mounting, which is made possible by 6-hole technology.

  • Hangers

If you ride a longboard or skateboard, you should be aware that while you are grinding, rails and curbs are directly connected to hangers. As a result, the hanger’s quality must be strong to perform well. You receive 2 excellent hangers that can guarantee effortless pumping and curving.

  • Good Bushing

Simply put, a good bushing will enable you to fully control the skateboard. Consequently, you can correctly balance your movement. The urethane bushing is a feature of the Paris longboard truck. Most experts agree that the bushing provides its user with excellent service. The bushing ensures that there are no delays in the longboard’s responses.


  • Has a 6-hole baseplate that can be mounted using both traditional and modern mounting techniques.
  • Equipped with grade 8 steel axles.
  • Constructed of premium heat-treated aluminum.
  • Appropriate for exceptional carving.


  • Has a thin paint finish that might not last long.

Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings, Hardware

Cal 7 180mm Trucks are ought to be the best option if you’re looking for a complete set of skateboard trucks. Every piece of equipment you’ll need is included. The truck is sturdy, and the wheels are excellent. The bearings are truly amazing. The combination has many hues.


  • Superior Truck

The skateboard truck is the combination’s best feature. The truck is hardly a heavyweight. The maker constructed the product out of lightweight aluminum. The aluminum material guarantees a strong but smooth ride. The truck has a 50-degree baseplate that enables quick, sharp turns. Additionally, it has a brand-new aluminum axle.

  • Wheels that glide easily

The longboard truck’s wheels are undoubtedly one of its most impressive features. The wheels will guarantee that you can travel through the streets in extreme comfort and smoothness. For most street conditions, 70mm 78A durometer wheels are appropriate. High-quality materials are also used to make bearings.

  • Several Accessories

One of the things people dislike the most about trucks is that many of them come without the necessary hardware and equipment. These accessories must be purchased separately by consumers. They are not like Cal 7. Nothing else needs to be purchased after you buy the product; mounting hardware, wheels, trucks, and bearings are all included.

  • Spin quickly

These trucks are perfect if you’re looking for ones that let you spin quickly and flawlessly. In order to enable you to do that, the set includes magnificent bearings. 8 ABEC bearings are remarkably resilient. Due to this, 360 and large spins are both enjoyable and trouble-free. To further guarantee the stabilization of the bearing, spacers are also present.


  • Overall provides for a smooth ride.
  • Is equipped with a fast acceleration system.
  • Includes all necessary accessories, and it installs quickly.
  • Features an aluminum-built, high-quality truck.


  • Does not have long bolts or risers

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

The Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks are excellent trucks that are more affordable than other skate trucks. Because of the hard bushings, these units are also appropriate for beginners. The absence of a heavyweight from the truck is another significant plus. A skater will undoubtedly appreciate the product’s consistent flex. Overall, these trucks are good value for the money.


  • Standard Size

You don’t need to worry about buying this if you’re unsure of which skateboard trucks will fit your board. Standard sizes apply to the Havoc trucks. It can therefore easily be compatible with the majority of common boards. The 7.75-inch deck will, however, work best with these trucks.

  • Lightweight

Many people are interested in lightweight trucks that can occasionally be reliable. The Havoc trucks fulfill all of their requests. It is one of those thin trucks and does not add to the longboard’s weight. These trucks are made of an aluminum alloy, which gives them a sturdy construction.

  • Hanger

The trucks have a respectable hanger of five inches. Skateboard trucks typically come in this size. You will receive a height of roughly 7.5 inches from it. You’ll gain a lot from doing this. Any skateboard with a deck length of 8 inches is acceptable.

  • Affordable

A lot of skaters favor using gear that is reasonably priced. The best trucks, in terms of price, are skateboard trucks. Some businesses charge a high price for a single truck. The Havoc Truck, on the other hand, costs only $20. It’s uncommon to find a skating product for such a low cost. Additionally, the majority of the feedback on the skateboard truck has been positive.


  • Are lighter in weight than other board trucks.
  • Made from durable materials.
  • Provides every type of rider with a comfortable and balanced ride.
  • Also capable of beginners.


  • Stock bushings have an excessive amount of stiffness.

Cal 7 Combo with 139mm Trucks, Wheels, Bearings

Cal 7 Combo with 139mm Trucks, is another fantastic Cal 7 combination. There are a few differences between it and the prior one. The truck size is the most obvious distinction. Additionally, it comes with a shock-resistant feature. High-quality materials were used to make the riser pads. The combination comes with additional hardware, all of which is simple to install.


  • Adaptation to Shock

For those hard-charging longboarders, the Cal 7 combo is a good option. They must frequently ride over challenging terrain. The product has 3mm riser pads because of this. The pads help to prevent the wheel bite while also significantly reducing vibration. Shock absorption is excellent with the pair of pads.

  • Stable trucks

The truck is the item on this list of combo accessories that people want the most. Longevity is the first quality a truck expert should look for. Knowing the material helps you to quickly estimate it’s durability. Lightweight aluminum is used in this truck. Trucks will keep every component secure as a result, thanks to their strength.

  • Various Colors

Color preferences vary greatly from person to person. In consideration of this, the manufacturer offers numerous color options for the set. The truck and wheels are offered in common hues like pink, black, red, blue, and red. Both trucks and wheels skateboard come in a variety of hues.

  • Suitability for Beginners

Choosing the right skateboard truck can be challenging for people who are new to the skating paradise. This one ought to be a respectable machine, to begin with. It is the best inexpensive truck. Fantastic bushings are used. Beginners should use 99A PU wheels and ABEC 7 bearings.


  • Equipped with premium wheels known as 99A PU wheels.
  • Enables high speed using ABEC 7 bearings.
  • Eliminates grating vibration with the aid of the riser pad.
  • Available in a variety of colors,


  • Has too supple bushings

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

Caliber Cal II 50° RKP longboard trucks are the most popular skating trucks on Amazon. It was accomplished for a number of reasons. One of them is the business created to provide long-term service. These trucks have one of the best designs on the market. It has a pleasing aesthetic. It can be used wherever and whenever you want because it is weather-resistant.


  • Strong Construction

Longboard trucks should be made of high-quality materials since they will be used by skateboarders on public streets. The company made the product out of premium aluminum. The main benefits of aluminum are its light weight and superior durability. Also, know that the product won’t be damaged easily by hard blows.

  • Cone Bushing

Cone bushings are included with the product. Blood-orange Ultra HR bushings are an improved type of cone bushings that have curves for the user’s convenience. They are both lean and agile. Moving around on your skateboard will be effortless and fluid as a result. In conclusion, those bushings make it simple for the rider to control the vehicle.

  • Several Shades

One of the first items people notice on a skateboard is a truck. Therefore, the overall color, design, and appearance should be pleasing. There are many different color options for the Caliber longboard trucks. Lavender, gold, black, green, red, white, and so on are a few of the more well-known colors.

  • Weatherproof

Rainfall occurs frequently in some places. As a result of the oppressive heat, some places, on the other hand, yearn for rain. Skateboard trucks are easily able to survive in both locations. It has elements designed to shield trucks’ bodies from harm. Regardless of the weather, you can cruise your adored longboard.


  • Is easily configurable
  • Has a weather-resistant system to guard against damage
  • Makes sure of durability with premium materials
  • Has contemporary bushing seats
  • Cons
  • Because of the bushing, it tends to make a loud noise.

CCS Skateboard Trucks

Check out CCS Skateboard Trucks if you’re looking for a pair of skate trucks at a fair price. The trucks are durable yet lightweight. Rebound bushings, a baseplate, and a top-notch kingpin are included in the set. The combination of all these components creates a fantastic skateboard that you can use without any problems. The set of Phillips hardware is also provided by the manufacturer. This is a way to save money.


  • Strong Bottom Plate

Baseplate refers to the plate that is located at the bottom. The skateboard truck would be incomplete without them. CCS provided a strong base plate made from steel because a baseplate serves as a foundation and must be strong. As a result, it will provide the necessary support for all other equipment.

  • Premium Kingpin

The skateboard truck’s kingpin is yet another important component. The kingpins found on CCS trucks are guaranteed to last long. A significant plus is that here you will get the kingpin with no-slip technology.

  • Stability

The trucks, as most user reviews indicate, are remarkably stable even when riding in challenging conditions. Additionally, the trucks have the ability to turn at high speeds. Most importantly, not a single wheel bite will be felt.


  • Makes the turning process incredibly effortless
  • Is attractively made
  • Features a lightweight design.
  • Offers a range of sizes


  • Has a thick coat of paint that is difficult to penetrate with screws.

Core Skateboard Trucks – Aluminum Alloy, Premium Bushings

Among these products, Core Skateboard Trucks may have the most color options available. Speaking of the truck, it is a fantastic vehicle. It has a thin hanger that is constructed of top-quality aluminum. Heavy-duty rides are permitted on the baseplates. SHR bushings are used to provide a comfortable ride for the riders.


  • Suitable Hanger

People frequently encounter the problem of some trucks not working with certain skateboards when using longboard trucks. In light of this, the Core trucks have a hanger range of 5.0 to 7.63 inches. All longboards that fall between 7.4 and 8.0 inches in width will integrate these Core trucks.

  • SHR Bushing

The majority of skaters who are asked about their preferred bushings will mention the SHR bushing in their responses. It stands for Super High Rebound. These bushings are the best for downhill freeride, cruising and carving. With SHR bushings, you can especially take full advantage of a downhill freeride.

  • Numerous Color Variations

You might think twice if you believe that your favorite brand is great because it offers 5–10 different colors. There are more than 20 color options for core trucks. When it comes to color, people’s choices and opinions vary. You will undoubtedly choose the ideal unit from a vast array of colors.

  • Pivot Cups

The pivot cups on the longboard trucks are quite impressive. They are not constructed from subpar materials. These cups are premium, just like the bushings. Your longboard can now respond quicker than before thanks to them. These pivot cups can give you a smooth and reliable ride if you want one.


  • SHR bushings ensure a consistent ride.
  • Includes aluminum hangers.
  • Has substantial baseplates for durability.
  • Made in America


  • Not equipped with a lightweight

INDEPENDENT Stage 11 Standard 139mm Skateboard Truck

INDEPENDENT Stage 11 Standard 139mm Skateboard Truck is the best option if you need stability and top performance. It is equipped with high-level bushings, baseplates, and hangers. All of these work together to deliver the best performance.


  • Long-Lasting Design

The Stage 11 139mm truck is constructed with premium materials. The manufacturer decided on aluminum for the material. Its adequate sturdiness is the reason why it is already well-liked. The style is the typical one that works with the majority of longboards and skateboards. These trucks typically have a sturdy construction that will last for many years.

  • Long Truck

If you are familiar with standard trucks, you should be aware of their sizes. This skateboard truck, however, is a bit bigger than those models. Large truck units are preferable, according to research, if you want a comfortable ride even in a town. Additionally, the size of the object makes it easier to carve and cruise down the hill.

  • Kingpin

With this truck, you have an amazing kingpin. It is an A-grade item, which indicates the high caliber of the product. The kingpin has a magnificent clearance. As a result, you can significantly improve your skating performance. Thanks to the fantastic kingpin, this skateboard will be very helpful to skaters who enjoy performing grind tricks.

  • Baseplate

The skateboard truck’s baseplate is another impressive feature. It has a substantial base plate and a hanger made of premium aluminum. Because of this, the user won’t have to worry about grind tricks at all. Every component is more than willing to accept any manipulations you make with it.


  • Includes the grade 8 kingpin.
  • Features a yoke close to the seat cushion to enable grind tricks.
  • Has a stronger-than-usual steel axle made of chrome.


  • Not accessible to all consumers

INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE 11

Unquestionably, Independent Trucks is a well-known skateboard manufacturer. Based on customer feedback, their INDEPENDENT Skate Board Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE 11 may be the company’s best truck skateboard. A great deal of wonderful elements makes up the entire thing. The product also includes an 8 kingpin (A grade). Additionally, a 356 T6 aluminum hanger, a steel axle, and super crush cushions will be included.


  • Stability

The skateboard doesn’t shake very frequently because of good bushings and axles. Consequently, it is an incredibly stable skateboard truck. Excellent bushings also enable you to turn quickly in the direction you desire. The trucks may be the best if you are just starting out in the world of skating because they are easy to control.

  • Lightweight and sturdy

In most cases, lightweight items are flimsy. Thankfully, Independent is able to create a pair of trucks that are strong but light. A 356 T6 aluminum alloy was used to make the hanger. Additionally, lightweight with maximum toughness is the chrome axle and baseplate. We can therefore confidently say that these units will last a very long time for their users.

  • Various Levels of Compatibility

The most dependable trucks are typically independent ones. Their entire fleet of trucks is solidly built and long-lasting. The previous pair is the same as this one. It can be used with most longboard trucks, though. However, mounting the truck on 8.4 and 7.4-inch decks will be the most beneficial choice.

  • Accessory

The set comes with two significant hardware accessories. These are speed washers and axle nuts. It can be challenging to locate parts that work with a particular truck. Additionally, it requires money out of your pocket. You receive two necessary accessories for free when you purchase this item.


  • Has top-notch components that enable good stability and turning
  • Gives the board complete command with a grade 8 kingpin
  • Constructed using a lightweight material
  • Comes equipped with a 356 T6 aluminum hanger.


  • Does not contain the necessary accessories

How Can I Determine the Size of the Skateboard I Need?

Selecting a skateboard that is a reasonable size can be challenging. It can be difficult for someone just starting out. The deck width of the skateboard should be proportional to the size of your shoes, which is a straightforward consideration when choosing a size. For instance, the deck width needs to be 7.5 to 8.0 inches if your shoe size ranges from 6.5 to 9. If the shoe size is greater than 9 inches, the deck size may range from 8.0 to 8.5 inches.

Let’s now discuss the size that most skaters wear. Skaters come in a variety of styles. Each of them has a distinct objective. Skateboards with a deck width between 7.75 and 8.25 inches are used by trick performers (manuals, flat bars, flip tricks). Handrails and big bowl skaters prefer larger boards (8.25 to 9.0 inches).

The size of longboards can be chosen based on height. The Micro category is the first to appear. The upper limit for height is 3 feet 4 inches or less. The minimum age is 5. This group’s range is from 6.5 to 6.75 inches (deck width).

The Mini category is the second. The ideal height for this set is between 3 feet 5 and 4 feet 4 inches. A child between the ages of 6 and 8 is advised. The category’s deck width is 7 inches.

The third falls under the “Mid” category. The minimum and maximum heights are 4 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 2 inches, respectively. The required range for deck width is 7.25 to 7.375 inches. It favors those between the ages of 9 and 12.

The final one is referred to as the Full category. If you are older than 12 years old, you should only use this one. The height can be at least 5 feet 3 inches. The skateboard deck should be 7.5 inches wide. The deck can be wider depending on the needs.

Finally, there is one thing that a beginner needs to comprehend. One’s comfort and preferences in terms of size are paramount. You might not get the best results by using a particular method of choosing size. Keep in mind that you can always experiment with different deck sizes to find the best one.

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Loose VS Tight Trucks

The kingpin’s loose fit is referred to as a loose truck. Tight trucks, on the other hand, are those with tightly fastened kingpins. Both have some positive and negative aspects. Both kinds of trucks might function equally well for some people.

You might find it challenging to skate with loose trucks. The reason is that the loose fit results in the wobble, which can occasionally be challenging to control. A novice shouldn’t initially choose the loose truck. But as soon as your balance improves, you can benefit from a truck with a loose kingpin.

It’s a good idea to begin skating and practice with a tight truck. No matter your skill level, the user will experience exceptional balance thanks to the tight kingpin. With the tight ones, landing can be a little difficult. Remember, though, that everything has a downside.

Skateboard Trucks Buying Guide

In terms of skateboard trucks, the aforementioned goods are undoubtedly the best. However, a potential purchaser should still be well-versed in the various truck terms. The best resource for learning what to look for when buying a pair of trucks is the ultimate buying guide. Look over the following points.

  • Kingpin

As you can see, the kingpin is listed first because of its importance. The kingpin is the truck’s most important bolt. Trucks for skateboards are made up of many parts. They are kept together with a strong bonding thanks to a big bolt, also known as a kingpin. By remaining inside the bushings, the kingpin achieves this. Kingpins are meant to be strong and durable, as was already mentioned. Those components cannot be held together by a flimsy pin.

  • Bushings

Bushings will be the answer to the question of whose fault it is that boards turn the most. Longboard pivoting is made easy with the help of these bushings. Around the kingpin, there are bushings. Urethane-made soft rings that are part of a bushing. Make sure the trucks you purchase for skateboards have sturdy bushings. In any other case, turning will be difficult for you. Bushings are important to truck components that help prevent injuries.

  • Hanger

Perhaps most skate trucks are used in this process. The ones that typically have a triangular shape and stay in the middle are called hangers. It needs to be sturdy to support some weight because the hangers are positioned in the center. It will also be passed through by the axle. The axle will therefore receive adequate support if the hanger is sturdy. The best hanger to use is undoubtedly one made of real metal.

  • Baseplate

You can tell what it is from the name alone. Baseplate is the term for the bottom metal plate. The baseplate can be described as the truck’s structure in a few simple words. Because it contains all of the necessary equipment, the base layer is under a great deal of responsibility. Where it goes is the current concern. On the skateboard, a baseplate is mounted using four bolts. The baseplate should be strong enough, like the other components, to ensure a solid foundation.

  • Axles

The axle is another essential aspect to take into account when buying a skateboard truck, much like the other factors mentioned above. How about we define axles? This part attaches to the wheels after passing through the hanger. So, when examining trucks, look for high-standard axles. To maximize the performance of an axle, the fit is crucial. You can be certain that your longboard is the ideal fit when each end lines up with each side.

Different Types of Trucks for Different Types of Decks

Deck Width

Recommended Truck Axle Width

6.5 to 7.25 Inches

6 to 7.25 Inches

7.25 to 7.5 Inches

7.5 Inches

7.5 to 8 Inches

7.75 Inches

8 to 8.5 Inches

8.0 Inches

8.5 to 9 Inches

8.5 Inches

9 to less than 10 Inches

9.0 Inches

10 Inches or More

10.0 Inches


How long does a skate truck last?

Depending on how rough you are on a skateboard truck, it will last between two and four years. Your truck’s quality is another factor that may be most important for longevity. When the current bushing becomes rigid, you might need to purchase a new one. Wheels will also require replacement if you notice tears, asymmetry, or flat spots. A skateboard wheel can last up to two years.

How to put trucks on a longboard?

First, flip the longboard over and insert each screw into its corresponding hole. Make sure the bottom of the board is facing up. Slide your trucks onto the bolts through the baseplate. If your truck has standard kingpin bolts, both trucks’ kingpins and bushings must point inward. To hold trucks loosely, add each nut to each screw. Using the adjustable wrench, tighten the screws now.

How to adjust longboard trucks?

The kingpin is modified during the longboard trucks’ adjustment. It cannot be perfectly adjusted. In this category, people have a variety of options. Grab the board and turn it upside down to adjust. By simply tilting the wheels back and forth, you can gauge the tightness. To change the center bolt’s tightness, grab a skate tool (kingpin). Turning in the opposite direction, or counterclockwise, causes tightness to increase. Take the adjustment for a test drive to see if it works for you.

What is a kingpin on a truck?

A bolt known as the kingpin has been shown to be an essential part of the truck. It serves to join the hanger to the bottom plate (baseplate). The upper end of a kingpin typically has a nut that you attach. It can be switched out. Some businesses don’t use standard kingpins. They use the hollow kingpin, which significantly lightens the truck’s weight.

How tight should trucks be?

There is no optimum truck tightness for a comfortable ride. More so, it depends on your preferences. Tight and loose trucks, however, differ in a few ways. The skater must maintain a high level of balance while riding with a loose skateboard truck. However, tight trucks are better suited for beginners because they require less skill and balance.

Can you put longboard trucks on a skateboard?

The answer is that a longboard truck can be mounted to a skateboard. It is not advised, though. The skateboard hanger is much smaller compared to a long truck hanger. Having said that, some manufacturers create longboard trucks with a slalom deck and a narrow hanger popsicle. The same longboard truck can therefore be used on both boards. However, a longboard truck won’t provide the same riding performance on skateboards.


All of the trucks for skateboards on this list are trustworthy; some are better for hard-core skating and have greater durability, while others are great for beginners on a budget.

Although skateboard trucks are the most crucial component, even before you understand what you really want, you can always modify (to some extent) or even replace them.

If you can, try skating some of your friends’ trucks in various situations to determine what feels right. You have to commit to and master those tricks in the end. But good equipment is very helpful.

We hope this article has filled you with enough knowledge on Trucks and you now can differentiate better between the mentioned 10 best trucks skateboard.

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