Best Skimboard for Beginners in 2022

Beaches everywhere all around the world are full of both professional and ameteur skimboarders, and a lot of the beginners are little kids. So it makes sense that there would be people looking for the best skimboard  for beginners and kids, and you must be one of them.

While there are adults learning skimboarding for the first time, it’s much more fitting for beginners  to get the hang of this sport early on. Their tiny bodies and expanding minds require skimboards that are especially made for them.

 Since you’re here looking specifically for a beginners  skimboard, that’s what this blog is going to be about. Let me introduce you to some of the cheap skimboards that are also good for

10 Best Skimboards in Town for Your Little One 3k

Hypothetically, you can simply look through skimboards for beginners and pick one, but that’s no way to start off a kid’s education in this exciting sport. So I’ve looked through what the market has to offer and choose the best of the best for you. Take a look!

BPS ‘Gator’ Skimboard

Type: Wood with epoxy coating

Size: 30”, 35” and 40”

Guarantee: 12 months

The BPS gator is one of the most popular skimboards for kids for various reasons. In many ways, it facilitates learning. The fact that it’s an economic choice doesn’t hurt either.

First off, this is a wooden skimboard. Made with lightweight plywood, the board is covered in a layer of high-gloss epoxy. While you would expect wooden skimboards to be heavier, this one has a more comfortable weight.

Moreover, despite being wooden, this skimboard is not totally flat. It comes with a nose rocker, therefore giving you more maneuverability. Your kid will easily learn tricks while using this skimboard.

One of the biggest plus points of this skimboard is, in my opinion, the built in traction pads on top of the anti-slip grip pad. This means you neither have to wax your board nor buy extra traction pads. That’s a great relief when you’re trying to stay within budget.  Plus, it saves a lot of time.

This skimboard comes in three sizes, suitable for both kids and adults. The size chart is as follows:

  • 30″ for riders up to 80lbs
  • 35″ for riders around 80-150 lbs
  • 40″ for riders over 150 lbs

If your child is on the lighter side, they can make use of the smallest size. If they’re over 80lbs, the 35” would be more suitable. However, keep in mind that the heavier the person using the skimboard is, the slower the speed would be.

Each of the skimboards come with an e-guide that will be mailed to you after the purchase. If you’re trying to teach your kid the basics, this guide will help immensely. The boards also come with a 12-month guarantee, during which you can replace or get a refund if you’re not satisfied.


  • Lightweight wooden board
  • Inexpensive, so good for a beginner
  • Built in traction pads
  • Unique and colorful designs
  • Built in nose rocker


  • Some users complained about the build quality

DB Skimboards Proto Plank Skimboard

Type: Maple/poplar wood

Size: 39.4″ and 41.4″

The Proto Plank skimboard is advertised as a beginner’s skimboard, so you can easily pick it for your kid who’s just getting the hang of skimboarding. The price is also affordable for a skimboard of this type, so you can consider it as one of the best skimboards for beginners.

Made of either maple or poplar wood base, the skimboard also has a durable top and bottom. There is also an epoxy screen printed graphic on top of the board.

Gone are the days of completely flat wooden skimboards. Nowadays you’d find at least a little bit of curve to the boards. Similarly, this board also has a 3D rocker. Not only will this feature help you stay afloat easily, it will also give you a speed boost while skimming.

The Proto Plank comes in two sizes. Proto Plank Small is 39.4”, and it is recommended for people who weigh 80-130 lbs. On the other hand, Proto Plan Medium is 41.4”, and it is recommended for people who weigh 130-180 lbs.

There’s a little thing to consider when buying the Proto Plank, though. The board doesn’t come with built in traction pads. So if you’re getting this board, you’ll need to get your own set of traction pads or just go with waxing.


  • Stiff poplar/maple construction
  • Perfect for flatland skimming
  • Comes with a 3D rocker
  • Affordable choice


  • Some users complained about the durability

BINDY Australia Skimboard

Type: Plywood

Size: 41″

Guarantee: One year

Bindy is another skimboard that’s built exclusively with beginners in mind. In fact, there’s not a single feature on this board that’s not helpful to beginners. I’m tempted to call it the best beginner skimboard just based on this alone.

The board only comes in one size, and that’s 41 inches. This size is generally suitable for children. According to your child’s weight, they may be slightly over or under-weight for this board, but it will still suit them.

If you’re wondering if the board would suit you, you can check by holding the board against your body lengthwise. If the board comes up to the dip where your ribs meet, it’s perfect. Even if it’s slightly shorter or longer, it’s usable. Just don’t use it if the height is way off.

Beginners tend to slip and fall a lot, it’s almost a passage of right. However, to make sure your kid doesn’t have too much trouble, the wooden skimboard comes with a built in EVA grip pad on it. So even when the board is wet, the user will not slip.

Another advantage of the EVA grip pad is that you’re not going to need extra traction pads or even wax. This will save both time and money.

The manufacturers also claim that the general shape of the board is helpful for beginners. The board is flat with a wide waist, while the nose and tail taper away neatly. I would’ve liked the board to have a little curve as a rocker, but the flat shape might actually be easier for beginners to control. The nose is slightly tapered up, and that’s enough.

The one downside to this board is that the EVA grip pad tends to separate from the board sometimes. When that happens, using the board becomes a hassle. In cases like that, try to replace the board. You can also try to glue the EVA layer back to the board in case the guarantee period has expired.


  • This skimboard is especially made for beginners
  • Built in EVA grip pad
  • Simple, easy to control shape
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • The EVA grip tends to separate from the board sometimes

South Bay Board Co. Skipper Skimboard

Type: Plywood

Size: 41”

South Bay Board Company’s Skipper Skimboard is another cheap skimboard option available for kids. In fact, it boasts about being the best budget skimboard for kids available in the market. And I must say that it lives up to its promise.

This lightweight skimboard may come in a single size, but it can easily support up to 150lbs. It comes in beautiful blue, aqua, red and black colors. The manufacturers incorporated various features within the board to provide a fun beginner experience.

For starters, The durable Plywood core structure is epoxy-coated and the top deck has thick IXPE foam covering. The deck is also wax-free with a one-of-a-kind fingerprint texture. Which means that it will deliver good grip against traction, and stay new and fresh every time you take it out on the water.

Another fun little feature is its beginner-friendly and performance-focused shape. Unlike some other boards on this list, this board comes with a classic thruster nose entry rocker. This feature is bound to come in handy in order to avoid nose-diving while learning.

The wide waist of the board makes foot placement easy and secure, while the rounded tail provides stability on the board. Thus, the simple basic design will allow your kids to handle and manoeuvre this board effortlessly.

SBBC claims to provide fast shipping, so you can pick it up in a hurry. Plus, customer service is always eager to assist in case of any issue. Overall, this board is easily one of the best budget skimboards for beginners out there right now.


  • Designed to be a beginner skimboard for kids
  • Lightweight body for easy handling
  • Designed to prevent nose-diving
  • Unique ‘Fingerprint’ custom design on top deck


  • Some users complained about the durability of the board

Driftsun Fiberglass Performance Skimboard

Type: Fiberglass, carbon fiber

Size: 44”, 48” and 52”

Warranty: One year

Driftsun fiberglass performance skimboard is one that comes in size for both kids and adults. Now where to even start on this board? Due to its custom design, Driftsun can be the board that goes past the beginner phase with your kid. Though it is not specifically designed for beginners, the build and features on it make for one of the best skimboards to learn on.

First of all, the super rigid PVC foam core of the board is layered with fiberglass and the nose and tail are reinforced with carbon fiber. That makes it suitably resistant to cracks and fractures. If durability is your prime concern, this is the best skimboard for kids.

Aside from being lightweight and durable, the board is kept together by high grade marine spec adhesive. Now, who doesn’t want to have such pro specs on their purchase?

Secondly, Driftsun comes with pro traction pads preinstalled. The pads are customized to each board size and cover the whole rear. The raised center arch moving through the center and the tail kick make for a smooth surf.

Moreover, diamond pattern EVA foam on the deck provides grip while on the board.

Driftsun is mainly built for performance. It delivers a hybrid shape with a rounded pin tail for higher control over turns without sacrificing speed. Moreover, it also fashions a 2.25 inch nose rocker that will greatly help beginners stay more stable. Aside from that, the hard rail and smooth polish all make for an ideal beginner skimboard.


  • Great for all wave conditions and riders of all skill level
  • Preinstalled traction pad provided
  • Performance-based design
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Some users complained about the finishing of the board

Fedmax Skimboard with Carbon Fiber Tips and Fiberglass Body Hybrid

Type: Fiberglass and Carbon fiber hybrid

Size: 48″

While I would otherwise discourage getting a specialized board for beginners, in this case even I’d say that’s not the case with this board. This Fedmax board is the best skimboard for kids if you want something suitable for both beginners and intermediates.

The first thing that caught my attention about this skimboard is the 3-piece traction pad grip set that comes with it.

The traction pads are made from EVA foam and adhere to the board using 3M glue. The pads are going to give your beginner kid that extra help they need to stay upright on the board.

The board itself is made of lightweight carbon fiber and fiberglass. The body is mostly fiberglass, while the nose and tail are carbon fiber reinforced.

This combination is the lightest in the industry, meaning your kid will learn the tricks faster and easier.

The size of the board is also sweet. The 48 inch board accommodates people ranging from 130 lbs to 160 lbs, so even if your kid is on the heavier side, they’ll be able to use it without any worries.

Beginners, especially kids are prone to nose diving while learning the tricks. This skimboard has a 2.28 inch nose rocker that’s going to prevent that from happening.

Lastly, this board comes with a Fedmax Ultimax Tricks and Tips Guide. The guide that comes via mail will be your kid’s most favorite thing, aside from the board itself, of course!

While most customers seem happy with this board, some did complain about the traction pads peeling off. What you can do is follow the instructions I’ve given later in this article to affix them, so there’s no chance of them detaching from the board.

Other than this, there were also some complaints that the coating on top of the board wasn’t too good and nicks and dings showed up easily. Follow the information I’ve given on the FAQ portion of this post to learn how to take care of the dings yourself.


  • Accommodates 130-160lbs of weight
  • Carbon fiber and fiberglass hybrid body
  • The most lightweight option in the market
  • Comes with 3-piece traction pad
  • 28″ nose rocker


  • The coating on top of the board needs frequent repair

Wavestorm 45″ Skimboard

Type: Foam core

Size: 45″

Stiff and sturdy wooden or fiber skimboards are personal favorites of many pro users. However, these are quite hard on the shins of a young one, and a handful of hard falls may even ruin their enthusiasm.If you need a soft and forgiving board, this is the best skimboard for kids.

This board has a tough HDPE bottom that maintains its shape, but the top is made of GFT (Graphic File Technology) foam deck that provides ample cushioning in case your kid hits their shin on it. It’s perfect as an introductory board.

While the board is advertised to be able to bear about 185lbs of weight, I’d advise you to take that information with a bit of salt. It’s mostly made of plastic and foam, so I’d say if your kid is 10 years and below, this board is okay for them. Any older, or if your kid is heavier than average 10 year olds, the board might not be able to perform satisfactorily.

The upside to being made of foam and plastic is that the board is very light. You kid wouldn’t even break a sweat maneuvering it. You can also teach them tricks fast.

There’s another downside, though. Since the board is so light, you can’t really use it in windy conditions as the board tends to flip a lot.

When new, the board is slightly slippery, so you might need to use a bit of wax. However, it doesn’t really need traction pads. As you keep using it, it gets easier to keep your feet on it.


  • Very lightweight
  • The board is cushioned to prevent pain from a fall
  • Doesn’t require a traction pad
  • Good as an introductory board


  • Quite flimsy

Blue Wave Zone SE Carbon & Fiberglass Skimboard

Type: Carbon and Fiberglass

Size: 42″

Just because it’s for kids, a skimboard doesn’t necessarily have to offer just the bare essentials, right? This Blue Wave skimboard treats this beginner’s skimboard with all the respect it deserves. In terms of extra features, I’m tempted to call it the best skimboard for kids.

First of all, this board comes with a set of traction pads. You don’t need to worry about waxing time and time again, neither do you have to worry about the logistics of getting a suitable traction pad set. The high-quality set of traction pads that comes with this skimboard will be enough.

You have quite a few options with this board. You can choose to get it with an arch bar, a light weight silver mesh day bag, or a canvas padded travel bag! Either way, you know from the offerings that this board is the real deal.

Kids up to 130 lbs can easily use this 42 inch board. It’s designed to float very easily, and your kid can control it readily, facilitating rapid skill advancement. The streamlined shape tells you instantly that it’ll not be unwieldy like some other cheap skimboards.

The board is made of premium materials. While the skimboard is wonderfully light, it’s also very sturdy. It can support riders up to 140 lbs, but a kid can carry it around without any problem as well.


  • Sturdy fiberglass and carbon fiber construction
  • Very lightweight
  • Set of traction pads included
  • You can opt to get an arch bar
  • You can also pick between two types of carrying bags


  • The board doesn’t have any rocker

Slapfish Skimboards USA Made 50″ Fiberglass & Carbon

Type: Carbon and Fiberglass

Size: 50″

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about finding a skimboard that fits your kid’s weight? Children grow quickly, and their height and weight both increase in the blink of an eye. If that’s one of your concerns, you can consider this the best skimboard for kids.

The best thing about this board is that it doesn not come with a weight limit. The board is 50 inches long, so while it might be a bit too big if your kid is average weight and height, it’ll still be good as a beginner’s board. And if your kid is a bit heavier than usual, then it would suit them just right.

Fiberglass and carbon fiber boards are common, but they often have a flimsy core which does not hold up the test of time. However, this Slapfish board comes with a strong pvc core, so it will endure long after any run-off-the-mill board has given up.

Another big plus with this skimboard is that the traction pads that come with this. Not only are the high quality fully sealed EVA pads free, but they also come professionally installed with 3M waterproof adhesive. You don’t need to brainstorm trying to stick them on the right spot.

In fact, you can also opt for a 20” arch bar when you’re picking from the four bright colors of this board. It comes with a nose rocker, as well as a tail rocker. Both these features will ensure extra control on your kid’s balance.

One last thing I really appreciate about this board is the extra glide bottom. You know how some skimboards can barely go any distance before slowing? This skimboard wouldn’t. In fact, your kid is going to love the speed that comes with it.


  • Pre-installed traction pad set
  • You can opt to get a 20” arch bar
  • Comes with both nose rocker and tail rocker
  • Extra glide bottom
  • Strong PVC core


  • Some customers complained about packaging, but the board itself has little fault

BeachMall 35 to 41 inch Deluxe Wood SkimBoards

Type: Wood

Size: 35″ to 41″

When you’ve been skimboarding for a while, you know sometimes a board is hit and miss. When it comes to wooden boards, you’ll often find that some of them are simply sheets and pieces of wood glued together and they fall apart pretty fast. However, this BeachMall board is a whole different story.

This skimboard is made out of a solid piece of wood, so there’s no chance of it falling apart. There’s a layered EVA traction pad on top of it, with groves patterned like alligator skin that’s going to give your kid that extra grip.

Moreover, the bottom is coated with hard protective resin, so durability is pretty much guaranteed.

The skimboard is advertised to be able to bear about 95-150 lbs of weight, so it’s pretty much perfect for kids. However, it can easily carry a few more pounds of weight as well!

It doesn’t really need an extra traction pad set or wax, so you save quite a bit of cash.


  • Solid wood construction
  • Resin coated bottom
  • EVA traction pad on top
  • Can take quite a bit of weight


  • The Resin coating is prone to peeling off

How does skimboarding work 150?

Skimboards are made to float on shallow water and for riding on it for a short time. But what’s the science behind it?

From the name, you can already vaguely assume that a skimboard is used to skim over the water. Your goal is to propel the board forwards with your energy, and to do so without sinking yourself or your board. This is easier on shallow water.

The reason why skimboarding works better on shallow water is that when your weight presses down on the board, the ground below the shallow water also puts pressure upwards. This way, you can easily keep your skimboard in place. It becomes harder the deeper you go.

When a skimboarder braves deeper water, they tend to use a technique called “pumping”, mimicking the way you’d use a foot pump. The skimboarder uses his front foot to step up and down on the board, making it rock. The rocking motion makes the board slower, but also keeps it afloat, which is the goal on deeper water.

How to practice skimboarding at home?

The idea might seem silly to many. After all, how can you practice at home something that needs a wide expanse of water? You’ll be surprised to know that not only can you practice skimboarding at home, especially in the case of skimboarding for beginners!

When kids start practicing something new, they’re usually very enthusiastic for a while. They’ll want to go to the beach every day for skimboarding. But that’s not always possible. So you can just let them practice at home.

Ideally, if you have a swimming pool or a pond nearby, you can practice there. Barring that, you can also use plastic wrap and pool noodles to make a shallow expanse of water and practice on it using good beginner skimboards.

Remember that your kid will fall and fail to learn the basics for a while, and that a makeshift pool is not a good replacement for the real ocean shallows. But it will definitely keep your kid occupied for a while till you can take them to the beach.

Some people also practice skimboarding on a carpet. It might be a bit tougher for a beginner, but you can try that out as well by looking at video tutorials online.

Before You Pick- Read This

Now, I know that the amazing features of these skimboards have made you all starry eyed, but hold your horses. While you could technically pick any one of these and win, you should consider them a little bit more and pick one that suits the little one your family better than the others.  

Height and weight

Consider the body of the person you’re buying for. A lot of the skimboard companies have size-charts available online. You can check one of them to see if the kid’s measurements match the skimboard you’re choosing.

A rule of thumb is to pick a skimboard that comes up to your kid’s waist or at best, chest height. Some find it easier to skim with larger boards, as they offer more space to maneuver. But they’re not as easy to control as smaller boards, so stick to a board that fits the kid.

Moreover, kids grow fast. So their measurements will also change soon. You can’t exactly buy a new skimboard every time the kid shoots up a few inches, right? This is why you should get a skimboard that’s made for kids. They tend to be usable for a wide age range.


Purpose of the board

What kind of tricks are you planning to teach the kid while using this board? Are you hoping the kid would become a pro in time? Or is this just a leisurely pursuit? Consider this while picking a board because a pro would need a better board than an ameture.

Like I’ve already said, you can opt for larger boards. If your kid already knows a bit of skimboarding and is eager to go pro, a larger board would do wonders. If the kid is just learning and skimming for fun, get a smaller one.


Board material

You probably think wooden skimboards are old fashioned and outdated, and carbon fiber is the way to go. You might even fancy the epoxy foam skimboards. However, a wooden skimboard might be the best skimboard for kids. Here’s why.

Wooden skimboards are generally good for kids and adults who don’t weigh too much. Assuming your kid is a beginner and will mostly be playing around in the shallows, you should definitely pick a wooden skimboard over carbon fiber or epoxy ones. Your kid doesn’t really need all those extra features.

However, if you’re really looking forward to cultivating your kid’s skills so they can go pro, go ahead and pick out one of the modern skimboards. You wouldn’t regret it as they help pull off tricks much easier.



No matter what you’re buying, there should be a budget. I’m assuming you’ve already thought about how much does a skimboard cost and what you can afford.

While it might seem counterproductive to spend the big bucks for a skimboard that your kid might outgrow, it’s also important to get them one that will facilitate learning skimboarding skills and won’t fall apart after a few uses. I’ve mentioned some quite economic choices, from which you can pick the best cheap skimboard for your kid.


  1. How does board thickness affect the ride?

Ans. Board thickness will decide how your skimboard will behave. Thin skimboards, such as the ones made of wood, will let you pull off maneuvers easily. They’re good for beginners who go slow, but not so much for pros who prefer a higher speed.

One the other hand, more modern skimboards with a thicker cross-section would float much better than thinner ones, but they’re tougher for beginners to control. Pros can handle their curves and turns better.


  1. Is a Larger or a Smaller Board the Better Choice for a Beginner?

Ans. If you’re a beginner, a larger than ideal board would be better for you. But if you’re already somewhat good at skimboarding, you should get one that matches your measurements in the size chart.

The reason is, a larger board offers more space for maneuvering your foot and helps you keep balance. Once you get better at skimboarding, you’ll no longer need the extra space, in fact a larger board will only hamper your movements.


  1. Can you surf with a skimboard?

Ans. You cannot surf with a skimboard.

While there are daredevils and tricksters claiming to know techniques to catch a wave using a skimboard, it’s not something you should attempt. Skimboards are made for shallow water, and you should never compromise your security by braving the waves with a skimboard.


  1. What’s the Difference between a Wood and Foam Skimboard?

Ans. The biggest difference between a wood and a foam skimboard is that while wooden boards are generally thinner, they tend to be quite a bit heavier than the thicker foam skimboards.

Older models are made of wood, while foam skimboards are a much more modern addition to the sport. Foam skimboards are usually also priced higher, but they offer a lot of flexibility, so expert skimboarders nowadays are partial to them.


  1. How long do skimboards last?

Ans. You can expect a well-made and well-maintained skimboard to last about 200 rides or about a year, whichever comes first. However, the actual duration will depend on the quality of your skimboard. Moreover, wooden skimboards are generally less durable than foam ones.


  1. What is the proper way to maintain a skimboard?

Ans. There’s no point in buying a premium quality skimboard if you’ll let it get damaged. Here are some basic tips that will keep your skimboard good for a long while-

Don’t leave your skimboard out under the sun unnecessarily.

Repair the cracks and dents as soon as they appear on your board

Take note of the delamination bubbles and get them fixed

Wrap your board in a cushioning material like a blanket or foam when you travel


  1. Do I Need to Repair the Scratches at the Bottom of My Skimboard?

Ans. Only when you have a foam board. Wooden boards get scratched often and there’s not much to do about it, really. Your performance will not be much affected by a few scratches.

However, dings and dents on the bottom of your foam skimboard might cause much bigger durability issues. When you notice scratches, use an epoxy repair kit (something like SunCure) to fill up the dings and then sand your board smooth again. Make sure the repair kit is appropriate for your skimboard.


  1. What is a Skimboard Traction Pad? How Do I Attach a Traction Pad to My Skimboard?

Ans. Skimboarders generally use skimboard wax to keep their feet firmly on the board. Traction pads are also useful for the same reason. They help keep your feet in place, plus they also help you discern where to put your foot for the best balance.

If you’re a beginner, you don’t really need them. But if you’re a regular, then you can invest in a set. You can do more complicated tricks without worrying about losing your balance. Also, even with a traction pad, you’re going to need to use wax.

To attach a traction pad to your skimboard it’s best to follow the instructions that come with the pads. Traction pads are usually attached like stickers. You should wipe down your board with alcohol and then place the traction pads where you want your feet to be. Leave the board undisturbed overnight so the pads stick well to the board.  


Thank you for sticking to the end of this blog! Not only have we listed some of the best and most popular kids’ skimboards in the market, we’ve also let you in on some basics.

Now that you’ve looked at a few options for the best skimboard for kids and even know how to pick a good one for your kid, what’s your choice? Do you know which one you’re going to pick?

Even if our list doesn’t have the skimboard you wanted for your kid, now you at least know where to start. Do you have another skimboard that you prefer? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments!

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