Best Wakeboard for Beginners Kids in 2022

In these busy days and stressful life, people are trying to involve themselves in different activities to make their life enjoyable and, one of the most popular activities is wakeboarding. Nowadays, this game isn’t only famous and suitable for adults, parents also involve their beginners’ kids to give a taste of different things to make them more active and challenging.

It is a brilliant game for them because it’s not only challenging but also pleasurable. As a parent, if you are encouraging your kid to do these types of activities, then in the first stage, you should buy an exceptional wakeboards for beginners Kids to improve their wakeboarding skills.

But when it comes to choosing one, some of us get confused when we see thousands of options, also don’t know what things we need to consider before buying it.

In this article, we made a list of the top seven wakeboard names in their details, also a buying guide to know how to buy a wakeboards for beginners Kids. You can also get to know some most asked questions about this product. Without wasting further time, let’s see what we have for you on our list.

1.ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board and 1.5 Handle Combo

Let us introduce our first product manufactured by the ZUP brand. The brand gives its main priority to quality, safety, and functionality. Not done here, they also make sure they can serve their products to all ages and levels of experience customers.

ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board & 1.5 Handle Combo is one of their most selling product highlight of summer. This kneeboard wakeboard is not only for the elderly and professionals. beginners Kids and adult beginners can use this brilliant wakeboard because it is easy to use, smooth, fun, and comfortable.

The riders can take full advantage of changing their position to ride it, such as – lay, kneels, stands, or whatever you think. It is a friendly and stable wakeboard for beginners to intermediate riders.

You can use it as a wakeboard and wake surfboard also. There are many exciting features the manufacturer added to lighten up your ride.


  • This exclusive 2.0 Board and Handle Combo is everything you dream for as a water sport rider because it acts as a wakeboard, wake surfboard, kneeboard, boogie board, water skis, and tube.
  • ZUP comes with integrated side handles. This handle is covered with soft rubber for excellent grip. With this comfortable grip, you can take control of the direction your board moves in.
  • It is a board that is for all-ages riders to blast on the water. Professionals can use it to do carve, spin, surf, and perform tricks. Newbies can calmly enjoy the cruise along.
  • The designer of this board uses top-quality ABS mold to construct it. The material helps to keep the board working great after several uses.
  • Non-skid EVA foam padding is used to ensure the rider’s comfortable foot positions.
  • It provides a built-in handle hook. This tow hook helps the riders to start or ride it in any position they want worrying. So without any doubt, not only you, your kiddo can enjoy its ride.


  • One of the excellent sides of this board is there is an endless way to ride it.
  • This board is for beginner to advanced riders.
  • Non-skid EVA foam padding ensures comfortable foot position.
  • It comes in a bright blue color.
  • Integrated front tow hook holds rope designed for the all-ages rider.


  • The product is too heavy and big for some wakeboard racks.
  • Available in one color.

2.Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit

Are you planning to take your wakeboard into the water to have fun on the waves?  Then do it with the Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit. Its easy-riding design makes it more suitable for all levels of wakeboard riders. Especially, it is an ideal product for the beginner and intermediate rider.

The multiple defined channels run from the tip to the nose of the tool. It allows for increased stability and edge control. The manufacturer of this board added continuous rocker features. It can effortlessly lift you off the ake and help you to do a more mellow turn.

This great product can take riders who are up to 70kg. Not done yet, you can get lace-up binding boots with this Full throttle wakeboard, which is suitable for UK size 6-12.


  • Full Throttle, Aqua Extreme wakeboard is an outdoor recreation product preferred for beginners and intermediates.
  • The package dimensionsof this wakeboard are 26.67 L X 49.53 W X 150.368 H, and the package weight is8.006 Kg.
  • The board comes with Full throttle lace-up binding boots for a great addition. It is suitable for UK size 6-12.
  • China made this brilliant product to increase stability and edge control.
  • It is for unisex-adultwakeboard and appropriate for 155lb.
  • Layered glass, EVA, elastic materials help to make the wakeboard look more attractive and increase its lifeline.
  • The Full Throttlewakeboard comes with boots that feature floating EVA toe, elastic laces, andmolded heel.


  • The wakeboard comes with 2 molded fins.
  • Users can get lace-up boots which are included with the board.
  • The board is lightweight.
  • The graphic finish makes it look eye-catchy and durable.


  • Some users think the chipping of the wakeboard is not good.
  • This board is not as compatible with intermediate and advanced wake boarders.

3.RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard

When it comes to RAVE Sports, I have to say that this Impact Wakeboard comes with handy and very durable charger boots. It is a forgiving and easy-to-learn board made for beginners.

Unlike other boards, this new model of RAVA does not have boots, but it comes with boots with lace-up bindings. You can easily slide in and lock up with this design.

The manufacturer made the board in a continuous rocker design for giving stability and predictability.

As a beginner, you or your child can land softly and safely with his wakeboard.

Because of its core and top-level construction, this wakeboard model of RAVA is flexible and lightweight.

The removable two removable fins feature is added to make the board easier to move and is best for controlling the board in deep waters.

The USA-made two-point adjustable charger boots can easily fit most child shoe size 122cm and for riders who are under 125 lbs.


  • The brand new 2021 design of this forgiving board comes with continuous rockers. It keeps the board stable, predictable, and controllable. It also provides softer landings, and its length is 122 cm, an ideal tool for riders less than 125 pounds.
  • The product dimensions ‏of this wakeboard are 57 x 19 x 6 inches, and its weight is 11.7 Pounds.
  • It is made with high-quality materials to make the board stronger, flexible, and lightweight. The materials extend the lifeline, and the manufacturer includes a foam core for extra buoyancy.
  • It has reinforced edges features. Impact-resistant side rails of this model run the entire edge of the board. The main work of it is to protect the foam core and ensure to give extra durability.
  • It comes with two removable fins for easy transport and storage. Using this wakeboard, the option to ride without fins for learning to better use the rail for edge control plays a massive role.
  • The manufacturer of this great board also included high-quality boots featuring lace-up bindings so you can easily slide your foot in it and after then cinch up snug. The bindings attach to the board with mounting screws. You can easily in and out the screw to adjust your forward foot.


  • It is an ideal board for beginners because of its predictable and forgiving characteristics.
  • You can easily control the board, and it will help you land safely.
  • Made from high-quality materials to make it more durable and long-lasting.
  • The removable fins feature is perfect for practicing a fin-less ride.
  • You can get this board with adjustable boots and good value for your money.


  • One problem this wakeboard is available in only one size and design.
  • Some think it is heavy for a beginner.

4.RAVE Sports Jr. Impact Red Brick Wakeboard

When the market is flooded with varieties of wakeboards, finding one that fits the specific needs is tougher. Finding a wakeboard for adult riders sometimes may look easy, but for younger riders might be challenging.

Accepting the challenge, the brand RAVA has looked into specifically what younger riders are looking for.

If you are a wakeboarder, you might know that Rave wakeboards are famous for making these tools and their lineup of RAVE Sports Jr. Impact Red Brick Wakeboard is one of them.

The Rave Sports Jr. Impact 2 Wakeboard is one of the ideal products that is highly recommended for children of all ages and skill levels. This Jr. Wakeboard comes with excellent graphics and some interesting features for better performance.


  • RAVE Sports Jr. Impact Red Brick Wakeboard comes with an oval design with a wide center for stability. This beginner 48 inches’ board accommodates up to 125 pounds’ riders.
  • The dimension of this impressive wakeboard are 48 x 15 x .5 inches or 122cm x 39cm x 1.27cm.
  • Continuous rocker features (5.08cm/2 inches’ rocker) this marvelous wakeboard is made for softer landings.
  • Constructed with RIM molded PU with Fiberglass reinforced edges and a high-density laminate core material to make the board more durable and increase its lifeline. 
  • RAVA Jr. Impact comes with an adjustable charger binding, and it can perfectly fit most child shoe sizes.


  • The charger boots are adjustable fitting which is specially designed for most children’s shoe sizes.
  • It is a stable board and perfect for shorter riders.
  • Many think it is a great wakeboard for learning wakeboarding.
  • You can get this board at the affordable price tag for the complete package.
  • Around the ankle, it is very secure.


  • This wakeboard is not recommended for advanced riders.
  • You cannot do any extreme stunts with it.

5.Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer

When talking about Hyperlite, we cannot stop just saying a few words because the facilities are indescribable.

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer is one of the affordable boards and is shaped to catch any size wave. If you have never wake surfed before on the smaller wave and need a board for bigger riders, then without hesitation, you can try this model of Hyperlite.

The Landlock is specially designed to get everyone to wake surfing of different ability levels or wake’s size, and, also a 5’ 9 inches’ rider can stand easily. The Hyperlite Landlock is a versatile wakesurf board.

Its surf style design and longboard vibe feature ensure a super user-friendly ride.

You can thank the Hyperlite’s monocoque construction for making the board super durable. It also makes the product more useable for beginners and advanced riders, alike will enjoy this versatile wave slasher.


  • The dimensions ‏of this product are‎ 23.62 x 59.06 x 3.94 inches, and the weight is 16.8 Pounds.
  • Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer comes with layered fiberglass, and it is available in 3 weights. This weight depends on the board, and the manufacturer used layered glass for every Hyperlite deck. This feature will give more excellent pop-off the double-up to give the best performance a long time.
  • The board was constructed with Monocoque material. The top glass and the bottom glass have become one. It will generate a more durable board on the side. It helps to prevent delamination of the board.
  • The thick profile and soft rail design were perfectly lineup to create an ultra-forgiving.
  • The board comes with a concave top deck with a full EVA traction pad so the rider can get an excellent under their feet no matter their size.
  • The Hyperlite Landlock board comes with 3 fins feature for giving perfect balance as well as mobility.


  • Great beginner board, and it is incredibly stable.
  • This longboard is easy to get up on and smooth to ride.
  • It is perfect for big guys and small waves.
  • This budget-friendly wakesurfer is constructed with layered glass.


The fin hole was not the right size.

6.Hyperlite Motive Jr. Wakeboard

Are you looking for a wakeboard that can give you an impressive ride and is ideal for both females and males? Then feel free to check this Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard model?

The molded fins characteristics help make the board more stable to increase your confidence level.

A continuous rocker features a key role to promote a softer and more mellow experience with a smoother ride. It is not an ideal wakeboard for elders also best for children and beginners who want a board for practicing.

The Motive Wakeboard provides a 6-degree edge. It will protect you against high-impact falls while riding the board. Hyperlite Motive Jr. Wakeboard comes with a stunning red, black, and white eye-catchy design that take much attention.


The wakeboard is made with layered glass. The fiberglass is available in 3 weights, and it totally depends on the board. Over time, the traditional woven glass fibers will separate instead of layered glass.

The package dimensions ‏of this product are 59.2 x 21.9 x 8.9 inches, and the weight is 15.15 Pounds.

It is a Monocoque constructed board. The model integrates the top glass and the bottom glass into one to make it more stable. These finest-quality materials generate a more durable board on side impacts to prevent delamination.

This board is a Continuous Rocker-style product. The rocker line helps to add more speed and fluid, predictable pop to define this rocker.

The molded-In fins feature makes it suitable for storage and more stable.


  • This one-size-fits-all board model is made for men and women.
  • To make the board stable the designer added molded fins feature in it.
  • After using it you can feel a free ride.
  • Makes falls safer with its forgiving design.
  • Compare to other foam cores it is a more durable core, better and stronger.


  • Many customers complain that these One-size-fits-all boards are not best for taller and wider people.
  • Molded fins are not perfect for those who want to go fin-less.

7.Hyperlite New 2021 Wakeboard Agent

The Agent series is the latest model, which is better than the best. Most importantly, when a rider dreams to have a board that comes with a package, let me tell you that Hyperlite New 2021 Agent Wakeboard has everything.

This board is not only durable, but it is also lightweight, which most riders like.

The Agent wakeboard has M6 hardware, and it makes the tool extremely thin and adds a great pop. In this model of Hyperlite, the rail is based on a variable edge design, and it will help you do some sharp curves.

Because of its layered glass over the traditional glass fibers, you can enjoy a double pop off the wake.  It will also help to make the wakeboard resistant to minor scratches and protect it from damages. By using this board, you can fly off effortlessly with zero effort.


  • Hyperlite New 2021 Wakeboard Agent comes with a subtle 3 Stage Rocker. It helps to create catch-free riding and boosts off the wake for its riders.
  • The Agent has upgraded like M6 hardware, and the upgraded version is thinner and more lightweight making it more explosive.
  • Hyperlite Agent is a combination of Hyperlite’s Marek and Murray pro model boards, and you can say it is the best performing board on the market.
  • To make it more capable the manufacturer does not miss adding four removable fins to allow supreme control. If the rider pair those with the step-down edges, they will be amazed to see its speed level.
  • Constructed with a layered glass and there is layered glass over the traditional glass fibers. Its minimizes material and flexes between your foot, and the board is mainly for control and response.
  • Hyperlite New 2021 Agent comes with an all-new EVA padded footbed. This EVA padded can give you maximum comfort under the toe and heel without sacrificing your weight.
  • You can get this impressive product with two years’ warranty.


  • It comes with exclusive Pop features.
  • It is easy to carry not too heavy in weight.
  • The user can get the combination of several wakeboards in this one board.
  • Because of its four removable fins, you can get supreme control over it.


  • This board is not suitable for people weighing more than 150 pounds.

Buying Guides

As a parent who does not want to give their children the best things to make their childhood more colorful. A WAKEBOARD is one of them if your junior likes to play in the water. 

But finding the best wakeboard is not as easy at all, and before picking one, you need to do some research on it. It will be a little bit difficult if it’s your first time buying a wakeboard for you or your kid.

To remove all worries in this guideline, I am giving you all informative information about how to pick an ideal wakeboard and what things need to consider according to your skill level.

  • Rocker Line

The first significant factor that is essential to consider while buying a wakeboard is the rocker line. If you find the ideal rocker line for your board, then it can help to improve proper balance and stability. Here you can find three rocker lines to consider.

  1. Continuous Rocker: It comes with a smooth curve, exceptional speed, and smoother transitions. You can also get the chance to enjoy this excellent product steady pop. Though, the steadiness of a continuous rocker depends on board speed. As a beginner, you can try continuous rocker. Its swiftness of movement can help you to do freestyle wakeboarding. 
  2. Three-Stage Rocker: It is professional wakeboard riders’ first choice because it can give more pop and exceptional hang time than the continuous rocker line. You can get an aggressive ride by using it because the designer added a flat spot in the center of the board. This spot can break the board’s curve.  
  3. Hybrid Rocker: If you want a rocker that comes with a combination of continuous and three-stage, then a hybrid can be an ideal choice. This rocker line that pro wakeboarders also recommend because it can keep the board’s agility, but a hybrid rocker is not widely available in the market. 
  • Base Design

Checking the base design of your wakeboard is another crucial factor before purchasing anyone. It is because the base design of the wakeboard can help to contribute overall feel of the water. If you choose a flat wakeboard, it cannot give you any channeling. Without challenging means, it will provide you with a loose feeling. 

But shaping a wakeboard can give you more channeling with softer landings and boosts traction. 

If you are a beginner, the best base design is for you is deeper base channels. The deeper base has full-length more for giving stability and comfortable grip. 

  • Rails

Knowing the rails or edges of a wakeboard is a must. These should be on the toe and heel side and help move the board quickly into the wake. 

Sharper edges are less forgiving, and it is perfect for professionals because they provide more aggressive riders, and as a beginner, you can also handle them. Try to avoid a rounded rail, and you can fall off the board.

  • Size and Weight

Without the proper size of a wakeboard, it will be tough to find out the ideal weight. If you know the rider’s weight and the length of the board are from the tip to the tail of the board, you can choose your product. The size depends on the rider’s weight. 

Below, I am giving the ideal weight range as per board length. 

  1. 120 cm –40 kg or below
  2. 125 cm – 40 to 50 kg
  3. 130 cm – 50 to 60 kg
  4. 135 cm – 60 to 70 kg
  5. 140 cm – 70 to 95 kg
  6. 145 cm – 95 and over


  • Tail and Tip

Tails and tips most wakeboarders overlook these factors. It is an essential part of choosing boards for your kids. There are mainly three major shapes available in the market:

  1. Rounder Shape: It is a beginner-friendly shape. This shape can give you a soft landing with a lesser pop.
  2. Square Shape: An impressive shape for intermediate to professional wakeboarders because it can provide better pop and executing tricks. 
  3. Swallow or Diamond Shape: If your board is long, then it can give you optimum performance. Swallow-shaped tails are best for adding pop, but landings are not suitable. On the other hand, Diamond-shaped can provide you with brilliant landing and less pop. 
  • Fins

Lastly, the thing you need to consider is the fins of your board. They can help contribute to the speed. You can find two types of fins:

  1. Edge Fins: It is ideal for wake jumps. Edge fin comes with impressive spins with exceptional grip on the toe and heel edges for kids.
  2. Center Fins: It can give excellent stability and provide training wheels.  


Buying wakeboard gear is one of the most exciting and essential parts while planning to enjoy your whole day in the water. As a wakeboarding beginner, you might get confused about what things you will need to keep with you. These gears you can purchase on your own or can take rent it depends on you. You can hire them from your local wakeboarding center as a beginner. You can do it if you aren’t sure you are going to the lake every weekend for the lesson.  

Below I am mentioning the names of wakeboarding kits. 

  • WETSUIT: If you live in the UK, then you’ll need a wetsuit for wakeboarding. As we know, British waters are cold and need to wear it in summer and winter. There are so many options, and tons of brands are present in the market for wakeboard sports. There are two types of wetsuits made by neoprene for summer can get a wetsuit that is two to three mm thinner and four to five mm thicker for winter. For winter you can wear neoprene hand gloves to keep your hand warm and summer shortie wetsuits. 
  • BUOYANCY AID: Like other windsurfing and kayaking, it is essential to wear a buoyancy kit during wakeboarding. You may be thinking, why do you need that, right? It will help you to float in the water if you fall or get unconscious without swimming. It is emergency gear and can help you in several ways. As a beginner, you tend to wear a standard buoyancy aid, and after becoming an advanced rider, you can use an impact vest. It can give you more protection while you are wakeboarding at high speed. 
  • HELMET: It is another one of the wanted gear you need when planning for wakeboarding for safety. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional wakeboard rider but wearing a helmet is necessary.Some companies make helmets only for water sports, so better to buy an actual helmet rather than use a cycling helmet. It is lightweight, water-resistant, ventilated, and prevents waterlogging lined with neoprene. 
  • WAKEBOARD: It is the first piece of equipment you will need to learn wakeboard riding. It may look tricky while choosing it for the first time because several things need to consider before buying it, such as size, weight, fins, rails, and others. Also, what do you want, single or twin-tipped or graphics?You can take help from your local wakeboard shop they can describe you in detail and once you find the ideal one you are ready for your lesson.
  • WAKEBOARD BINDINGS: Wakeboarding bindings are known as wakeboard boots, and part of the wakeboard helps attach your feet to the board. You will easily find many different wakeboard bindings. You can get simple open-toe boots to system bindings with a detachable boot for your safe riding.


  • Waterskiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing are some of the best ways to get children exercising and keeping healthy.
  • An ideal way to entertain your kids is wakeboard riding and keeping them away from iPads & computer games.
  • Another positive side is it provides a great adrenaline rush with giving them a great sense of achievement.
  • Wakeboard sport has many excellent health benefits such as core strength, resistant training with low impact on joints, and muscle tonnage.
  • It can be a wise decision if you take any experienced coach help for the first time. The proper position and technique of your child can build strength and balance.
  • It helps children to become more confident, engaging, and have a great sense of achievement.


  • Should My Kid Use a Longer Board as a First-Timer? 

Before picking any board for your children as a parent than the first thing you need to know, the appropriate size surfboard will depend on their age, flexibility, and athletic ability. 

If your kid is under the age of 7, surely you cannot give them the regular size made for teenagers and significantly different from them. 

  • What is the Typical Cost of a Wakeboard for Novice Riders? 

This thing will depend on what quality and brand you want to buy for your first wakeboard. Several types of wakeboards are available high to low quality and different brands that come with numerous features. So first you need to make your mind what you want. 

If you want to go for average-quality wakeboards, it will cost between $200 and $400. These are the lower-end models, and most people prefer using them. For high-quality, you need to count extra money it will cost as high as $900 for the Hyperlite, Riot, RAVE, and Nova brands. 

  • How can I Teach My Kid to Wakeboard?

Teaching wakeboard riding to a kid is not easy. You have to teach your child wakeboarding with patience and skill by maintaining all kinds of precautions. 

But, with the right plan and techniques, you can do it swiftly and proudly. 

  1. The first thing you need is to have a perfect setup. Do not rush and keep things short and slow from the beginning. Teach them every step carefully with basic to start kids off closer to the boat and avoid using a long rope. Landlock rope is the perfect length for kids. 
  2. You can use a lot of soap, or buy them boots that open up and fit in their tiny feet is best. 
  3. Try to avoid giving your child any pressure and force them to do what you want. First, let them know what to expect, and before starting, let them introduce the game. Create interest in it. You can take professional wakeboarders’ help, also show them how other kids are riding a wakeboard. 
  4. Let only one person give directions, but lots of people cheer because falling over and over can make them frustrated.
  5. Breaks are ok because we know that wakeboarding is exhausting when you are falling numerous times. Give them time to realize they can do it.
  • Is Wakeboarding Safe for Children?

There is a high chance your child can be injured if you do not give them all safety equipment and proper guidelines. Give your child accurate instruction, or go for professionals and make sure they have everything to protect them. But if they trained up accurately with the right size board and other types of equipment, it is a safe sport for them. 


  • What is the Typical Appearance of a Wakeboard for Novice Wakeboard Riders?

Below, I am mentioning the perfect size according to the weight. 

  • Up to 85 lbs – 119 cm
  • Up to 105 lbs – 121 cm
  • Up to 130 lbs – 130-131 cm
  • Up to 160 lbs – 132-133 cm
  • Up to 180 lbs – 134-135 cm
  • Up to 200 lbs – 136-139 cm
  • Over 200 lbs – 140 cm and up.
  • Should I Worry if My Kid Doesn’t Know How to Swim?

It will be wiser if you teach your child how to swim because the swim is not only the best exercise, there are several things like sports and others connected with it. Some child has aquaphobia think that they will drown in the water. So removing this fear, swimming is an ideal option. 

  • Who Makes the Best Wakeboards?

There are numerous top brands you will find who busy making the best-quality wakeboards for many years. Below, the best TEN brands’ names.

  • Hyperlite.
  • Byerly.
  • O’Brien.
  • Body Glove.
  • CWB Board Co.
  • Jobe Sports International.
  • Liquid Force.
  • Airhead.
  • RAVE.
  • Riot.
  • Can Kids Ride Adult Wakeboards?

It will depend on the age, flexibility, and athletic ability of your children. If your kid is under 10, then it will be better to give them different children’s wakeboards. The best wakeboards for kids are suitably sized and designed with a smaller person in mind, so you can give them to make their first wakeboard riding enjoyable and memorable. 


  • How do Fins and Channels Work?

Fins play a vast role when it comes to adding control, direction, and stability to your board. Without fins, you cannot do surfing with precision and speed. It is essential when you want to do stunts. If the board comes without fins, it will take away much of your ability to navigate through waves. 

The channels compress water through the curve of the tail rocker to give more speed to your wakeboard, add a touch of grip in turns. The curved shape design will help you to keep the board from tracking and follow the arc of a turn. 


  • What is the Main Difference Between a Twin-Tipped and Single-Tipped Wakeboard?

There are two types of wakeboards you can find single tipped or twin tipped. With single-tipped boards, you can ride in one direction because it is pointed at one end and squared off at the other. On the other hand, when it comes to twin-tipped boards can go in both directions, and most of the professionals also recommended twin-tipped.

  • Should You Opt for A Wakeboard with or without Bindings?

The wakeboard manufacturer adds bindings features to attach your feet to the board, also known as wakeboard boots. It will be better for a beginner if you purchase a board that comes with bindings options.

Warming Up….

I hope we give you all the informative information in this article to make your wakeboard selecting journey easy.

The thought of getting your kiddos into wakeboarding can make you more exciting, but when it comes to choosing the ideal one, some get panicked.

Wakeboarding is an amazing bonding experience. Any kids these days and allow them to become more confident and learn new things.

Wakeboarding is also becoming trendier for kids come with many benefit to keep them fit in a less boring way.

Our all product is excellent and worth to buy. In this guideline, you will learn how to choose a wakeboard and what things you need to consider.

You can choose from here or do some more research before buying one.

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