Best Water Skis for Beginners In 2022

Water skiing is an amazing sport that is difficult to do but is a very addictive and fun sport when you know how to do it. But learning it can be challenging but also you need to have the proper equipment as a beginner. Buying the best water skis for beginners should be your top priority. Finding the right water skis is also very time-consuming and stressful due to the variety of options available in the market to choose from. This is why we have gathered some of the best beginner water skis for kids and adults which will provide stability and confidence to the skier and also will help you save some valuable time.

Lets’ take a look at our 10 picks –

RAVE Sports Pure Combo Water Skis

RAVE Sports Pure Combo is an excellent product for water ski lovers. It will make people of all ages feel like water ski experts because of its well-built design and perfect fit for people of any size. RAVE Sports Pure Combo water ski has a perfect design with a center ridge and deeper edge channels for superior stability. It also features a narrow fin and squared nose.

This incredible design will allow the skier to switch from combo to slalom feel like a piece of cake. The bindings on these provide good comfort as well due to their double-density adjustable slide design. Fiberglass rods with rim molded PU have been used to construct the Pure Combo. Overall, the RAVE Sports Pure Combo is a great choice with it’s excellent build quality and is a best water ski for adults.


The product has an adjustable binding with double density for comfort and tighter adjustments of the feet. The RAVE Pure Combo also offers a soft step insert that cushions the rider’s foot. It also applies for better stability and performance.

RAVE Sport Pure Skis are made with fiberglass rods for sturdiness and flexibility. Strong material is necessary for skis as they will have to deal with strong forces. Fiberglass makes it possible as it is a durable and lightweight material that is also flexible than carbon fiber, so these will not break.

The slalom toe on the ski will be for the riders who want to advance their skills and make water skiing more enjoyable.

Rave Sport Pure Combo is family-friendly, thanks to its design and stable performance on the water. The comfortable and secured bindings make it possible for kids to enjoy this wonderful sport at ease.

It is made in the USA. You expect top quality from the products that are made in the USA, and it retains that very well. RAVE Pure Combo skis are of high-quality materials and will last long.


  • It has a sturdy build structure
  • Excellent stability and responsiveness
  • Adjustable bindings for feet of all ages
  • Fits almost any age
  • Comfortable for a longer ride


  • Slightly heavy
  • Fin is made up of low quality plastic

AIRHEAD S-1300 Combo Skis

The Airhead S-1300 Combo Skis is an excellent option available for riders who are looking for stability and aim to extend their skills. Just take it out on the lake and enjoy the day. It sports a wide tail and tunnel-shaped bottom, which helps with accomplishing the greatest balance between performance, handling, stability, and smooth turnings. Airhead has introduced fiberglass material for extra durability from forces it has to deal with in the water, these materials can make the product last for years without any problem.

Airhead combo water skis are a great value for money and give strong competition to its competitors. You will have a wonderful and memorable summer with your family and friends with Airhead S-1300.


It comes with a 67-inch rim-molded combo water skis, which allows it to adapt to varieties of skill levels and makes you more advanced with skiing.

Airhead S-1300 supports slidable and adjustable bindings for 5-12 US sizes. It is a great and important feature as many people can enjoy riding it, and with that adjustability, you can stand on it with confidence.

It is designed to increase your capabilities and skills of skiing with less effort.

S-1300 is well-built to absorb any pressure easily without breaking, thanks to its fiberglass-reinforced material and nylon fins.


  • Variety of color and design options available
  • Perfectly balanced performance
  • Newbie friendly
  • Flexible design
  • Sturdy nylon fins


  • Not available in many sizes
  • Not very lightweight so you cannot carry it easily.

 O’Brien Children All-Star Trainers Kids Combo Waterskis

Skiing is a fun sport for both adults and kids but most water skis have age limitations. And water skis are not specifically designed for kids. O’Brien has introduced their All-Star Trainers Water Skis for kids. As the name suggests, these are excellent training gear for teaching kids to ski. The dual tunnel base design provides plenty of stability and better control on the water.


It sports a stabilizer bar that prevents the skis from separating forcibly and also helps to keep them aligned with each other. There is also a built-in rope that can be used on the boat, if the skier falls the parent can let the rope go to prevent dragging the skier around. It is a safe water ski for kids, and the stabilizer bar will also keep the kids confident.


Talking about safety, O’Brien has also implemented a trainer rope and handle to make learning comfortable and fun for the kids. O’Brien has put a lot of thought and effort into making this waterski safe and reliable at an outstanding value.


  • It comes with a training rope with handles on both edges for safety.
  • Dual tunnel design helps to provide a sleek ride and improve stability.
  • Dual Molded-In Fins helps with better control on the water.
  • Stabilizer Bar keeps the skis aligned to each other.
  • Pinch-slide adjustable bindings for feet.


  • The high-quality material ensures sturdiness and durability
  • Safety and comfort are guaranteed
  • Trainer rope included for fresher’s
  • Molded fins help to generate speed
  • Comes from a well-known brand


  • Not for people over 85 lbs.
  • This one is not designed for professionals

O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis

O’Brien Reactor Combo Skis are well-known because of the versatility, and responsiveness they deliver on the water. These water skis offer great value while remaining a true classic. The narrower dimension allows the reactors to be more flexible on the water. The impressive stability and performance of the Reactor come from its deep center tunnel design. It is the best combo water skis are designed specifically for advanced-level riders.

O’Brien did not forget to implement the most important thing, the pinch-slide adjustable 700 series bindings that allow getting your feet in and out feel like nothing. The 700 bindings and its unique design made for expert riders make it one of the best water skis packages in the market. The thinner body design and long length of 67 inches make it appropriate for experts who like competition.

The Reactor is also a great option if you like to do cool stunts. O’Brien retains the quality of these inexpensive skis flawlessly. You expect a top-quality product from O’Brien, and they do provide that with Reactor Combo Series 67″.


  • The Reactor is an excellent option for beginners to intermediate-level skiers.
  • The fin is made with nylon to ensure maximum sturdiness and longevity so you don’t have to change it often. So you can use this one in long run.
  • The 700 series adjustable bindings make the Reactor stand out due to its convenience and premium feel.
  • The toe plate on the rear of the Reactor has extra paddings to provide superior grip and softness.
  • The narrower body dimension provides more flexibility than a thicker one on the water and gives a much more pleasant and comfortable ride.


  • This one comes with great performance and feedback on the water
  • The clever design allows for faster speed and less air resistance
  • A good option for professional skiers
  • Handles professional stunts and jumps without any problem
  • Provides good value for money


  • Recommended for adults only
  • Not designed for fresher’s

Connelly Big Daddy Waterski

The CWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski is an excellent choice for riders who are over 220 lbs. It has a surface area of about 550 square inches, so riders will feel comfortable riding these skis. The Big Daddy has a wide tip and tail combined with Connelly Tracking System. The dimension on the underfoot is narrower with flex patterns resulting in sleek ride and performance. The Connelly Big Daddy has an extraordinary quality on its binding system is a lever.

Flipping it will deliver a tight and comfy fit for the rider. The Connelly Advanced Profile Technology (C.A.P.T) is influenced by leverage geometry to transform the flex control. The bindings are made up of lycra material which has been a big deal for the skis industry. It can travel at a speed of around 25 mph while carrying 220 lbs. Connelly has brought up so incredible technology skis in the market that you definitely should check out. Altogether, the Connelly Big Daddy is the best water skis for big guys.


  • As the name suggests, the Connelly is designed for large-sized people because of its 220 lbs plus weight capacity.
  • Packed with innovations. The Connelly Advanced Profile Technology makes it possible for Big Daddy as one of the most innovative skis.
  • Wider body frame makes the Connelly a comfortable ski to get on and off without a hitch.
  • The adjustability binding on the front has a built it rear toe strap for extra secured feet.


  • The boots are made of rubber for better grip
  • Honeycomb core construction allows for a pleasant ride
  • It has a hinge technology for the flippable lever
  • Available in vibrant colors and aesthetically pleasing
  • These water ski reviews are mostly positive


  • Not suitable for lightweight adult

RAVE Sports Shredder Trainer Combo Water Skis

The RAVE Sports Shredder Trainer Combo Water Skis have a compact design suitable for getting pre-teen to early teenage riders. It has a weight capacity of up to 125 lbs which makes these appropriate for lighter adults as well. The body of the ski has a wider dimension and center bottom channels for a much more secured deep water starts while skiing.

The RAVE Sports Shredder Trainer Combo Water Skis comes with a training bar to hold the ski tips together when learning, the training bar is also detachable when the rider is confident in what he is doing. The bindings are soft, comfortable, and stable. The bindings also support adjustability to make sure the rider has a sturdy and tight fit for most youth sizes.


  • It has the benefits of regular adult-size skis features on this perfect size at 54-inch long compact body.
  • Great for teens weighing around 80 – 125 lbs and it is also suitable for lighter-weight adults.
  • Excellent stable performance thanks to the wide shaped and center bottom channels that make this product great for deep water starts with superior balance while skiing on the water.
  • The RAVE Sports Shredder Trainer Combo Water Skis make the shift from combo to slalom feel like nothing. It is very seamless and effortless.


  • Compact build
  • Comes with a detachable training bar
  • High-quality bindings with adjustability
  • Perfect for teens and lightweight adults
  • Great for beginner to intermediate learners


  • This model is not appropriate for people over 125 lbs.

O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis

The O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water skis are an excellent choice for beginners or those with little experience. The Celebrity has a wider body dimension which makes it easy for new learners to get on the ski and feel comfortable on it. The wider surface area also provides a smooth carve through the water with less drag. These skis also come with adjustable bindings which are comfortable and will keep the skier’s feet secured.


The adjustable bindings also let people of different ages and sizes ride the skis and enjoy this wonderful sport. The O’Brien Celebrity sports a plastic fin to ensure stability and good performance. The O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis are designed to make skiing look like a much easier sport. The O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis are priced exceptionally well and they do offer superb value for money.


  • The side-cut bevel coupled with the sleek performance from its dual tunnel design makes the O’Brien Celebrity most versatile.
  • The skis are lightweight and super slideable thanks again to the dual tunnel implementation.
  • The smart design by O’Brien makes it possible for the Celebrity to move at good speed with minimum air resistance.
  • As beginner skis, these are built for slow boat rides to make learning skiing nice and easy, not scary.
  • These are graded as the best-performing product among some of the more expensive competitors.
  • Great skis with functioning features and build quality at an exceptional price.


  • Well-built for fresher skiers of all sizes
  • Has plastic fins for added stability in the water
  • Adjustable bindings to accommodate various feet sizes
  • Wide body for extra stability in the water
  • Great for kids and family


  • Does not come in numerous colors
  • Fin is made of plastic

O’Brien Vortex Widebody Combo Water Skis

Water sports are a healthy way of reducing stress and depressions. Skiing is among one of the most played water sports and it is equally well-known among men, women, and kids. To enjoy this wonderful sport, good quality gear is needed and has to be perfect. There is a variety of skis in the market to choose from, and most beginners get confused about which one to purchase. So it is necessary to research before making a wrong decision.


The popular brand amongst Skiers is O’Brien, who has come up with their Vortex Combo Water Skis which might be the proper pair for you. O’Brien is an old brand with a high reputation. They deliver durable and top-quality products which will serve you long. These water skis are designed most specifically for beginners. They have a wide body to ensure stability on the water and are great for deep water starts and sharper turns.


The Vortex has a long design at 65.5 inches that helps to reduce air resistance for more lift while also making them preferable for skiers of all sizes. The O’Brien Vortex Combo Water Skis are sleek, stylish, and affordable, and a good choice for beginners.


  • The Vortex features X-7 adjustable bindings to accommodate more feet sizes.
  • Plastic fin helps for better stability and performance on the water.
  • It has a sleek and stylish design.
  • One ski has a rear toe piece.
  • Great for kids and adults because of its wide-body which makes it safe from sinking in the water.


  • Wide body for stability and sharper turns
  • Preferable for all kinds of people
  • Big size of 65.5 inches
  • Has two vibrant color options
  • Made of fiberglass for durability and longevity


  • The bindings do not stay in place and pop open

HO Blast Combo Skis

Looking for skis that are inexpensive yet do not compromise on their performance? Then go for HO Blast Combo Skis without thinking twice. These great flexible skis will let skiers with little to max skills enjoy the exceptional performance and let shifting to the slalom easy and smooth these great skis will make any skiers happy. This design will improve the performance significantly without capping your ability to slalom.

The V-bottom design delivers a smooth ride and stable tracking on the water. HO has implemented the blaze boot on each ski, which is adjustable and pre-molded with a soft EVA material and an adjustable tongue to keep your feet comfy and secured in there while you are riding it. A secured foot is necessary for better handling of the skis. The Blast Combos are just a great choice to enjoy skiing with your family at the lake, and the wide-body also makes it much stable on the water so it is suitable for newbies. So grab a pair and enjoy skiing without thinking twice, you won’t be disappointed.


  • The Blast comes with a wide body that provides extra stability on the water and makes the ski curve smoothly. This feature makes it preferable to the fresher.
  • These are compatible with HO’s trainer bars for making ski learning effortless, and you don’t have to buy a specific trainer ski if you want to teach your kids skiing.
  • The HO Blasts are also available in a traditional adjustable horseshoe binding.
  • Provides a seamless transition from combo to slalom.


  • The Blast offers good feet adjustability and fitting of any foot size while ensuring your feet are comfortable.
  • Floating tongue design helps with comfort and adjustability.
  • Implemented with Rear Toe Strap, also known as RTS.
  • Easy deep-water starts because of the wide combo shape


  • Out of stock most of the time

What Are The Differences Between Slalom And Combo Water Skis?

Slalom Skis offers two bindings and they are sold as single instead of a pair like Combos. It comes with a different body shape than regular ones. The front part, where the front binder is located, is wider than the rear part where the rear binder is placed. This thoughtful design allows the skier to decelerate promptly when approaching a turn.

This feature separates the Slalom skis from other skis and is ideal for slalom courses. The combo skis come in a pair. But one piece contains two bindings, and the other part consists of only one. Combo skis are suggested to the newbies, as they can keep you more stable and comfortable. The combo skis also support bind adjustments for more stability for the skier, and it is a great option for families.

How to stand up on water skis?

As a beginner, we should not rush through it, take it easy. Tie a rope on a boat and start by sitting in the water crunched up in a ball, and make sure your knees are bent right up to your chest. Keep your arms straight, and ensure the rope is going straight through the tip of your ski.


Ask your friend to accelerate the boat then you will feel a forward force on your shoulders right then, slowly stand up by applying pressure with your legs and pulling the rope slowly. Try to keep yourself balanced and stable. Keep practicing until you ace it.


We hope this review article has helped you find what you have been looking for. We have chosen some of the best water skis for kids and adults, and these all have received good reviews from other users.

Types of Water Skis

Waterskiing is one of the most enjoyable sport to play outdoors. It helps you connect with nature and have fun in the river. Waterskiing is also a great sport to play with family. To enjoy this wonderful sport, you need to have some good skis, to begin with. But, the ski market is so overwhelming that choosing the right type of water ski can be quite frustrating.

We will try to break it down and help you to give you the basic idea of the correct ski that you need to enjoy skiing alone or with your family.

Combo Skis

If you own a boat, then you should definitely buy a pair of combo skis. Combo skis come with adjustable bindings to accommodate various sizes of feet. One ski has two bindings, one in front and one in the rear, and the other part consists of one binding. Combo skis usually have a wide and thin body shape, that is wider in front and gets narrower to the tail. The larger surface makes these very stable on the water and easier to get on and off. These are a great choice for beginners and families. Even an intermediate skier can take one ski and start having fun with it.

Kids Trainers

Kids Trainer Skis are compact skis designed for kids who want to learn and enjoy skiing. These are most stable on the water for learning to ski. Kids Trainers have a detachable trainer bar and rope between the skis. Like the combos, the kids Trainers are also sold as a pair. There is a handheld rope system built in the skis to help the parents control the ski from the boat. If the child falls, the parents can let go of that handheld rope to prevent dragging the kid with the boat.

It is one of the best features and reasons to get these skis as these are the safest. So, if your kid wants to learn skiing, then get the Kids Trainer Skis, these will be the best kids water skis.

Slalom Skis

Slalom Skis are designed for skiers with advanced experience, and they come in a single ski. The single ski has two bindings. These skis have different shapes than combo skis, and they are also mostly made of durable materials. As these Slalom Skis are made for more advanced level skiers, they are meant to have the best performance, and these do provide that.

These are narrower for less drag. The bottom edge has bevels that help to get far better turns than a regular one. And the skinny body and tail allow the ski to move at a faster speed smoothly and are more responsive. So, if you want to upgrade to a professional ski, and you have the skill, then just go for the Slalom Skis.

Trainer Skis

Trainer Skis are compact skis designed for people who want to learn and enjoy skiing. These are most stable on the water because of their wide body and are great for learning skiing. Trainer Skis have a detachable trainer bar and rope between the skis. Like the combos, these also come as a pair. There is a handheld rope system built in the skis to let the other partner on the boat control if the skier falls, the partner needs to let go of the rope and prevent dragging the skier with the boat.

It is one of the best features and reasons to get these skis as these are the safest. So, if you want to learn skiing, then get Trainer Skis, as these are designed to teach.

Quick Tips

If you are buying a waterski as a beginner, then go for the longest one. The longer skis are more stable and easier to get on, but these are heavier and slower. Nevertheless, these can be beneficial for a beginner. Shorter ones are better for intermediate skiers, they are faster but much harder to control on the water.

The combo skis are usually purchased based on the rider’s weight, but they are preferable for a wide range of sizes of feet due to their adjustable universal bindings.


Water skiing has been one of the most popular outdoor sports globally. There are more people now experiencing this wonderful sport and It is not just a regular sport, it provides a few health benefits as well. Skiing for long puts all your muscles into work and delivers you with a full body workout, and it also helps boost the metabolism and burns calories.

Continuing this sport for longer will help your bones and joints get stronger, and also the flexibility of your body will improve by quite a lot. This game can also be used to get rid of all your stress and depressions which are one of the causes of heart attacks.


How fast the boat should move so I can do water ski?

It mostly depends on what type of activities you are planning to do, for instance, you need to be on around 25 mph if you are combo skiing and 60-130 mph for ski racing. But in general, the boat needs to be at least 20 mph for water skiing.

How wide is an adult water ski?

An adult water ski size has a dimension of 5 to 8 inches wide. It is applicable for any adult size skier. Though manufacturers have started to increase the length and width to make sure it suits everyone perfectly.

Why should I buy skis which are taller than me?

Skies that have more length can provide better stability, handling at high speeds, and help with turning. Many professional skiers prefer skies that are taller than their height due to these benefits.

What are bindings and how are they important?

Bindings are like shoes but fitted into the Skis, which hold your feet on the ski. They provide support to prevent your feet from jiggling around. It is important to have a tight grip on your feet or else, you would feel less confident, and there would be a possibility for an injury. Some bindings have a great feature of detaching by themselves if required.

What are water skies made of?

Water skis are made up of different types of materials. It depends on the type of water skis we are talking about, if it is a Slalom, then most of the time these are made of a polyurethane foam core wrapped in fiberglass or carbon fibers or both. These materials are flexible and Slalom skis are required to be flexible.

How to maintain a water ski?

It is good to keep your water ski nice and clean. Use clean water and put it somewhere for air dry or just wipe the water with a clean cloth. There is no need for putting any protective coatings like polishes. After wiping off the water, hang it on the wall or put it wherever you usually store it.


Water skiing is a fun way to enjoy your day with friends and families. It can provide you with numerous benefits and help you stay positive and healthy. The best water skis for beginners is what you need to look for if you are a beginner. We have tried our best to feed you with some knowledge about water skiing and water skis to make sure you have a better idea than before about these things and make a great decision when buying for yourself and your family quality skis.

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