Can You Use a Release With a Recurve Bow?

If you are using a recurve bow, you must question if you can use a bow release on it? Is it necessary for you? It’s your choice to use it or not. But let’s have some acknowledgment regarding this topic. A release aid can bring many changes to your shooting experiences. Though it is not mandatory to use, you can utilize it in your hunting.

What is a Bow Release?

A bow release is a demanding piece of the element. It mainly incorporates fire arrows, more specifically while using a trigger to release the bowstring. You can use it personally anytime on your recurve bow. But it is not acceptable in some competitions.

Release Styles:

There are so many unique release styles. Archers use their preferable and suitable techniques. Presenting some of the release styles below;

  • Wrist Rriggers:

Most hunters and casual shooters prefer wrist triggers. These releases are very effortless and easy to apply. There are thick wrist bands and a rod. You can pull the trigger and lessen the chance of falling from a tree.

  • T-handled Releases:

T-handled releases depend on the power and stamina of one’s finger. It is quite re-known among the tournament and Olympic archers. Some who like to have a tree stand can also do this.


Why is a Bow Release Necessary in Archery?

A bow release is so essential in archery. It helps to improve the shooting quality of your recurve bow. It makes the release of the bowstring faster. It also helps to decrease the torque amount onto the bowstring from the archer’s finger.

The Function of a Bow Release:

If you want to try a proper application, you must know how to function it. It is vital to learn and apply to the guided instruction.

  • Caliper-style releases are a vital and simple mechanism of a bow release. It is very dependable to open and dynamically close the caliber.
  • A thumb switch is a complicated method that helps to smooth the transition for a long time.

How to Use and Maintain a Bow Release?

Good maintenance increases the shelf life of any equipment. This theory goes with a bow release too. It would be best if you know the suitable way of using it.

A D-loop is the most familiar way of affixing your release to the bowstring because it happens to put a small amount of torque on the bowstring itself. The loop consists of a nylon cord attached to the string. The name is after its shape of it.

Under nock is a way which is popular among the senior archers. It is to attach the release to the bowstring directly under the bottom of the arrow’s nock.

What are the Benefits of Using a Bow Release on a Recurve Bow?

You will get so many advantages and benefits by using a bow release. A release aid is very familiar among the archers because of some valid reasons.

So let’s know them thoroughly:

  1. A bow release can make an easy way to joint the arrows together.
  2. It helps to decrease pressure while you are giving it a shot.
  3. It also ensures you hold the string tightly and release it precisely.
  • Disadvantage

Every sky has a silver lining. So a bow release has a little disadvantage. It is a piece of mechanical equipment. That’s why it can end up breaking at any time. An experienced archer must keep extra release to avoid such circumstances.

  • Choosing the Right Bow Release:

A right and proper bow release can ensure a magnificent hunting journey. That’s why you have to choose the right bow release. Before purchasing it, one must consider some things wisely. Here are the essential criteria for a good bow release:

You will find various types of release aid in the store. Different bow release functions differently. You can select a release aid according to your advantages. A bow release is beneficial for setting the trigger point. You can also trigger defiance or orientation with some of the bow releases. Some of them need to activate with both your thumb and index finger. There are also handheld thumb releases and caliper releases. These releases are widespread and popular among the archers. You can purchase them from your nearby store or market because of their availability.

Develop Your Recurve Release:

You can upgrade the level of your recurve release. It is not a that hard job. To develop your recurve release, you need to follow some steps;-

1. Improving Bow Fitness:

A satisfactory release is impossible if you are overbowing. While doing it with a burdensome bow, you will end up using the wrong muscles. So it is essential to use a light bow, which you can address as bow fitness. A passionate archer must have bow training and gym knowledge. You can use a shot grainer or form master to learn the way of maintaining the bowstring whenever you lift the bow. Firstly, you can start with a lightweight bow, increasing it little by little. Following these techniques, you can quickly improve your bow fitness.

2. Creating the Bowstring Connection:

It would help if you noticed the way of positioning your finger whenever you release a bow. Hook extension is significant for creating the bowstring connection. The permanent contact with the bow can affect how good you are to connect the draw arm to the scapula. This process can imitate your capability to split the bow appropriately, get into the sequence, and enlarge evenly through the clicker. If you want to correct the draw arm positioning, this exercise called ‘Draw Arm Connection Drill’ is for you. For developing your release, you must maintain the connection between the hook, elbow, and scapula through the shot.

3. Ignoring Back Tension:

Ignoring back tension is a must whenever you are up to make a good release. You do not need to concern about the backpressure. Just focus on your movement of the shoulder. Your body also knows the action better than tension. Back tension can be ruinous in a way. Many archers lose their activity while they misunderstood themselves by using backpressure.

4. Train Your Body to Release:

The recurve release is not a technique to learn in a day. You need to practice it regularly, not only with a bow but also with your body. You have to adjust your body to do a bow release properly through the correct motion and feeling. You have to put your hands together with the anchor position. After that, you have to enhance your pressure enormously. Lastly, you can permit the fingers promptly to slip away, originating a quick release. The Release Follow Drill is an excellent way to prepare your body for a perfect release.

5. Improving Alignment:

Alignment is a fundamental element that most people ignore without any reason. You have to maintain a bow line up with your bone structure. It can help you to put less muscle pressure. It is also necessary to maintain the right posture. If you do it correctly, you can have a clean and smooth result.

6. Ready for a Full Draw:

A full draw means your movement into alignment and feeling of the force through your shoulder and bone structure. It is an impression of being in the right position with excellent finishing.


After reading the whole article, it is sure to have an answer already. You can use a release aid on your recurve bow. If you can follow all the above rules and regulations, you will not face any problems.

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