How Long Is a Longboard – What Size Should I Get?

Whenever you buy or use something, can you ignore the size of it? You can’t ever avoid the value of size and measurement. Measurement is an excellent matter whether you are buying clothes, shoes, or any items. The same rules go with the longboard. As a longboard admirer, you must know how to get the comfortably sized longboard to stand on. While you attempt to ride a longboard, the most frequently asked question is how to get a perfect size. Here you will get your most wanted answer. This article’s main motive is to depict the point and help you make a wise decision.

What Does Longboard Size Mean?

The term longboard size means the diameter of a deck where we used to keep our footing balance. The size of the longboard defines both the length and width. If you intend to buy a longboard, then you must keep it in your mind. Make sure to monitor the size of both sides.

You can classify longboards into four groups regarding their length and width:

  • Micro Deck Longboard:

The length of this longboard deck is about 27.2-27.6 inches. The width is 6.5-6.75 inches. Micro deck longboard is perfect for a child within five years old.

  • Mini Deck Longboard:

Mini deck longboard’s length is approximately 28 inches, and width is 7.0 inches. It is suitable for children who’s height is much less than 3 ft. 5 inches.

  • Mid-size Deck Longboard:

Middle size longboard is appropriate for teenage riders who are shorter than 5 ft. 3 inches. The length of the deck is 29 inches, and the width is 7.3 inches.

  • Full-size Deck Longboard:

A full-size longboard is a large version. The deck’s length is up to 29 inches and much longer. The breadth or width is about 7.5 inches or larger. This giant version is applicable for both young and adult who are up to 5 ft. 3 inches or more than this.

Firstly, there are mainly two things that you need to consider yourself. Your height and preferred longboarding style are numerous things. Let’s have a look at them-

Your Height

Height is an essential factor for choosing and buying a longboard. The length of the longboards for the cruisers can differ due to altitude. If you are so tall, then you should look for a 38+ inches longboard. The taller people have longer and bigger feet, so they will need a lot of space to fit in. You may confront some alarming occurrences due to choosing a small longboard. So you have to pick the fitting one. The suitable length for the average longboarders is 32-42 inches. But if you are a short cruiser, then you can go for a 29 inches longboard. The width should be around 7.3 inches. Your height is a good measure to identify the proper size of the longboard.

Your Favored Longboarding Style

Different people prefer different longboarding styles. There are lots of longboarding styles that you will want to try. These styles are other criteria for knowing the size of your longboard. The indefinite style makes you significant from others. Some common and renowned longboarding styles are downhill, freestyle, cruising, street style, etc. Now it’s all about you choosing your preferred style. If you are a freestyle lover, you will need a broader longboard to practice it. On the other hand, if you want to do carving or cruising, a shorter longboard will help you. So regarding your style, you are capable enough to have an excellent longboard service.

Some Other Essential Points:

Apart from these two things, you will recognize so many significant aspects and components. The whole part and structure of the longboard can determine

Every part of the longboard is necessary to create a good impact on your ride. The essential features, including wheel, trucks, bearings, flex, deck, etc., can satisfy your demand. If you get to know all the details of them, you can select the best one for yourself. Before getting any longboard, you have to scrutinize some essential points such as:-

  • Age:

Age is a great signification. As we say, age is just a number, it can play an essential role in so many things. Whenever you go to a sports store, you will see the age-wise section. There you can find a lot of variety in longboard for teenagers, adults. The youngsters will need a small and micro deck longboard. However, the adult can use a large deck longboard. So you can choose it, considering your age.

  • Length and Wheelbase:

The measurement of the wheelbase is the very initial factor for selecting the proper size of the longboard. A lengthy and robust wheelbase can ensure a safe ride. Shorter wheelbases are less balanced at speed. You can get more turn by a longboard which contains short wheelbases. On the other hand, longer wheelbases are more stable at speed. They are good to go for sliding.

  • Structure:

The structure of anything plays an indispensable role. So you have to know the proper design of any vehicle or sports materials. An improvised form can provide you the extraordinary service.

  • Features and Styles of the Deck:

There are various features and styles of the deck. Different types and versions are applicable and comfortable for another person. Some physiognomy is only suitable for professional longboarders. If you are a newcomer, you might not be able to use those. You should also follow the new brands and quality. That’s how you can choose the right one.

  • The Shape of the Deck:

The shape of the deck is another benchmark that you need to consider. It entirely depends on you and what styles you are going to try with your longboard. You can categorize them into two sections like directional and symmetrical. If you prefer cruising, downhill, and carving, then you must choose the first one. Symmetrical longboards are an elite choice for freeriding or freestyle longboarding. It is a privilege to know the specification. Therefore you can obtain the perfect shape for longboarding.

  • Board Flex:

Board flex is one of the compelling elements to notice when you are purchasing a longboard. It is such a capability that offers you a cozy ride. Flex plays a significant performance in enhancing the firmness and adherence of the board. You have to discover the smooth, moderate, and refractory type board.

  • Trucks:

Trucks are the essential part of a longboard, which helps to swing or curve your board. You have to check on the trucks properly to make your board turn. You should select trucks that are about 6-10 inches in size reciprocal to the width of the deck. Trucks increase the board’s activity and prohibit it from wheel bite.

  • Wheels:

For getting an awesome longboard, you should choose a fantastic set of longboard trucks and wheels. The wheels should be around 52-58 inches containing legitimate constancy. These wheels can provide better friction and durability to the longboard at a high pace.

  • Bearings:

The bearings of the longboards consist of steel or ceramic. The standard longboard contains two bearings per wheel. They permit the wheels to spin in the right direction. If you purchase a longboard that consists of a high-quality bearing, you can make a lot of difference in your longboarding. You should pick some top-notch quality such as Red Bearings, Bones Bearings, Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards, etc.

  • Weight:

You can not deny the importance of the weight of your longboard. Everybody likes to have a longboard that is easy to carry and move. So it would be great for you if you chose a lighter and manageable board. You can take this light and portable one here and there.

Spot your longboard size:

Let’s identify your longboard size according to your height and longboarding style.

  • Downhill:

Downhill is the best adrenaline-rushing style. It can speed up the heartbeat rate and give you a thrilling moment. If you are passionate about driving your longboard upholding high speed, then you are a downhill rider. Whenever you are riding in a hilly area, you have to do the downhill style. If your height is up to 6.3 ft, you might choose a 35-43 inches longboard. You can buy a 37+ inches longboard if you are above 6.3ft.

  • Cruising:

Cruising is one kind of longboarding style that accommodates you to have a flexible and carefree ride. In cruising longboarding style, you have to choose your longboard considering the following measurement.

If your height is up to 6.3ft, you should buy a longboard that is 32-42 inches in size. If you are more than 6.3ft, your preferable size of a longboard should be 38+ inches.

  • Freeride and Freestyle:

Freeride and freestyle are genuinely some styles that contain many handy tricks with miscellaneous moves at an immense speed. Freeride and freestyle require an excellent length longboard. Whenever you are doing freestyle longboarding, you will need a lot of space to do those. If your height is up to or more than 6.3ft, you should select a 38-42 inches longboard.


Electing the most suitable and almost perfect longboard is a challenging task to do. After reading the depicted article, you might get a good suggestion for selecting your longboard. It might serve you to have the most beautiful longboarding participation. You can also share this knowledge with your friends and family so that they can choose for them accurately. A noteworthy fleck is all these things can vary from person to person. If a longboard is right for you, it is unnecessary to be the right choice for others. In this way, all of you will get the benefit of having the right longboard. Grab wisely, receive a better service!


Some Queries:

  • What is a better size of longboard for beginners?

When you are a newbie, you might want to know what is a better-sized longboard for you. Medium size longboard will be the best option for a beginner. You can get the facilities to have the proper stability to continue your ride. Long and short ones are not an appropriate choice for newcomers. As a beginner, you should choose a longboard of 32-42 inches in length. This range is quite perfect for you to have a better service. You can get a smooth and safe journey through this ride.

  • How long is a longboard?

The length of a longboard can differ for many reasons such as brand, quality, style. Generally, a longboard’s size is about 84-150 centimeters or 33-59 inches. The breadth is approximately 22.8-25.4 centimeters or 9.0-10.0 inches. You will see swallowtails, pintails, drop-through decks, flat-nose riders, etc., formates of a longboard in stores.

  • What is the perfect length for a longboard?

The perfection for the length of a longboard depends on your requirement of yours. The conditions may apply to your age, height, weight, comfort, etc. The range for the length should be 28 inches to 46 inches. Each longboarding style requires a perfect size, which is different from many aspects.

  • What is the reason behind the longness of longboards comparing to the skateboard?

There are so many reasons and qualities to individualize a longboard and skateboard. A longboard is an updated version of a skateboard. A skateboard is relatively shorter than a longboard. The longboard is genuinely for the people who wanted a relaxing and convenient riding experience. Its more expansive space is mainly the reason for updating a skateboard into a longer one.

  • Is a longer longboard more comfortable to ride?

Yes, I think this is entirely true. A more extended surface of your longboard will provide you extra comfort and safety to ride.  But if it is much long regarding your height, then you might have some riding issues. A smaller person needs a smaller longboard. Oppositely, a more prolonged or taller person requires a longer longboard.  Therefore, you should measure the right longboard for yourself.

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