How To Clean Skateboard Trucks?

A truck is not one of those products that you should not care about cleaning. Skateboard trucks contain particular parts that require regular cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning the components will secure the durability of these items. Although it is about washing skateboard trucks, you can have a read too if you own longboard trucks. Cleaning these two trucks is almost the same method. A washed skateboard truck is necessary as it is going to encourage you to go for rides. Let’s see how to clean skateboard trucks.

Required Tools:

● A screwdriver (#2 Phillips bit recommended)
● Slip-joint pliers
● WD-40
● Paper towel


STEP 1: As the skateboard truck is joined to the skateboard deck, you will have to detach this first. Take the screwdriver and slip-joint pliers in hand and start loosening the nuts.

Unscrew every nut moderately so that you can do the rest by hand. Loosen the nuts entirely and discard these from the bolts.

Many people are going to throw nuts in a place that will be hard to find later. Thus, keep nuts in a secure and familiar spot. It will be easy to recall during reassembly.

STEP 2: At this point, you should be done with removing nuts and choosing a decent shelter for them. Now it is the appropriate time to separate the deck and truck.

Use your hands to detach the truck successfully. Do not pull with a mighty force. Also, ensure you faced the kingpin outward.

STEP 3: This is a step that does not apply to all skateboard trucks. If you own a pair of trucks that come with risers, you need to remove them too at this point. Every skateboard truck does not contain a riser.

STEP 4: Time to clean. Excluding the baseplate, you pretty much have to remove everything from trucks. First, remove the nut of the kingpin. After that, take out the hanger from the baseplate. Lastly, remove all the bushings.

STEP 5: Evaluate these parts. Search for a crack. If you find one of these components to be split or cracked, you must replace it first.

Assuming everything is in decent condition, spray a little amount of the WD-40 on the paper towel and wipe away dirt and grime from all the parts. Your trucks make high-pitched noises during rides because of the excessive grime.

STEP 6: You have to clean those axles again. Out of all the components, the axle tends to be the dirtiest.

Take another paper towel. Clean the remaining dirt off the axles. The axle gets all this dust from bearings. Hence, make sure they are back in top-notch condition.

STEP 7: Repeat the same method of cleaning with the remaining truck. You will be ready to start reassembling after that. Keep in mind that you need to tighten Nuts and bolts adequately.

Neither over-tightening nor loose tightening is good. Also, the kingpin must be facing outward after the assembly.

Pro Tip: When you go to the first ride after the washing procedure, be careful while speeding up the board. The whole cleaning thing boosts the acceleration and speed significantly.

Final Words

It takes merely a short time to clean the trucks, but it has a significant impact on making your skating experience incredibly smooth and pleasing. Cleaning the trucks solves many issues you find on the skateboard. It is because these components are part and parcel of the board. Hence, do not forget to clean them every time you feel the need. Hopefully, the article will assist you in how to clean skateboard trucks.

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