How To Clean a Skateboard and its Decks?

The layers of dirt or mud over your skateboard deck can decrease the resistance and make it very hard to apply any tricks you want to do during playing. So, generally, a dirty skateboard can ruin your game completely. When you stepped on your board with muddy feet, the grip tape might lose its grip quickly. Your skateboard’s performance will dramatically reduce if it’s not working correctly due to the dirt. If you don’t know how to clean your board correctly, you cannot change the performance while playing.

Don’t worry; I am bringing the best home remedies and Diy and showing you how to clean your skateboard and decks. So, don’t need to worry about improving the performance and keeping your skateboard clean for a long time, and save your money as well.

How to Clean a Skateboard Deck? Clean with Soft Brush Wire:

This is the easiest and most simple way to clean your skateboard deck. You need to spend very little money on this, but you will get a clean skateboard deck. For doing this process, you need a soft wire brush and a Grip gum.

  • Step 1: Buy a Soft Wire Brush

You can get the soft wire brush from the nearest local store and any online shops but remember that the bristles are not sharp enough to tear the grip tape. The bristles of the brush must be short so that it can provide precision while you clean the grip tape on your deck. So, don’t buy big bristle ones; otherwise, it will damage your skateboard deck’s grip tape.

  • Step 2: Brush the Grip Tape

After buying the soft brush, start brushing the grip’s tap with the wire brush. You have to start this process at the end of the deck’ one side, through the other side, and go on section by section. In this way, you can clean the deep dirt from the surface of the deck. And also sweep it by using your hands. But remember that don’t push the brush, so hardly otherwise it will tear. And try to avoid stripping the grit of your board.

  • Step 3: Remove the Excess Dirt with Grip Gum

You can buy the grip gum from anywhere both psychically or online, which is meant explicitly for skateboards. After brushing with the soft wire brush, you can use this grip gum to remove the deck’s excess dirt and dust. Rub it with the grip tape, and then brush it softly. Do this process correctly; then, you can get a brand new deck. Don’t put too much pressure while brushing the deck.

Cleaning your Skateboard Deck with Some Common Materials that You Find In Your Home:

If you don’t like to waste your money on deck cleaning purposes, I think this is the best way to clean your deck with some home remedies.

It would be best to have a Firm toothbrush / soft wire brush, Water, Soap, Grip gum (this is optional), Bowl, and Dry cloth for this process.

  • Step 1: Gather All The Things that You Need for Your Projects

You can find all the above things very easily from your home to clean your skateboard deck or grip tape. Try to find out the old toothbrush and soft wire brush from the garage, and all other things like- soap, grip gum, dry and clean wear cloth, and water. If you can arrange all the materials, you are ready to go for the cleaning job.

  • Step 2: Fill the Bowl with a Mixture of Soap and Water

Take a medium-size bowl, then fill the bowl with tap water and soap. Keep it in your mind that don’t submerge your skateboard deck in the water. Otherwise, it will damage the skateboard’s snap or pop like you want to use. To get a clean smell, you can also add some lemon juice, but it’s not necessary for all; it’s about your choice.

  • Step 3: Dip the Brush And Start Scrubbing

It would help if you started cleaning the board at the end of the board. Some messier parts of dirt need enough time to remove the dirt. While cleaning the deck, your brush remains dirty; then, you have to rinse it back to the Bowl of your cleaning solution; after that, clean the deck again. Don’t let the board contact the water for an extended period, as I said before. And don’t push too much while cleaning; it will tear the grip tap as well.

  • Step 4: Make it Dries with the Dry Cloth

After cleaning your deck with the cleaning solution and brush, make it dry with the dry and clean soft cloth. If you can arrange some microfiber cloth, it will be suitable for your deck. Place the cloth over the deck, then patting it to absorb the extra moisture. Now fold the cloth and press it again until the deck dries out properly. The wooden area and the bottom portion will dry too. Paper towels will cause another mass and tend to break, so don’t use the paper towel for this drying purpose.

  • Step 5: Perfect Time for Drying

First of all, keep the board in an open area and dry for at least 3 hours. If you ride on the wet board, it will break down quickly, and you cannot get the perfect output so, after cleaning, let the board dry before riding it if it will be safe for your skating board.

  • Step 6: Remove Excess Dirt Use Grip Gum

If you have grip gum, you can rub it across the board; this is not necessary, but it’s an optional task for you. Grip gum is a little bit expensive, so use another alternative, like a cheap rubber cement eraser. You can find it near the hardware store and work with it.

The dirty skateboard will decrease your performance’s intensity. If you want to get your skateboard’s old glories performance, you can follow the following steps, where I show how to clean every part of the skateboard separately.

How to Clean Bearings on a Skateboard?

You can do the whole process outside of your home. If your bearing gets dirty, you need to clean it, and for this process, you need to arrange some lubricant, towel, single use-cups, and some speed cream. To get your cleaning process’s effectiveness, roll the bearing during the pre-cleansing time, and run it during post-cleansing. Some baring added with some removal shields. Place the towel on the working area, preventing the accident and injuries related to the lube.

For doing this cleaning process, you have to do the following things:

First of all, pour or spray the lube into a cup. Then take the bearing in your hand and pour them inside the cup, and let it sit in the pule of lube. You can keep them for more than an hour. Suppose you see that the lube is getting dirt, replacing the lube in the cup with a fresh pure. Do this process for your eight bearings. Repeat this process till you can see the clean and fresh bearing into the cup. After getting the new lube, it’s time to clean it with the paper towel, but don’t jumble them up—clean one after another to get better results. Roll the bearing and shake them to remove the excess. Now finally, use speed cream with Teflon, and then they become ready for use.

How to Clean Skateboard Wheels?

With the passes of time, your wheels are bound to get dirty. When you see that the wheels get yellowish color, you feel dirty, and you need to clean them. You can change it, but you can reuse it after clinging. You can remove the dirt and clean it with a wet rag, but this does not work better.

First, unscrew the wheels by using a wrench. I need to remove the bearing to clean them. Use a screwdriver to clean them separately. Then need a toothbrush or wire brush and some dishwashing soap to clean them properly. Take brushes with thin bristles and get inside the curves and edges and clean it quickly. After that, soak them for 15-20 minutes under the warm water and scrub them finally. You can use lotion to roll the wheels better. Finally, let them dry by using a paper towel.

How to Clean Skateboard Grip Tape?

By following this DIY project, you can ride again without replacing your grip tape. You need to arrange microfiber cloths, a ribber, and a soft brush for doing this process. You have to put enough pressure to slide it over the deck and make it clean. You can use a soft dry brush and remove the excess dust with a soft cloth after that. If you use a wet one and clean it with water, the grip tape will damage and not perform correctly. Soft brushes can clean the grip tap precisely.

There is another process to clean the grip tape. Take the window cleaner and the soft brushes to clean the excess dirt. You can use the repetitive strokes to clean your skateboard’s grip tape until you reach one side from the other. After that, use the microfiber cloths to dry it off. Then apply the grip gum method that I have already told you to clean thoroughly. It only works on the dry grip tape; you cannot get a better result on the damp grip tap.

How to Clean the Skateboard Truck?

To clean the Skateboard trucks, you need to arrange a white vinegar and paper towel. After removing the trucks from the skateboard, you can see where the rust develops. Sometimes the truck breakage is caused due to rusting. Depending on the dust and rust, wipe vinegar on it till the rust goes off. After some hours, scrub it off and rub it, and then wipe it with the paper towel and make it dry. Spray lube over them to prevent further rusting.

So, I am sure that you learn a lot about cleaning all the parts of your skateboard from my article correctly. All the methods are elementary, and I think it will help you a lot. But remember, one thing is, don’t apply the DIY techniques until you do them correctly. For this, you have to follow all the instructions given here. Do you want to know more about Trucks Cleaning 

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