How To Hang a Skateboard or a Longboard Deck?

If you undoubtedly like your skateboard, you must try to keep your board secure. And for this, the wall of your home is the best place to hang them on. While you hang your deck on the wall, you can organize them properly. Keeping them on the wall is actually a quick and straightforward solution to get your deck up in no time.

You use your skateboard/Longboard to ride, but you can also use a retired skateboard or one as a unique wall decoration. But how do you do this? Here I will show you some guidelines and DIY projects to keep your board on the wall entirely and show off your deck to look the best it can be.

1. Hang the Skateboard/Longboard Deck with Fishing Line

The fishing line is very slippery, so use a granny knot to hold it. Please give a little slack between the two knots and the deck to make hanging it easily. Use a hammer to nail the wall to hook the fishing line on it. Now hang the fishing line on the nail between the nail head and the wall. If you want to hang multiple skateboard decks, use a measuring tape and a pencil to find out the places you want to keep your decks evenly on the wall.


• This process is straightforward, cheap, and quick to do
• It is pretty much invisible


• Here the tail sits against the wall, and the deck can rock in a breeze like a nose.
• It looks very cheap as it is.

2. Using Wall Mounts to Hang Skateboard/Longboard Decks

First of all, use a drill machine to make a hole in the wall where you like your decks. Then put a plastic wall anchor into the hole, which can carry the deck’s weight; after that, secure your deck display to the wall with a screw and make it tight use a screwdriver. Then twist the bolts towards the wall and slide your board onto the show. Then turn the 2 T nuts that came in front onto either post until they’re comfortable against the deck. This process secures the deck in place and keeps any part of the wall touching the wall.

3. Hanging by the Use of Hooks

Use double-sided tape through the back of your deck’s hooks and ensure that it has good stress on it to bear or stand your skateboard’s weight for a long time. Use a ruler and also a pencil to draw a line on your wall. And that line must be parallel to the floor and high enough from the bottom to hang your decks. The line should be around 900mm or ¾, which means the full length of your skateboard. Then mark the center of the lines and the two ends of the line after drawing the three points attach to the hooks. If you finish, hang your skateboard on the hook through the knot, and this is the DIY skateboard wall hanger.

4. Hanging by using a PVC Water Pipe

This is a straightforward way to hang your skateboard decks through your walls. Cut the PVC pipe with a hack saw and make it 8 inches for a standard skateboard, and it will be best if you slipped the pipe in half lengthwise. Now drill 2 3/8 inch holes exact in the middle of the pipe from top to bottom. Now again, drill another two holes with 3/16 inch holes from the center, from right to left side. It should be ½ inch on edge, and another advantage should be one or ¼ inches. Now depending on the style of your trucks, cut a notch through the center for your trucks. Now just right the opposite of the mounting holes, you have to cut the massive hole edges and do the same process again on the 2nd large hole. Now by using a hack saw, cut it down the length between the two large holes.

Now you need to use about 2 inches of drywall screws for your wooden wall. If you have a concrete wall, then use Tap-Con screws. After hanging it on the wall, you are ready to hang your favorite decks.

From the above discussion, you can see that there are many processes to hang your decks on your wall, and all of these are very easy and simple. Moreover, it doesn’t kill too much time and effort. But while using different tools, take proper safety precautions, and I hope all these will help you a lot.

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