How to Hunt Whitetail Deer This Season – Tips for Deer Hunters

In terms of patience, skills, and perseverance, deer hunting is a much more intimate experience. Here is the shorter range involved. If you can capitalize on an opportunity to take a well-placed shot and close the distance, bow hunting is more effective than gun hunting. The hunter’s goal is the same every hunting season, and you have to follow the hunters’ lesson and plan to improve the deer hunting plan. The approach to hunting deer varies greatly depending on the season. Keeping this in my mind, I will suggest some fantastic tips that make your whitetail deer hunting season successful. All the suggestions will hopefully help you a lot.

Tips:1. Obsessed with Scent Control

It would be best to give importance to the wind direction and scent control while hunting the whitetail deer. Their nose is sensitive and helps to alert the deer when you want to hunt. When you want to hunt the whitetail, you need to be as invisible to the deer as possible as you can. That’s why you need to control the scent first.

Everyone needs to maintain hygiene, but you need to keep in mind that whitetail deer are susceptible. You can get enough products that you can get from the market without smelling. Before going hunting, you need to use scent-free soap for the shower, which is a big step.

The clothes and the towels you used during hunting also need to clean with scent-free soap and dry off them with mountain fresh. However, all of your hunting success depends upon all these above matters. After making you and your towels scent-free, make sure all the accessories and clothes you use for your whitetail deer hunting make scent-free. Lots of scent-free laundry soap you can found in the market, and in this case, you can use baking soda, which is so helpful in this case. And remember that don’t use any sweet smell dryer for drying your clothes. That will completely ruin all the previous works that you maintain for your hunting purpose. When you do not use your clothes and all the hunting accessories, store them in a scent-free place.

  • Perfect Hunting Gear for the Weather:

After finishing the prominent scent controlling part, you have to pay attention to the clothes that you need to wear according to the weather. You need to maintain a good rule, that don’t use such dresses that make you sweat. The weather may be hot or frigid you can know before hunting from the weather forecast. When you want to hunt whitetail deer, sweat is not friendly because the skin bacteria break down the sweat and create an odor, which is not pleasant for hunting the deer.  When you walk into the deer stand or woods, you need to maintain it due to the whitetail deer’s sensitiveness. During the hot season, if you wear lots of clothes and hunting gear during the cold season, it also creates sweat and produces odor. When your body temperature cools down, it may happen to your body. To prevent sweating during the cold weather, you need to wear light clothes while walking along with the deer stand. You may feel cold during the cold season, but your body temperature will increase when you are walking, and you cannot control your sweat. So, you need to wear light clothing while walking in the forest. Remember that you can avoid sweating and keep your head and foot warm, then you can comfortably hunt your whitetail deer.

  • Avoid Sausage Biscuit:

Before going hunting, you need to control your hunger to visit a fast-food shop. But don’t eat sausage or biscuit, which is not perfect for deer hunting. You can try an apple or banana instead of that fast food items.

  • Final Step For Controlling Scent:

It would be best to eliminate as much as possible scent while walking along with the deer stand. The odor-controlling cloth is the protection against the deer’s nose. Many scents maintain clothes that you can find in the market, which is not a tough job. You need to cover not only your body but also your head and face. Your goal is not to floating the smell in the air or on the ground while you are going hunting. The other alternative is using the scent to eliminate spray on your clothes and other accessories before walking through the hunting location. And all these you can get from the market quickly.

Tips:2. Make the Wind Friendly

After finishing the scent controlling strategy, now it’s time to think about the blowing wind—each time, you need to look at the wind’s direction for hunting. As a hunter, you cannot ignore the wind direction that is regularly blowing. Maintaining the wind direction is an excellent tip for the hunter. In the suburban area, where you can see the deer are mostly accustomed to the human presence, you need to control the wind. We already know that the deer’s nose is a defense mechanism; it can accurately smell the danger. So, it would be best if you can control the scent-blowing areas. With the help of the blowing air, the deer can sense your presence. You need to be familiar with the deer pattern. Find out the feeding and living areas of the deer and also the traveling area. Also, find out the food sources according to the season, and there you can see the most. If you already know about all the things, then you can pay attention to the wind direction. Stay in the downwind area, where the deer are typically moving. You need to maintain all these things when you enter the hunting location and the whole time while you are hunting.

  • Upwind and Downwind:

Maybe you are new in the Whitetail deer hunting sector, and you need to pay attention to the wind direction. You have excellent knowledge about the upwind and the downwind.

Upwind means you are upward or above the deer hunting location. That means if the wind blows nicely over you, you can eventually detect the scent that is not perfect for you. And the term downwind means you are below the locations. And this is perfect for you. Here when the wind blows, it never blows towards the deer that you want to hunt. When you find out that the deer is lying down and feed on any specific location, you need to stay down the side of that location and feel the wind blows in your face. That will keep your scent the downside of that hunting location. Remember that you have to maintain such a position, where the deer cannot understand when you enter or live the hunting place. If they know, they must avoid that place. And it would be best if you avoided those places where you can see fewer deer. Always keep your exit route downwind, and all these processes need enough time to plane first.

Tips:3. Imagination Guide Preparation

Every hunter imagines that they can do the perfect hunting. But the real thing is that you need to do lots of things to prepare for ideal hunting. Are you ready to maintain those factors?

Archery target practice is a significant factor for increase hunting ability. It would help if you also prepared some unwanted things that you cannot control while hunting. For this, you need to practice thy bow shooting and accurate standing up and sitting down and practice shooting at various heights and angles based on different types of weather. All the possible conditions that may happen during hunting need to be imagined before hunting your whitetail deer. So hunters need to apply their imagination power to get the best hunting result.

Tips:4. Don’t Let Your Deer stand Give You Away

It’s not enough to find out the deer location; you need to use the hand on the stand or the climbing stand. During the time of the hunting, you need to look at the stand placement. Set up the deer stand in such a place that can cover the licking branches, scrapes, deer signs, and rubs. You need to imagine the location from where you need to shoot and fixed the stand. Find out the tree which is perfect for placing the stand, and the sun must be behind you. If the sun is behind you, the deer can eventually get the silhouette of your body against the sunlight. The buck may not see what happens next. They must be cautious when they enter the area again. So, select a tree with a broad base, and your body shape can disappear against it. These types of trees are using for locked on the tree stand. If you have some combo cloth, it won’t be easy to silhouette you where you are sitting.

To get the coverage to select a tree with another tree just beside it, around it, or behind it. Because the deer’s line of sight is different than yours, hIde beside any leaves or branches to get the defense and keep your location concealed. If they can hear you or smell the scent, they will see what is over there. So that is not the success of the hunter.

If you rise above, it will be beneficial for you. It will blow the scent in a higher direction from the ground, and you can control the smell. So, choose the location based on the sun’s site and also based on the surrounding coverage. And also see the tree stand high.

Tips:5. Know the Land

You need to be familiar with the land that you want to hunt from. You don’t get the opportunity to hunt appropriately on the public hunting land. Where you want to hunt, you need to know about that location properly. You need to know where are the deer in that location and where they are going actually. You can see that the hunting property is full of deer signs. You need to know where they are going also. The deer tracks will tell you everything that you want to know about deer. Please find out the feeding areas and the water sources, and the travel routes from one location to another site. You also find out the harvesting of formulating plants for the whitetail deer and wait for the deer when they come to eat them. According to the deer quantity, you need to set up multiple deer hunting stands, and here you need to consider the wind direction. You need to know the topography and the lay of the land responsible for identifying the wind current. Keep it in your mind that the wind can break or make the whole process of hunting. So the hunting land also affects the hunting accordingly.

Tips:6. Aim for the Low Scores

You need to know when deer are going while you are hunting. Already you do lots of things that help you where you can get most of the deer. If you are lazy and become predictable, deers avoid those places where you try to access them. Don’t make the hunting stand in the same location if the wind is right on track. Make multiple locations and try to make various ways to access them. When you enter and exit the area, pay attention to the blowing of the wind.

Tips:7. Be a Doe Stalker

You can see two types of hunters, meat hunters, and trophy hunters. When the ruts heat up, the bucks will go to the prowl, which is an unavoidable part of the whitetail life cycle. You have to know when it typically begins. If you want to hunt throughout the sessions, you need to show up in your crosshairs or behind the bow side pins. If you know the deer’s movement during the hunting session, it will increase the probability of becoming a successful hunter.

Tips:8. Know the Rut Changes Things

If they hunt one time in appearing in most hunters, prefer to hunt during the rut. It knows that the magical time of the year for hunting; The rut can camp up deer movement and the buck’s activity. It will change over time. During the pick of the rut, you may hunt the rub lines and the scrap lines. Do the shot at bucks that might work on those locations.  When bucks are locked up during the pick time of the rut, the scrape activity may vanish. So, be aware of the rug change and active the buck activity.

Tips:9. Don’t Allow the Technology

For hunting, communication is a great thing. During hunting, you need to use the walkie-talkie and eir piece, and nowadays, we use a cell phone to contact our family and friends and send them photos and videos. If you do all these things during hunting time over the stand, it will ruin the hunting environment. So, don’t allow all the technology if you wish to get the best hunting results instead.

Tips:10. Take the Ethical Shot

As a responsible hunter, you need to place an ethical shot using a bow or a gun. The honest attempt means it leads to making a quick and clean kill possible to the condition. For this, you need lots of practice, patience, and the ability to make an ideal shot. You need to maintain all the rules; For this, you need to watch the path where you last saw them. Try to know your best and learn from others also to become a great hunter. Increase your own experience to get the most ethical shot.


Whitetail deer hunting is someone’s aim. There are undoubtedly many more tips that you can follow and get success while hunting. But all these ten essential tips that I already provide you are convenient. If you follow them correctly, you can improve your hinting strategy and strengthen your knowledge of hunting and enjoy the hunting time.

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