How To Longboard Dance?

Once, the famous American modern dancer and choreographer Martha Graham said that- dance is the hidden language of the soul.

It can heal you mentally and physically, not only that you get surprised to know that you can represent your dancing creativity with a longboard.

Marina Alyssa Correia is the first 23 years old black female who won the title of world champion in longboard dancing.

Nothing is impossible, and to become a master of longboard dancing, you have to do a lot of practice and need a proper dancing set up to perform various types of longboard tricks.

You can take the dancing on a longboard into the territory of performing arts to make skateboard more famous.

But how can you dance on the longboard if you have no idea about what you need to do, which tricks you should follow, and how to ride a skateboard?

As we all know, dancing on the longboard is a highly creative outdoor activity with the combination of skating with the aesthetics, rhythm, and movements repertoire of dancing.

All you need is to take your longboard backpack with you, choose an open area, and you are ready to express yourself on the concrete.

To create your rhythmic motion for longboard dancing, move your body around to the rhythm of the music, and relax your body and mind.

In this article, you will learn a lot of informative information about longboard dance which will help you to motivate in it, so read it to the end.

What do You Need to Learn about Longboard Dancing?

If you want to learn longboard dancing, then the first thing that is must for you to know is the accurate way to ride the longboard properly.

Without knowing how to control the longboard, it will be difficult for you to dance on it.

So take baby steps at first because once you feel that the longboard is under your control, you can start doing your dance practice.

Ride on your longboard daily for few hours to improve your balance and control it accurately.

Longboard Features

There are several features you need to consider in a longboard to do better dancing on it.

Some of the features of the longboard will help you to make feel more comfortable.

So let us check the necessary qualities you have to look for in a longboard for your dance performance.

  • Deck Space:

The Deck space plays a huge role here. If you are choosing a longboard for dancing, then always pick a longer one.

A taller desk will provide more space. It will be easier for you to keep your foot stumbling around, and you can get more area to balance yourself.

It is also best for better control, and you can do different dance steps perfectly with a long desk.

Not only that, a higher pop and a comfortable ride are other noticeable features of it.

  • Kick Nose and Tail:

As a longboard dance performer, everyone desires to perform the Shuvits, Ollies, and the Flips perfectly, but how can you do it if your board does not have a decent kick nose and tail features?

These two structures help to build a top-grade device for any longboard dance performer.

You can do all tricks with the help of a decent kick nose and tails. A mellow concave and narrow deck width are best for free foot movement along the deck.

  • High-angle Trucks and Drop-through Mounting:

A high-angle truck is a feature that can help you to make quick turns with a lively ride swiftly.

On the other side, the drop-through mounting helps to keep the deck lower.

It also provides a lower center of gravity for a better move. It offers more stability for the performer at a higher speed with a suitable foot break.

  • Wheels:

Lastly, the wheels of a longboard make a massive impact. If you are looking for a longboard that can give you more stability for stunts without a second thought, go for smaller wheels.

Smaller wheels are ideal for a decent bit of acceleration and help to keep the weight down. With the help of small wheels, it will be easier for you to make a smooth and comfortable ride.

Above, in this article, we give all the vital information about the best features you need to have a closer look at before choosing a longboard for your dance practice.

It is not the end because many tricks can help you with your dancing experience to make it better.

  • Fluidity, Creativity, and Technicality:

It is the right place where you can show your creativity by doing many impressive styles.

Always choose the smooth surfaces for doing your fantastic tricks like cross-stepping, hang five or hang ten, stick to carving.

Try to focus on impressive dance movements and stylish body spinning motions by yourself or mixes both to show your creativity in front of everyone.

If you want to be a master of longboard dance, then always make yourself busy by moving your body and keep your board at medium speed.

One vital thing to never forget is that longboard dancing requires balance, coordination, agility, and patience to become a professional performer.

For longboard dancing, you have to do footwork, carving, stepping, and turning moves swiftly. Before performing these moves, you need to warm up yourself as much as possible.

Try to be flexible, comfortable, and relax your mind and body.

Basic Longboard Dancing Steps and Tips:

The cross-stepping, 180 and switch 180 steps, Peter Pan, and the cross-step to Peter Pan are known as the most famous and easy dance moves.

Before starting these moves, get used to carving and tilt the feet while practicing the dance moves.

If you want to look like a professional and a dynamic look, add more speed slowly to your routines and lines because these things help a lot.

After you get comfortable with the longboard and know how to control it, try to increase your style, moves, combinations, and transitions between steps and tricks to express yourself with your creativity.

You can listen to music can move your body with the beat. Always enjoy what you are doing, do a lot of practice to become an expert. These things will help you to develop your dancing style and grow your confidence level.

The Advantages of Longboard Dancing

  • It will improve the balance of your body.
  •  It also provides freedom to travel whenever and wherever they want.
  • It will always help to grow your body strength and power.
  • Longboard dancing keeps you in shape.
  • Increase awareness & critical thinking.
  • A longboard is an ideal combination of cardio exercises and a complete Abs-workout.
  • The good news is it is a time and money saver.
  • Environment-friendly transportation.
  • The board is portable and lightweight.
  • It will increase your flexibility.
  • Reduce cholesterol.
  •  Know for a mind refresher and relieves stress.
  •  A longboard will help you to become a professional dancer.
  • It can help you to achieve an athletic body shape.

The Disadvantages of Longboard Dancing

  • You cannot go all places on a longboard because it is not safe.
  •  Sometimes longboarding for transportation can be unsafe for many of us.
  • It will be dangerous if you use a longboard in rain or snow.
  •  Another disadvantage is you cannot carry a lot of things on a longboard with you.

What is the Best Longboard for Dancing?

You can find varieties of longboards are available in the market with different features with pros and cons.

Here, we are mentioning top-rated 5 dancing longboards names to make your work easy. Every longboard is different because of its features but you will not regret it if you pick any of them.

  1. Playshion Drop-Through: Cheap Dancing Longboard
  2. Magneto Bamboo Longboard
  3. DINBIN 41″ Drop Through High-Speed Spin Longboard
  4.  Loaded Tarab Bamboo – True Sway Dance Board
  5. Loaded Bhangra V2: Finest Dancing Longboard.

Can You Dance on any Longboard?

Yes, you can because any board will work in this case. One thing you should remember is not to choose small size boards for dancing. A longer board is the best option for you and will help you learn and co-operate for better dance tricks.

So choose a larger and well-balanced longboard if you want to start your dancing life in it.


If you feel that you have confidence, the ability to accept challenges, brave enough to show your inner creativity in front of the world, then it is the right time to bring your longboard backpack for doing your longboard dance practice.

We try our best to highlight all information we gather by researching longboard dancing.

Do not try to copy others but make others amazed by showing your excellent moves by applying all tricks and tips with the help of a suitable longboard.

Longboard holders are not only for hanging your board all day like a showpiece, so bring it to the ground and show the world that you can be different from others.

I hope you like our article about this topic and we feel glad to help you.

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