How to make a Skimboard pool?

Skimboarding can be enjoyed in different types of water bodies. However, going out and looking for the right place for skimboarding can be tiring and stressful sometimes, especially due to the changing situations of the water bodies in different weather. The easiest alternative to the hassle of finding the perfect place for skimboarding is bringing the fun in your yard. Why not consider building your very own skimboard pool by yourself? A skimboard pool is a large slip and slide. Here the rider gets on their board on one end of the pool and slides to the other end. Building a skimboard pool by yourself might sound hard, but trust me, it’s not! Building this will start your party even before you start skimboarding on it. So let’s get into the real work.

Easiest Steps to Make Skimboard Pool:

The 1st thing you need to be concerned about while building a skimboard pool is where to build it and what will be the size. Considering the available space in your back or front yard, the size needs to be determined. Remember, the bigger and wider, the better.

  • Step-1: Lay a Tarpaulin or Sheet Wrap on the Ground

As the size of the skimboard pool has been already determined, lay down the required number of tarpaulin or sheet wrap on the ground. The shape of the skimboard pool is usually a straight and long rectangle.

  • Step 2: Put the Plastic Noodles on All Sides

Take the plastic noodles out and tape them on the edges. Put a plastic noodle underneath the tarpaulin and roll it around the plastic noodle. Secure it with tape. Do it for the whole borderline gets strapped with plastic noodles.

  • Step 3: Fill the Pool with Water

After finishing the previous 2 steps, the edges should be higher than the center so that the water does not spill out. You can check for any place in the pool from where water might spill out by putting water in it and fixing them using plastic noodles and tapes.

  • Step 4: Test Your Skimboard

Once you’re done with your pool and it’s full with water, it’s time to test your work using your skimboard.

Tips To Make a to Skimboard Pool Easily:

Isn’t making a skimboard pool easy and fun? All you have to do is to gather all the stuff you need and start making it. Now you can have your skimboard pool all to yourself and enjoy a skimboard session whenever you feel like without any worry. Here’s some tips for you-

  1. Make sure the surface you’re considering for building the pool is even and there’s enough space for building the pool of your preferred size.
  2. For one person boarding at a time, the width should be at least 4-5ft. But as said before, the longer and wider, the better.
  3. You can add a little dish soap to the water to make it extra slippery but don’t put in a large quantity.


Related Questions: (FAQ)

  • What are the Basic Items Needed for Building a Skimboard Pool?

Answer: The things you need to build a homemade skimboard pool as instructed above-

  1. Tarpaulin or plastic sheets: It has to be solid and thick enough so that it does not tear up easily from holding water.
  2. Duct Tape: You need it to secure the plastic noodles in place. Bring 1 or 2 rings of reliable duct tape.
  3. Plastic noodles: Consider using the larger and bigger ones to keep your water from spilling off the pool.
  4. Water: Decide on the amount of water you want in your pool as you like.
  5. Skim board: This is needed to test your work in the final step.
  • How to Store the Skimboard After Using it?

Answer: You can fold up the skimboard pool and store it in your storage and again set it up when needed if you are going to leave it unused for a long time. However, if you are going to use it frequently and the weather is good, you can leave it in the backyard as it is.

If you are going to leave the skimboard pool in the backyard, fully made, make sure you’ve taken out all the water to prevent any mosquitoes from laying eggs there. You should also be careful about the chances of the tarpaulin or the plastic noodles or the joints getting damaged while storing.

  • Do I Need a Skimboard?

Answer: A skimboard will definitely give you the best experience. But who says you can’t have fun in the skimboard pool if you don’t have one? Stop worrying about buying one and grab a smooth piece of wood, cover it with non-stick cooking spray and place something on it so it helps you grip. Adding wax to the top of your skimboard will make it less slippery. This will help you stay on it across the water. Also adding skimboard grip tape to the top of the board can also be done so that it helps you keep your footing when riding.

  • How to Ride on a Skimboard Pool?

Answer: When you have your handmade skimboard pool ready and checked, it’s time to ride a skimboard on it, stand at one end of the pool and then throw your board down. When the board starts moving, at that point you need to run toward it and step on it. Try to be gentle and avoid jumping. If you move hastily, there is a risk of slipping and hurting yourself as well as this might reduce the speed of the board. Also to stay safe, one board should be on the slide at a time and animals and small children should be kept away while there is someone sliding.

  • Can I Buy a Skimboard Pool?

Answer: If you think it’s too much work to build a skimboard pool by yourself or that you are not that patient or do not have the skills to make it perfectly, you can always buy one. Though it’s not very much recommended as buying one is much costlier than making one but it’s easy and quick.

You can check for skimboard pools on alibaba or amazon. Look through options and you’ll find a few cheap ones with good quality if that’s what you’re looking for. However, you might need to wait for a long time for it to get delivered and might not have the option for return or refund if the delivered items don’t match your expectations.

Final Words

Skimboarding is a fun sport. Skimboarding on a self-made skimboard pool makes it easily accessible for those who don’t want to go to a crowded beach or to even go out of the house for this purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and have your skimboard set up. Once done, get ready to slide in with your skimboard and start the party. You can add boxes and different stuff to make the skimboarding experience more advanced. Every time you’re done using the pool, never forget to take out all the water and take necessary safety measures.

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