How to Paint a Skateboard Helmet?

Are you looking for something unique as a gift for a crazy friend? A hand-painted skateboard helmet can be a wonderful gift! Who doesn’t love something customized? If your friend is a skateboarder or a bike lover, he would definitely like a pro-tech helmet that is customized. You can make one for yourself as well! The exciting part is you can paint it at home! Before you start painting, let’s see what preparation you need to take.

Cleaning your Skateboard Helmet:

Before painting, you need to clean your skateboard helmet surface thoroughly. To clean, all you need are dish soap or liquid soap, a soft brush or a piece of cloth, Rubbing alcohol, and cleansing oil or baby oil.

  • Remove the dust from your skateboard helmet with the brush.
  • Take a bowl and pour some soap into the lukewarm water.
  • Soak the brush or a piece of cloth in the warm water.
  • Clean your helmet with the brush by rubbing it.
  • If there are any stickers on your helmet, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean it completely.
  • Cleansing oil or baby oil can be a great option to give a final touch on the cleaning process.
  • Dry the helmet completely before applying colors.

How to Paint a Skateboard Helmet?

There are different ways to paint your skateboard helmet. You can use the marker, spray paint, or acrylic colors to paint your helmet.

  • Painting Skateboard Helmet using a Marker
  • You can paint your favorite helmet simply with markers.
  • Choose your design.
  • Make your markers ready
  • Draw the outline first and fill the design with markers.
  • Before applying a second layer, wait at least 7-10 minutes to dry the first layer.
  • To avoid color mixing, repeat step 4 each time when you add a new color.
  • Outline the border with the black marker to highlight the design or letters.

Painting Skateboard Helmet with Spray Painting:

To paint your helmet with spray paint, you need to follow the cleaning steps as well.

  • Cover the area of the helmet with masking tape that you don’t want to paint.
  • If you want to keep the basic color of the helmet in some parts, mask that area as well.
  • You can create your design by cutting the masking tape.
  • Carefully paint with spray paintings.
  • Before applying a new color wait at least 10 minutes to dry the first layer of the color.
  • To make the darker shade apply two layers of color.
  • Repeat step 5 each time before applying a new color.
  • When the color is completely dried, remove all the masking tape.
  • If you want to paint your name or any letter on it, use an outlining brush and acrylic color to write your name or letters.

Your customized helmet is ready to use!

Painting Skateboard Helmet with Acrylic Colors: 

The most available colors that we all have in our house are some acrylic colors. You can paint your helmet with acrylic colors too! The steps are pretty the same!

  • Print your design in advance to keep a good track.
  • Make your colors and brushes ready
  • Apply paint primer. You can find it in any crafting store that sells colors. Primer will give you smooth finishing and you will need less color while painting.
  • Draw the outline first and fill the design with colors.
  • Before applying a second layer wait at least 10 minutes to dry the first layer.
  • To avoid color mixing repeat step 5 each time you add a new color.
  • Outline the border with black colors to highlight the design or letters.
  • Coat with varnish to make the colors more durable. You can find varnish for the helmet in any crafting store in the USA.

Do’s and Don’ts while painting your favorite helmet:

  • Prepare your area as the colors are very unpredictable and may create a mess.
  • Cover the surface of the table with newspaper before spraying the paint on the helmet as it might leave a stain on the table.
  • Use an apron to avoid any unwanted stain on clothes.
  • Check the room temperature. A too hot or too cold temperature is not very suitable for painting.
  • Don’t leave your markers open and unattended, it may dry out.
  • Don’t be in a hurry when painting with spray paint.
  • Don’t start painting without thinking about the design! The surprise graffiti may not always turn out very well.
  • Don’t go too cheap when you are buying painting materials. Best helmet painting will not cost you that much, so you should choose more durable colors.

Is it Worthy Painting an Old Helmet?

Of course, it is. A

A hand-painted helmet is something that you can’t compare with the factory-made one. You may not always get the exact design that you want to buy. So painting a helmet can be the best option to wear your favorite design. Moreover, it is cheaper to repaint an old helmet than to buy a new one. The best part of painting a skateboard helmet is that you can match your design with your skateboard. A matching skateboard and helmet will definitely make you unique in your circle. If you are looking for matching your helmet with your skateboard, you can check the design on Skate Safe Products.

Which Color is Best for Skateboard Helmet Painting?

If you are looking for a detailed design, the marker would be the better option. The Marker is fast-drying and easy to paint. It will give you an excellent matt finish. On the other hand, if you are a graffiti lover or bohemian person, spray paint will be the best option for you. Quality spray paint gives you a glossy finish and long-lasting colors.

How Many Colors Do You Need for Painting a Skateboard Helmet?

Well, it depends on the design you choose and the number of colors you want to use in your helmet. A single spray bottle contains around 400 to 500 ml and easily can cover around 20-25 square feet surface. For markers, 1 single marker of each color will be enough to paint a helmet, if you are using 3-5 colors.


A customized stylish and pro-tech helmet expresses your personality. A storytelling graffiti on your helmet would definitely make you unique in the crowd. So why don’t you try today to paint your own storytelling skateboard helmet?

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