How to Put Braided Line on a Spinning Reel

There is more to putting lines on a reel than it sounds. Especially when it is a braided line and spinning reel, the process is going to be complicated. However, if you take one step at a time, you can do it without any hassle.

This article will describe how to attach the braided line to a spinning reel. Later in the article, we will discuss how to put a fishing line on an open face reel. Let’s begin.

How to Put New Braided Line on a Spinning Reel

The braided line is one of the best lines out there for the spinning reel. Its strength and durability are second to none. Due to the strength, there is no stretch at all. Even though it is expensive, the line is worth buying if your budget allows it.

Required Items

  • Spinning reel
  • Screwdriver
  • Rod for the reel
  • Cloth (preferably thick)
  • Spool of line
  • Scissor
  • Insulating tape
  • Someone for help

STEP – 1

The first thing you want to do is assemble the rod. Afterward, you can put the spinning reel into the seat of the reel. The spinning reel should be tightened to its position.

Now try cranking the reel. Make sure the direction it is winding is correct. If both spools wind in the same direction, the job is done.

A common problem many people face is the twist of the line. You can get rid of the issue by spooling the line evenly on the reel.

STEP – 2

We are about to attach the line in this step. The spool has a braided line. Remove it carefully. Again there are chances of twisting. To prevent it, do not remove more than 15 feet of line.

You may see an eye on the rod. Thread your line through it. The suggestion is to thread the line at the top first. The threading should end at the reel.

Check if the bail arm is open. Provided it is open, you can tie the knot. No matter what, do not forget to keep the bail arm open. Otherwise, you will end up repeating the whole process.

Attach the braid to the spool. The knot between them must be adequately tightened to avoid slipping.

STEP – 3

For the third step, you need an assistant. Call one of your friends or family members. Hand over the spool of the line to the assistant. Ask him to stand 20 feet away from you.

The spool has a hole in the middle. Push a screwdriver through that hole. The spool is going to be spinning around the screwdriver.

Ask your assistant to grab the screwdriver in one hand. He needs a piece of cloth on another hand to put pressure on the spool. By applying pressure to the spool, the line remains taut. It is recommended that the intensity of the pressure stays consistent.

The cloth is likely to get hot after a while. Hence, you may take a few breaks.

STEP – 4

Here comes the most crucial part of the entire process. It is winding the fishing line. To do so, tie the line properly to the spool. You need to put a little pressure. Do not allow overwinding or line bites to occur.

Take the rod and begin the reeling process. Meanwhile, your assistant should be holding both the screwdriver and the spool. Your assistant can tighten or loosen the spool if necessary.

Check if the drag is tightened sufficiently. While winding the line, you have to raise the rod a little. It lets the rod bend slightly.

As we said earlier, it is the most vital step. Thus, proceed with this step with extra care. We suggest you wind at a medium pace. Since you have to press on the reel, it is best to stop every now and then.

STEP – 5

Keep winding similar to the previous step. When the reel is full, it is time to stop.

The reel should not contain excessive lines. If you cannot see the lip between the fishing reel line and the spool top, it means there is more than enough line.

STEP – 6

Inspect the line using your hands. If the texture of the line is hard, you have done it correctly. However, provided it is not hard, you have to go all the way back to the fourth step and repeat it. It is better if you succeed in making the line hard on the first try since trying again takes a long time.

How to Put a Fishing Line on an Open Face Reel

The open-face reel is a type of spinning reel. The advantage of this reel is more precision in terms of the cast. Placing a fishing line on the reel is easier compared to other ones. Even so, if not done correctly, the line could tangle or twist. Thus, follow the instructions given below.

Required Items

  • Open face reel
  • Spool of line
  • Pliers
  • Pen

STEP – 1

There is likely an existing fishing line on the reel. First, detach it so that the spot is ready to accommodate a new line. Once the reel has been cleaned, remove the line that has been used.

Be sure to check the rotating direction of the reel and remember it. As it is an open face reel, you must keep the guardrail open while adding the fishing line.

STEP – 2

There should be a small eyehole on the reel. Pull the new line through this part of the reel. If you do not see the eyehole, perhaps it is not available on your reel.

Anyone without the feature should make a loop on their own. When it is ready, simply wrap the loop around your reel.

Now use the hole to pull the line. Make a knot after you pull it. It should be strong enough not to break. If there is an extra line left, cut it.

STEP – 3

It is time to close the guardrail. After doing so, you are free to reel the line. Take some of the lines, run them in a direction, and then switch to the opposite direction. Hence, you get a loop. You can do it more easily if you ask someone to hold a pen on the spool.

You need to fill the open reel with the fishing line. Do not stop adding unless it is full. As soon as you see the reel gets sufficient line, your job is done. Cut the fishing line off.

STEP – 4

Now is the proper time for attaching the reel to the rod. Ensure the line goes through every guide after attaching. Check the alignment of the line. It has to be centered. Also, the line must be tight.

Don’t go fishing right away. Before you do that, check if the reel is rotating as per your requirement. Make sure it is smooth too. Then you are all set to catch some fish.

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