How to Use and Maintain a Spinning Reels?

Spinning reel and rod are ideal tools to take with you on your first fishing journey. This setup is perfect when you want to catch fishes that wanders in freshwater rivers or lakes.

There are many aspects of using the spinning reel. One of them is to cast it. Casting the spinning reel in the wrong way won’t lead you to your desired outcome.

In the following section, we will describe the easiest way to cast a spinning reel. You should be able to achieve the results you are looking for even on your first attempt.


How to Cast a Spinning Reel

  • STEP – 1

Hold the rod and position it so that it is at waist level. Now grasp it in a way that takes the reel under the rod. Make sure your fingers are comfortable with the stem of the reel.

As for the bait, you need to hang it 10 to 18 inches under the end of the rod.

  • STEP – 2

In the second step, you start by hooking the line. Use your index finger to hook the line. Once you are done, it is time to open the bail. However, you must not let go of the line. Keep holding it.

  • STEP – 3

Pull the tip of the rod. It should bring the tip over the shoulder with which you are dominant. As soon as it gets there, quickly bring the tip forward and point it at the target.

You need to release the line with your fingers when the tip is coming forward from the shoulder. The weight of the bait will instantly take the line off the reel.

  • STEP – 4


How to Clean and Maintain Spinning Reels

In the following sections, we will cover the methods of cleaning and maintaining spinning reels. These instructions will help you get optimal performance from the product even after a long time.

  • Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning the inside part of the spinning reel is necessary to get the expected performance from it. Since it is the interior, this area has to be cleaned with extra care. If you give it your best effort, the cleaning task shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Before we get into the procedure of cleaning, we want to inform you that almost all the spinning reels have the same interior mechanism. It means the cleaning instruction is applicable for any types of spinning reels you own. Let’s start.

Cleaning the spinning reel requires a few items that are given below.

  • Q-tips
  • Toothpicks
  • Reel grease
  • Small rag

Your first step should be removing the handle. There is a cover on the body of the reel. You have to unscrew it. When you are removing the screws, make sure you remember where to put them back.

You should be done with detaching the cover. Afterward, check if the grease in the gears is in good condition. Provided it is fresh, you leave it as it is.

However, if the grease is dirty and black, try to wipe it off using a Q-tip. One of the most common issues in gears is the presence of grit. The grease that has worn out or is not in a decent condition makes the reel less effective.

In a few cases, it is necessary to disassemble the reel and clean it entirely. If you have accidentally dropped the item in mud or sand, disassembly is a must for cleaning purposes. Also, the recommendation is to clean the reel thoroughly when the fishing season ends.

As long as the above events do not occur, you won’t need to clean the reel extensively.

Pick a little grease on a toothpick and apply it to the gear teeth to give the reel a quick and effortless cleaning. Putting the grease on the upper and bottom area of the reciprocating block is a good idea too.

Once you are done, put the screws, body cover, and handle back to the reel. You must check if the handle is working properly or not. To do so, move it for a little while. Should it feel smooth to you, the job is done.

  • Cleaning the Exterior

If you successfully cleaned the inside portion of the reel, cleaning the exterior would seem the easiest for you. The time duration of the job is around 5 minutes. We recommended you clean the exterior of the reel every week for optimal performance. Without further ado, let’s get into the procedure.

Disconnect the spool from the reel and store it safely. Now you have to lower the axle. To do it, turn the handle of the reel.

Grab the WD-40 and hold the reel. When holding the reel, keep the rotor’s interior away from you. Apply WD-40 to both sides of the reel’s body. Don’t spray excessively; a quick burst will do. When spraying, make sure it does not reach the rotor housing or the spool axle.

A spinning reel can easily be maintained by the above procedures. Keeping your machine clean and maintained regularly will ensure its nice appearance as well as smooth and efficient performance.

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