Is It Bad to Skateboard in the Rain or Water

The rainy weather is not as pleasing to skateboarders as other people. It restricts skaters from going outside and riding on wheels as water is harmful to the skateboard. Due to this, you have to avoid riding the skateboard when it’s wet. Parts like the deck, grip tape, bearings, etc., can get poorly damaged due to the water or rain. Let’s see which components are the most vulnerable when wet and how water affects them.

  • Truck Rust:

If you are wondering what part is safe from the water, it is the truck, perhaps. Each truck of the board is made with robust and sturdy construction. Trucks take the least damage when you ride in the rain or get your board wet. However, this should not be enough to let you take rides in damp weather. Let’s explain the reasons. Nuts and kingpins of trucks have materials that tend to start rusting after a specific time. Nonetheless, provided you keep using skateboards while it is raining, the kingpin, as well as nuts, will get rust in a short time. Other components such as axles, hangers, and washers are not safe from water either. Riding in rainy conditions will hurt this equipment. Therefore, it is wise to keep your whole package of the skateboard away from water.

  • Lack of Wheel Grip:

One of the riskiest things about riding during the rain is the lack of grip on the wheels. You should know a wheel of a skateboard contains more hardness than a longboard one. Those wheels are going to slide excessively. You cannot even take a corner as it will drift sideways. The sliding stops every possible chance to control the board. It can lead to serious injuries, indeed.

  • Damage to Bearings:

As mentioned earlier, trucks have the least chance of getting damaged. Now, what about the most damage? Who is the most hurt due to the water? It might be the bearings.

The bearing is one of those parts that will serve you for over a decade should you take care of it on a regular basis. When the rain gets inside the bearing, it loses lubrication immediately. You are going to feel a notable loss of smoothness on the next ride. And guess what, those bearings will only deteriorate with time.

The truth is, bearings are inexpensive. Nevertheless, some stock bearings are too good. It is not a good idea whatsoever to sacrifice high-quality bearings for a temporary rain-riding feel.

  • Grip Tape Issue:

Let’s begin by defining the grip tape a little. While riding, you never want to lose the traction that helps solidify your feet on the board. The grip tape is the crucial part that does it. It has the responsibility of supplying great traction. Thus, your feet can get attached to the skateboard as per necessity.

By riding in the rain frequently, the grip tape will no longer be able to hold the adhesion. You won’t get the same grip for sure if you keep wetting the board. In the worst scenario, one day, you might notice the grip tape began to peel off the deck.

  • Waterlogged Deck:

In the majority of skateboards, the deck is made of wood. When the wood comes in touch with water, the wood is going to rot or fall apart. The wood rot is one of the worst things that may happen to your skateboard deck. Consistent water on the deck can cause it to be deformed, which is a significant concern for the user.

Also, a big chance is there that the skateboard will get waterlogged. Of course, you will still be able to ride. However, the damage will not be a good thing for the durability of the board.


Water damages some items of the skateboard severely, whereas some other parts get mild damage. Nonetheless, it is not advisable for people to ride in wet conditions. If you have expensive boards, you need to be more careful about the concern. In case you intentionally wet the skateboard, disassemble it and dry all the pieces as fast as possible.

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