Is it Hazardous to Store My Recurve Bow with the Bowstring Still Strung?

In the archery arsenal, the recurve bow may be the essential equipment among all. You have to maintain some rules while storing the recurve bow due to the unique design. However, the tips curve away from the archer while the bow is getting unstrung. It would help if you kept the recurve bow safely; it is essential to maintain all the archery equipment pieces properly. All the bow has some limitations also. The beginners always like to test the limits of their bows.

When you are a beginner, you will be a wonder. Can you leave your recurve bowstrung? But actually, you cant; you can string your recurve bow for a more extended period. If you do it, the string will down, the bow will get damage, and injure yourself. So, keep it in your mind that you can’t do this and try to avoid this.

But I think still you need to be very clear about why you avoid doing this. Some factors involve here leave your recurve bowstrung. Here I will describe to you how you can correctly store your recurve bow.

Storing a recurve bow is essential, but it’s not easy to place the recurve bow on the table or the floor. It will impact the equipment performance also.

Always Inspect Properly

You have to look that whether there will be an issue to fix the bow again. And at the same time, you need to give enough time to inspect the gear. A proper inspection will provide you with maximum potential results on shooting. It would help if you gave enough time to clear your recurve bow. Because there are some elements like- gunk that may be accumulated on your bow, and you need to clean them properly.

Does Disassemble Necessary?

In the case of archery, every shooter has their unique shooting style, and it is also true in the case of shooting the types of equipment of the recurve bow. According to your preference, you can disassemble your bow, or you can hang them. Some recurve bows need to remove their string while storing; otherwise, the limbs may twist. During hunting, you also need to keep your recurve bow in a secure place.

How to Store the Recurve Bow Properly?

Most comfortably, try to store your recurve bow. But don’t worry, I will suggest you some more options because it is true that you always need to get the optimum output from your bow. So set your mind correctly to store your bow and make it a practice. Then you can prevent your bow from unwanted fire and also damage.

Some Effective Storing Options:

Here I will show you some effective storing options for the recurve bow, which will keep your bow safe for a longer time.

  • Using the Wall Pegs

It is the easiest way to store your recurve bow. Here you need only two pegs on your wall and hang the bow on them. It will be suitable for the bows and strings as well.

  • Using the Bow Stand

A bow stand will keep your bow safe from any harm. You can consider the bow stand an excellent storage option to keep your bow intact for a long time. The bow stand is straightforward in design and constructed like a tripod. So, you can get a balanced and excellent service regarding the storage works. But need to use it properly. It requires significantly less space to place the bow stand, and you can make it a great choice to store your bow.

  • Use Soft Case

When you consider the lighter option while storing your recurve bow, you can use the soft case for your gare. See whether there is foam lining inside the soft cases to protect your bow. This type of soft case will keep your storage from damage.

  • Using Hard Case

If you plan to go far, you need to use hard cases to store your gare and recurve bow. It will protect your gare from any damage. The hard case not only protects your recurve bow but also covers other pieces of equipment of the archery bow. Due to the storage process, some issues will develop, so you need to properly store all the equipment types. Some hard cases come with the slots of every bow part, so disassemble first, and after that, keep all the components safely in a hard case.

  • Using Backpack

The backpack is specially designing for the hikes, and the backpack divides into different slots. You need to disassemble all the parts of the recurve bow and store them properly. During the trip, both of your arms will be free.

Should You String or Not?

Whether or not the string should leave while storing the recurve bow, this question may arise. But it all should depend on the decision of the recurve bow owners. It would be best if you sorted out whether the string is left on or off the bow. Regarding this, you need to consider some questions, like- are you ready to use your recurve bow for the next few days? Or is your bow comparatively new? Or made with fiberglass? If almost all the questions answer will be “yes,” then it’s safe to string your bow while you want to store your recurve bow. Fiberglass bow can hold their original shape during sorting against the pressure of the bowstring and so that you can leave the string on. When you use your bow almost every day, you don’t need to unstring it. The new recurve bow materials are stiff, so you cannot follow the string method, which will impact the bow performance. The new bow’s natural materials will naturally damage over time, so you need to unstring it when you do not use it.

When you are a seasonal bow user or traveling, you should remove your bowstring and store it. Then you will get the best result. The belly was under the compressor when you strung the bow. And by the time being, the compressor will make your bow weaker, and it will take a considerable time to set again. So, if you strung it, you will reduce the life of the bow.

Is it Good to Store the Recurve Bow Strung?

Still, you may be confused about when you can unstring your bow? If you are already in a shoot but want to take a break for an hour, the question may arise at that time is it necessary to unstrung your bow? Now listen carefully; you can leave the bow strung for the whole day long if you like. It would be so risky if you strung and unstrung your bow every time. Most of the bow failures will happen during stringing and unstringing. You can leave the bow strung whether you want to shoot your bow off and on for the whole day. On the other hand, if you need to pass more than five hours without shooting, you can unstring it.

Most of the time, the bow broke because the string broke. However, the string is cheap if you made it with your won or buy a new one. After using some days, the bowstring may be getting worn and old. It would be best if you replaced it. So, no need to replace the whole bow; replace the string. And then wax on it; this process will keep your string last for a long time and hold the string together as well. Remember that don’t store your bow leaning it on the corner. Never stick the tip on the ground and lean on the bow. All these are elementary tips but need to maintain for the strong bowstring. If there are lots of people and lean your gun, broom, and other accessories during shooting, other shooters also lean their necessary things against your bow. In this way, you might break your tip-off. Another important thing is, that you can use the bow sock if you want to store your bowstring for a more extended period. This bow sock will protect the string from the debris, dust, cut hair, and dings moving around.

So depending on the materials and the uses, you need to string or unstrung your bow. If you take care of your bow, it will last for a long time. Depending on the proper storage can break or makes your bow. If you maintain all the things and all the rules appropriately, I can get a better result. So, why not go through this article to get a new bowstring.

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