Longboard VS Skateboard – What Makes Them Different

There is an argument about the variation of longboard and skateboard. You will have this question- what are the causes behind this difference? You can get the right answer after reading the details of both longboard and skateboard. So let’s have some acknowledgment about these exciting sports duo.


Longboards are the modification of traditional skateboards. They have larger dimensions. Some essential parts as wheels, trucks, deck play a vital role to operate it. The wheels of the longboards are generally softer and more enormous. The trucks are mainly the metallic mechanism that affixes the longboard wheel to the deck.


Skateboard is one kind of sports accessories that you can use for skateboarding. It is a short and slim board that contains two small wheels. You can ride on it in many positions like standing, squatting, bending, etc. A uniquely furnished 7-ply maple plywood is the principal element of the deck of the skateboard. The deck has Polyurethane glazing for evenness and persistence.


The Root of Longboard and Skateboard:

There is a history behind the innovation of longboards and skateboards. In the 1950s, sea surfing was very popular. Surfers loved to ride over waves of the seas. So they wanted to make it possible on flat and smooth roads. From that, the idea of making a skateboard came out in the smaller shape of a surfing board. But the skateboard was not appropriate for all types of rides. In the 1990s, they originate the longboard by reforming it in a larger shape. By changing the design and other parts, they did a marvelous job.

Longboarders and skateboarders follow some genres and styles. Let’s dig into some of them.

Longboarding Genres:

  • Freeride longboarding
  • Slalom longboarding
  • Dancing longboarding
  • Cruising
  • Downhill longboarding

 Skateboarding Genres:

  • Freestyle skateboarding
  • Off-Road skateboarding
  • Pool skateboarding
  • Street and park skateboarding
  • Vert skateboarding
  • Big-Air skateboarding


The Distinction Between Longboard And Skateboard:

Longboard and skateboard have some difference that makes them individual. So there are some points which reflect the distinction very well. Let’s know them one by one and find the dissimilarities:-

  • Size:

The traditional longboard is shorter compared to the modern one. Longboards are generally longer than skateboards. The longboard length is about 35-60 inches, and the width is about 9-10 inches. The skateboard lengthiness is approximately 28-34 inches, and the wideness is 7-10 inches. As the longboard contain a lengthened board, it is more convenient for keeping balance.

  • Shape:

Longboards are usually longer than skateboards. Though skateboards have so many different designs, their shape remains the same. There is an arched deck in a skyward way at both ends. This design mainly helps skaters to do the flips. On the other hand, longboards have a precise and thin deck that comes in various shapes. These different forms accommodate an excellent surfing experience. You will see so many diversified models of longboards in the market. ‘The Longboard Porsche’ is one of the most admirable models you can get in a fish’s shape. Street riders and longboarders can perform so well with it.

  • Wheel:

Both longboard and skateboard have wheels that come in various shapes and sizes. Longboards encompass large and bendable wheels. Because of this reason, it is perfect for riding in arduous regions. It is very apt as it has forceful shock retention. Diversly, a skateboard gives a very smooth and effortless ride for having small-sized wheels. You can try different and new tricks with a skateboard.

  • Balance:

Balancing is a must-learning trick for any rider. It is a fundamental quality that you must achieve. Longboard has an extended surface so,  it requires better balance ingenuity. If you have a broader foot, you can choose a longboard because of its expansive space. It offers you to put your leg comfortably. Skateboard is more comfortable for short-height people to balance. It contains a smaller area than a longboard. Therefore, you need to learn excellent balance skills.

  • Tricks:

In the case of tricks, skateboards are a better choice than longboards. You can do some fantastic techniques and tricks on a skateboard. It contains small wheels, arched ends, and a shorter length. So it provides you to make oscillating tricks in any park or street. Skateboards are handy for you to carry out. Longboards also offer you to do some of the schemes.

  • Speed:

Longboards are well-known for having an extraordinary speed quality. If you want a high-speed ride, you can grab this one undoubtedly. Skateboard is good at giving you a slow-paced ride.

  • Flexibility:

Flexibility is a necessary characteristic of any riding board. The deck part is mainly the flexibility provider, which is the base of the board. It is a much-needed quality for applying any skills or techniques. The thinner deck of skateboards ensures the elasticity of the board and helps to make it more stable. The broader deck of longboards gives you less flex because you are using it for getting a long run with incredible speed.

  • Cruising:

If you want to cruise or drive in the parks or ramps, you might need classic skateboards. It is very simple to upswing with a skateboard. But skateboards are not appropriate for moving a long distance.

Longboards can be good transport for you. You can ride after miles and miles through the city. They are more reliable and convenient for traveling. In this way, you can also save time and money.

  • Weight:

Longboards are more massive as they contain enormous decks and wheels. Its weight is approximately 8-10 pounds. Other than that, skateboards are lightweight because they have small boards and wheels.

  • Popularity:

Skateboards are bona fide famous at the market. Comparing to skateboards, the popularity of longboards is relatively less.

  • Cost:

Longboards are way expensive if you want to purchase a good-quality board. You can get skateboards at a reasonable price. The cost may differ from brand to brand.

  • Purposes:

Both longboard and skateboard have individual usage and purposes. Each one is an expert from a different point of view.

The Uses of Longboards

Longboard has become a good source of transportation. You can go to your institution or workplace. It provides an outstanding service for traveling. Young people love to enjoy cruising via longboard. If you want to ride in the street with your friends, longboards are the perfectionist. It is also a good sport. Those who have a passion for it can cruise it not only for entertainment but also for physical activity.

The Uses of Skateboards

From the previous, you came to know that skateboards are not worthy for extended riding. You can utilize it in some stylish stunts, such as grinding. Grinding is a trick that is critical and risky. Young skateboarders like to try out this thrilling stunt. They find so much enthusiasm from these stunts. Some grinding sills are- flip tricks, staircase riding, half-pipes, aerial, etc. Sometimes they got an injury while doing the actions.

Which One Is Safer? Longboard Or Skateboard?

The safety and security of riding generally depend on some terms, including- the rider’s skill, speed, balance, board’s quality, and structure. The right choice for exemplary purposes also ensures safety. If you choose it without knowing its usage, you might face this safety problem. If you buy longboards for doing stunts, it will be inconvenient for you. Secondly, you can face accidents if you select the skateboard to go to downhills. You will not be secure if you are making the wrong choice. Therefore, you can’t tell any of it safer. The answer to this question is quite unpredictable. It depends on the preference of your skills.

What Is Simple And Easier to Ride?

Longboarding is much easier because of some reason. You can keep an outstanding balance while longboarding. So you should choose it if you are at the beginner level. It also allows you to try some new and modern tricks.

Which One Is the Better Choice?

Longboard and skateboards both have some excellent qualities that can provide you such significant usage. The choice also relies on your desire and utility. You can select it according to your enthusiasm and need. However, you can’t declare any of its best ones. Neither longboard nor skateboard is the best choice. They are perfect from different aspects.

From the very beginning, you have to know about the reason for choosing them.

Longboards are foolproof for the riders who need:

  • A fast and reliable riding service
  • Traveling board to the sea beach
  • Coasting with friends and family
  • Riding in hilly areas

Skateboards are superb for those who enjoy:

  • Skate mini ramps
  • Unique tricks
  • Master kickflips
  • Grinder rails

Wrapping Up:

Skateboards and longboards are different and quite similar in their way. Only you can make a choice which you want to use. You can perform tremendously by choosing the best and preferable one. You can also customize your board that fulfills all the requirements—hoping that you can pick up one that also meets your interest and passion.

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