A Checklist for Mountain Bike Hunting Accessories

When you are about to go on mountain hunting, biking is the most comfortable option to choose. It is an effortless way to continue your hunting journey with so much enthusiasm and enjoyment. If you are looking for a better checklist and tips that can double up your fun, you are in the right place.

What is Mountain Bike Hunting?

Mountain biking is one kind of sport or activity of riding a mountain bike off-road. Mountain bike has a robust frame, thick tires, and straight handlebars to hang over a rough surface.

Categories of Mountain Biking:

We can classify mountain biking into some significant categories:

  1. Cross country
  2. Trail riding
  3. Downhill
  4. Freeride
  5. All-mountain/ Enduro
  6. Dirt jumping
  7. Trials
  8. Urban/street
  9. Trail riding
  10. Marathon
  11. Four-cross/ Dual slalom
  12. Bikepacking

How did Mountain Biking Start?

Mt. Tamalpais in Marin country is the place of origin for mountain bike hunting. Marin teenagers made the first step towards mountain riding by a single-speed balloon tire bike in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They are also famous as the ‘Larkspur Canyon Gang.’

Hunting Accessories:

Before hunting, you must check on your list of the essential accessories for safe mountain hunting. The first and foremost need for mountain hiking is a proper bike or bicycle. Despite a bike, you will also require some other embellishments.

Let’s peep through a checklist of mountain bike hunting accessories:

  • Electric Mountain Bike or a Flat Tire

A good brand mountain bike is significant for your hunting. It can increase the speed and safety of your journey. An electric mountain bike with a flat tire is preferable. You can find two types of hunting bikes, like a regular flat tire mountain bike and an electric mountain bike. So, according to your preferences, you can select it.

  • Lightweight, Balanced and Burly Wheels

Wheels that are lightweight, balanced, and burly can be more suitable for mountain hunting. They can accommodate your stress-free ride with fewer problems. These qualities make a bike more stable and reduce the risk of falling.

  • A Backpack for Wrapping Gears

For wrapping up all gears and goodies, you will require a quality backpack. You can choose some of the brand backpacks which are comfy to carry as well as long-lasting. The size and materials of it should be well enough to provide you with some good facilities.

  • A Versatile Hoody

A versatile hoody is an item of essential clothing. It can act as a shelter from sunny and rainy weather.

  • Mountain Pants

Mountain pants are great for mountain bike hunting.

  • UV-protected Sunglasses

UV-protected sunglasses are mainly to block the ultraviolet light from reaching your eyes. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to your skin, eyes, and other body parts. These UV-protected sunglasses act as a safeguard to your eyes.

  • Top-Quality Sportsman Binoculars

If you are like to go on a hunting trip, you have to watch from a long distance. A top-quality sportsman binocular is a fundamental thing to look after on your hunting animals. You can also stay conscious and make yourself safe by using it. Top-notch brand binoculars come with a clear vision to long open distances. You can observe the movements of the birds and animals.

  • A Backcountry Adventure GPS Tracker

A backcountry adventure GPS tracker can guide you in the right direction. A GPS tracker can be a savior for you when you lost the correct location.

  • A Harness to Hang the Binos

the role of a saddle is to turn or carry the binoculars. It can keep your binos safe and protected from scratch and unwanted harm. You can upkeep your binoculars to your chest.

  • A Cycling Multitool

A cycling multitool includes some repairing kinds of stuff to fix your broken bicycles. If you face any maintenance or functional issue, a multitool box can send you home with safety.

  • A Rangefinder

A rangefinder is a piece of equipment to estimates the distance from the spectator to the target. The purpose is to range the area for hunting.

  • Mountain Shoes

To go on mountain hiking, you will require hiking boots, which contain a good grasp. Hiking or mountain boots are tremendously robust, enduring, and have rigid soles to support the ankles and protect different rocky trails. Mountain bike shoes are quite divergent and flexible than road cycling shoes.


Protective Gear:

  • Helmet

A helmet is the most critical protective tool that you must need. It can protect your head from any injuries.

  • Elbow Pads or Body Armors

Elbow pads are usually to fortify your limbs and trunk. You can refer it to as body armor. Some good companies can accommodate full bodysuits with excellent coverage. Different types of modern body armors are available in the market.

  • Hydration Packs or Water Wottles

Hydration packs are a combination of drinking water bags or bottles. It is a very crucial thing for a mountain rider.

  • Gloves

By wearing gloves, you can avoid such hand injuries. It can increase the comforts of your journey and alleviate compression as well as friction.

  • First aid Items

Mountain bikers must carry a first aid kit. It can help you to clean and dress your cut, abrasions, and splint broken limbs. Professional and experienced mountain bikers are experts in dealing with suspected spinal injuries.

How will Mountain Biking Make You a Better Hunter?

Mountain biking can turn you into a good hunter. It can provide you with such a great source of stamina and energy to hunt on a mountain. Mountain biking generally eases your hassle and makes your hunting more comfortable.

Mountain bike hunting has lots of benefits and advantages that you should know. You can have access to a remote land and please your eyesight by the scenic beauty of nature. These lands can be a perfect place for hunting. So you can experience being a good enough hunter.

Why Bike is a Better Choice for Mountain Hunting?

A bike is usually a short-term bicycle or cycle; It may be a motor-powered or man-powered, single-track, or pedal-driven vehicle. The bike contains two wheels attached to a frame.

Risk Factors:

You can face some accidents while mountain hiking. If you do not keep the necessary tools and gears, you might get into injuries. Injuries can be severe to minor, such as small cuts or abrasions, broken bones, head, spinal injuries, etc. These wounds and injuries can result in extreme conditions. A rider should maintain all the rules and steps to keep his journey danger-free.

Despite these injuries, there is another risk factor that everybody should keep in their mind. Mounting hiking usually occurs in remote and wild areas, so emergency response service is not trustworthy. You can reduce the risk factors and treat yourself in minor injuries by carrying the protective elements and a first aid kit. If you want to explore some dangerous trails, you must learn some excellent tricks to avoid obstacles.


A checklist is a must to have the most beautiful mountain bike ride. From the above description, you already know the value of a well-planned accessory list. Following all of it, you can ensure safe mountain bike hunting.

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