Penny Board vs Skateboard – Which one is Good?

A skateboard usually comes with a deck made of maple wood. The deck, moreover, contains a polyurethane coating to assure longevity and smoothness. Arguably, the skateboard is the most famous among the contemporary boards. By achieving a decent balance, people can pull off numerous tricks on the skateboard.

Among skateboards, the penny board is constructed of plastic material. These products are widely known as short cruisers. Along with the plastic deck, a penny board features cruiser wheels and trucks. Due to large wheels, it can deal with pebbles and cracks better than the standard skateboard.

While buying a board, people may have confused about which one to pick. The uncertainty makes sense as both of the units offer fantastic features to the user. I assume we can leave the purchaser’s choice by showcasing the benefits and drawbacks of these products. Let’s get right into it.

Advantages of Skateboards:

  • Portable and compact

If you are not an enthusiast of large boards, you will find mini skateboards to be the perfect ride. Almost all of the skateboards come with a compact construction. It allows the user to ride without spending a lot of effort. As the size is not huge, a person can store his favorite skateboard anywhere he likes. As long as the place is not wet, it is fine to keep the skateboard in that area.

You cannot claim that a product is compact if the weight is heavy. Fortunately, skateboards are lightweight in the majority of cases. An average complete skateboard weighs 3-4 kg. Therefore, these boards are the most portable ones. You can carry them by hand or in a bag while traveling.

  • Easy to Learn

Compared to penny boards, it is super fun to learn and do stunts on a beginner skateboard. This is the point why many experts recommend newcomers to invest in cool skateboards. The only thing a skateboarder has to achieve entirely is balance. Without balance, the skateboard can be hard to control.

People have to give a long time to practice to balance themselves on the board properly. After acquiring a decent balance, the remaining things are not complicated to master at all. For example, stopping and kicking are quite simple to learn. Newbies who prefer the ease of use over other criteria should choose the skateboard thereby.

  • Great for Tricks

Plenty of people are eager to start skating just because they love tricks. They have witnessed some next level tricks. Now they want to try those themselves. For performing tricks, there is no better choice other than good skateboards. The lightweight construction of some of the best skateboards eliminates the challenges of doing tricks. Small skateboard sizes play a vital role in allowing tricks as well.

  • Inexpensive

Not everyone prepares to buy a board with a high budget. When it is about someone new to skating, it is reasonable to have a low budget. In that case, the skateboard gives quite a decent value at a not-so-high expense. These boards are way cheaper than penny boards and bikes. Despite being inexpensive, a skateboard offers numerous features to the user.

Disadvantages of Skateboards:

  • Risky for Riders at Times

The safety of the rider is undoubtedly the most crucial thing to consider. You cannot call a skateboard to be entirely safe. Let’s see why.

As we talked about earlier, the skateboard gives you a lot of freedom. For instance, you can maneuver the board as you wish. Hence, people can perform several tricks on the board. Some of them are dangerous. If you are not equipped with adequate safety gear, failing to do the trick can fall you off the board and lead to injuries.

  • Not Secure

For a student, it is hard to buy another if somehow he loses his only board. If you leave the board in an unsafe place, it is likely to get stolen. Unfortunately, there is no way you can lock the skateboard. In this case, the bike (bicycle) is a better option to go with.

Advantages of Penny Boards:

  • Durability

Everyone wants a ride that will serve the user for a long while. Penny board is indeed one of the most durable items among all the boards. It is possible because of the plastic construction.

The wood material of many skateboards is not bad either. Nonetheless, plastic does not lose its quality over time. Also, the penny board prevents the body damage of the board even if it hits random walls.

  • Great for Beginners

Should you not know about skating whatsoever, a penny board can be an ideal item for you. It is tricky to gain balance on the skateboard. On the other hand, penny boards aid you to balance yourself fast and without difficulties. A beginner can learn various skating basics through the penny board. After using it for a while, he can shift to other boards.

  • Prevents Wobbling

Penny boards keep the rider free of wobbling during a ride. These products are stable even when you are riding the board in a fast manner. You can enjoy all these benefits, thanks to the large penny wheels and unique truck construction.

Skateboards wobble horribly when they face a crack. A penny board will handle those curbs and cracks of the road with ease. It results in less wobbling, and thus, the board ensures the comfort of the rider.

  • Excellent Fit

You may know that penny boards are made of top quality plastic. It is not only durable but also considerably lightweight. The boards do not come with a giant size as well. Therefore, you can fit the penny board even in a small bag.

While carrying, it will not result in fatigue. The lightweight makes it easy to bear the penny board. Many reputed boards come with a heavyweight build. If you are tired of using them, try the penny board. It is not going to disappoint you.

Disadvantages of Penny Boards:

  • No Tricks

People who own penny boards have to give up the will to perform numerous tricks. The mobility of these items is not adequate. Due to the limitation, a penny board is not suitable for executing tricks.

  • Limited space

Many riders will find the penny board space to be tight. It is not entirely false. Your feet will be close to each other because of the size. As a consequence, it is hard to crouch on these boards.

Which One Is For You, Skateboard, or Penny Board?

It will be an injustice to the other board if we only qualify only one board to be the best. Both are excellent boards with some incredible qualities, features, and advantages.

If you are about to ride for the first time and have absolutely no idea about skating, a penny board could be the ideal purchase. It comes with certain traits that make the board quite suitable for complete beginners.

On the other side, many newcomers have ample knowledge of skating. Some of them even tried riding on different boards. They can go with a high-quality skateboard to enter the world of skating.


In the end, it is ultimately up to a person where he feels better and more comfortable. No one should select a board based on what others say. See the features and negative sides of both boards. Determine what fits your requirements most.

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