Safety Rules for Archery – A to Z

The main thing we need to ensure while practicing and enjoying Archery alone or with family or with a group, no one will get hurt. By the point of our fantastic journey, we know that how fascinating this game is? You always want to shoot correctly at your form. Try to keep practicing, and definitely, you will be the next idle. For that reason, I research a lot regarding archery safety concerns and want to share with you all the things. Please keep it in your mind that the Archery accident is a part of our daily life. It’s no matter how careful are you? There is always a possibility that something doesn’t go right. If you are a hobbyist, then I think you don’t want to have an accident while practicing or playing. But don’t be scared off. It is said that almost 94% of accidents occur due to recklessness.

However, I will try to discuss all the proven ways how you can keep yourself safe and enjoy this wonderful game year after year. I will cover all the bowhunting and Archery safety rules while using the arrow and the bow to handle, store, and shoot.

Statistics of Archery:

In the United States, it is mentioned that:

  • Almost there are 6,800,000 participants are playing Archery every year
  • Every year almost 4,300 Archery related accidents occur, and they need emergency care
  • Most of them are between 6-14 years old at the summer camp
  • Among all the injuries, the most common injury is abrasion from either the bow or the Archery

Why Do the Safety Rules Matter?

All human beings can make any mistakes. But no one wants to get hurt. Suppose all the places have some safety rules which can provide a benchmark. And that is a guideline and where it refers to what things you need to do or are forbidden. Like other fields, Archery also has some safety rules, which will keep you safe from going to most people in the hospital.

Shooting Safety Rules:

The primary purpose of Archery is hitting any target, and without shooting, you’re the arrow you cannot fulfill your aim. Those who are experienced people will think that this guideline will help beginners and all those rules can cover most of the issues.

  1. During practice, Archery always practices using an armed guard or wrist bracer. When you fire the arrow, this guard will protect your forearm from the abrasive effects of the string. Simultaneously, it can improve your arm’s strength, and you can fire the bow enough time without getting tired.
  2. Don’t point your bow or arrow at anyone, and this is very serious. When you are sure about your shoot at that time, you can aim only. From the very beginning, grow this habit, don’t make any mistakes, and cause any injuries related to this issue.
  3. Before you shoot, make sure that your path is free without any obstacles. Most people forgot these rules while they are hitting their target.
  4. When you knock the arrow for the thumb, make sure that the bow is pointing toward the ground. First fixed the target and after that, raise the bow at your target. If the arrow slips from your hand, this technique will keep you safe from occurring accidents.
  5. Never shoot the arrow in the direction of the upward direction. You may think that nothing will happen, but this is too dangerous. Because there is no fighting gravity, the arrow will come back down again and hit you directly or someone else. You cannot predict when the arrow will go back, so keep yourself safe and don’t try to practice this technique.
  6. The practice is a good form during shooting. Archery always uses lots of muscle groups, but they don’t practice regularly. A perfect instructor needed to make lots of good habits related to Archery and prevent stains and aches.
  7. Don’t exceed the actual length of the arrow while you draw your bow. For this purpose, you need to apply your comfortable anchor point. By the structural damage, it will reduce the longevity of the bow. It can also cause physical injuries to yourself.
  8. Make a habit of inspecting all the equipment types, whether they have any cracks or breakage occurs. Don’t compromise with any lackings of your pieces of equipment. If you neglect to grow this habit, a dangerous accident will occur.
  9. Most of beginners make their habit of “dry fire.” But remember that don’t do this never and ever. The dry firing means that you have to pull back and release the bowstring without locking the arrow. It can damage your bow and is responsible for many physical injuries.
  10. Check your bowstring regularly. According to your necessity Always need to apply the manufacturer wax to the string.
  11. Make a habit of standing at the range behind the shooting line where everyone uses to take their shoot. Please don’t go to collect the arrow when others are still trying to target their arrows. At that time, the stray shoot will happen.
  12. Even when you are not practicing but just vising the target range, don’t forget to take the first aid box with you. After all, the bow is always a weapon.
  13. Always follow the command given by the instructor, as they are a very experienced person. And they know at which time what you need to do. If you don’t understand anything, try to clarify repeatedly and make all the quarry clear.
  14. Before approaching the shooting line, always look at your bow and arrow. When you are not paying attention, some others will knock over your types of equipment, and so that you need to pay attention to your pieces of equipment. And pay attention to the range also.
  15. During retrieving your arrows, try to keep your motion ready. Don’t run altogether because missteps will cause you to hurt yourself and accidental bumping occurs into the ground-locked projectiles.
  16. Sometimes the arrow can go so far beyond the target. For safety reasons, before heading out to retrieve the bow, you must inform your instructor to avoid accidental situations. And also, inform the instructor to meet the return arrows.
  17. When you are hunting, just at that time, use the broad-head arrows. These arrows are adamant about handling and causing severe injuries if you don’t know the proper techniques. So the beginner and the target shooter don’t use this broad-head type of arrow. That’s why the hunter needs lots of practice before starting hunting.
  18. Always check your approaching object behind you when you are pulling out the arrow from the target. Otherwise, when you forcefully pull out the arrow, it will hurt anyone. When you use your force to pull out the arrow, you may get damaged with the arrow fletching.
  19. When you drop anything in front of the shooting line, don’t try to pick that thing because you may complete it, but others are still shooting their bows. Weit to hear the instructor’s voice like “Bows Down” or “All Clear,” then pick up.
  20. For safe shooting, an Archer is never does any hurry to shoot their arrow. All the archers need to keep enough patience. If the archer is impatient, they may hit other people except by hitting their target.
  21. When you hear the instructor’s voice hold, stop shooting as early as possible. At that time, you need to undraw your bow and unlock your arrow right away. Everyone needs to be aware of this command. When the Rangemaster sees any dangerous thing, or any animal or any person inside the range, they command to stop or hold.
  22. Wear proper clothing for safety reasons; kids must wear safety glasses. Never use any loose clothing which can catch up with the bowstring. It is forbidden to wear any scarf, hoods, jewelry, earrings, open shirt, bracelets, or neckless. The bowstring can cause serious injury while it may catch on hood strings or jewelry.
  23. After completing your tournaments or target practice, you need to keep your bows in a safe place. Remember that keep them in a hard case and then lock them. Follow these instructions, especially when you have children in your home. Store the recuring bow and the longbow unstrung. It would be best if you stored all the arrows and other accessories except the bow separately. The sharp arrowhead should keep in a locked container. Always remember safety is the first concern.

Archery Range Safety Rules:

  1. Due to the environmental or other hazards, Archery may pose. Archery always plays in a secured area. There is no chance of an accident for entering anyone on the range; all the participants practice and shoot. Public accessible locations should be 150 yards from all possible routes of an arrow. The buff zones mean the archery range zones. You can increase the buffering zone to the maximum possible range based on the firing bow.
  2. Archery ranges have some form of backstops to prevent the wrong arrows that traveling too far from the target. This is very important for two reasons; it can protect individuals, and with the help of a backdrop, it can easily find out and collect the fired arrow. Most of the accident occurs, when many people waste their time looking behind the target and getting stuck there. At the same time, others are practicing with the arrow.
  3. The archery ranges need to mark and organize accurately. All the archers should know all the things clearly when they see the ranges. You need to trim the grass properly. The firing line needs to locate about 10 yards from the target. The range should be flat and free from all kinds of obstructions like- stumps, rocks, roots, etc. The area needs to use signs and fencing to protect the arrows stick on the ground from children.


I think you can clearly understand all the points and practice more safely while performing this fascinating game. Moreover, all the rules will never give you any guarantee, but you can keep yourself from lots of serious injuries. So keep practicing, and then you can enjoy Archery for a long year.

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