What is a Good Skateboard for Beginners

For a beginner, the task of choosing a good skateboard that fits his purpose can be tricky. The cost of a product does not assure its quality. It would help if you considered plenty of factors such as the deck, wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. Having an ample idea about skateboard components will aid you to buy ready-made boards. You can even make a top-notch custom board utilizing your knowledge about skateboards.

The article talks about various parts of the skateboard. If you are successful in determining the right components, you will choose an ideal skateboard. Without any further delay, let’s jump right into the article.

  • Sturdy Deck:

The upper layer where a rider rests his feet is called a skateboard deck. A good skateboard definitely does not miss to have a beautiful and robust deck. With sufficient sturdiness, it is also necessary for the deck to be lightweight. It will allow the board to pop with ease. Moreover, lightweight promotes flexibility.

Nowadays, reputed manufacturers are using either maple or bamboo as the construction material of the deck. Both cheap and premium maples are there. Obviously, the premium maple is better than bamboo for the skateboard. However, bamboo as the deck material is environmentally sustainable.

The deck should contain a concave (U-shape) design. This shape comes in handy to improve the ‘kick’ of the skateboard.

  • High-quality Trucks:

Two axles are present in a skateboard. Both of them come with the trucks. These parts tend to have a metal construction in most cases. The size of the truck is crucial. It needs to be compatible with the deck size. Otherwise, the wheels will not align properly. The overall riding experience in a skateboard depends highly on the truck. A pair of excellent quality trucks will ensure fantastic turns and responsiveness.

Often people underestimate the value of trucks. They go with items that have poor quality. It is not long before they regret the decision. We recommend potential buyers to stay as far away as possible from plastic trucks. Plastic-made trucks are not the right choice whatsoever. Even if you have high-quality decks and other materials, the trucks will significantly hamper the board’s performance.

  • Suitable Wheels:

One more vital component of the skateboard is a pair of decent wheels. The most common wheels are made of polyurethane. Nonetheless, you will come across wheels that are plastic. If you demand top-notch performance from the board, avoid the plastic ones. The diameter of the wheel is a vital fact to consider. For instance, a pair of large wheels aid to ensure a comfy and smooth ride. On the other side, small wheels are useful for tricks and turns. Furthermore, you need to select the appropriate hardness of wheels as per your requirement.

  • Smooth Bearings:

No matter how great your wheels are, they will be useless if the bearings do not function well. It is responsible for spinning the wheel. Hence, these components are a must. It is indeed wise to go with top quality bearings. Without decent bearings, you won’t be able to utilize the wheels even if they are expensive fancy wheels. Moreover, a few more issues are there while using low-quality bearings. They are quick to degrade in terms of quality. After riding a couple of times, you will notice annoying sounds coming from the bearing.

Therefore, purchase high standard bearings from reputed brands.

  • Decent Grip Tape:

Grip tapes are a kind of sheet that usually is quite sticky and grippy. As a result, this tape can keep your feet safe and secure on the board. This way, the rider has excellent traction. It is inevitable for a rider to fall off the skateboard. However, a good quality grip will make sure your feet receive the correct grip with minimum effort. Consequently, the number of falls will reduce significantly for sure. Multiple brands are producing grip tapes. Purchase one from a well-known manufacturer. If you have no clue about top brands, you may buy Jessup grip tapes.

  • Proper Assembly:

You should never underestimate the assembly procedure. Though you will assemble everything at the end, it carries a crucial value. Electing the optimal accessories is not enough. A professional assembly will make sure all the components are utilized in the right way. During the assembly, you may adjust the wheels and trucks according to your liking. In case you are stuck somewhere, do not hesitate to take help from professionals.


It is challenging to pick a decent skateboard when you know nothing about the skateboard in general. Hence, the ideal thing to do is to understand different parts of the board first. Once you know certain things about it, you can expect to buy the right skateboard.

We hope that the above content helps you to purchase a fantastic skateboard. If you have a question or any query, please leave it in the comment section.


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