What Size Skateboard Should I Get?

There are many parts to the skateboard, but an essential component you can see here is the skateboard deck. When you are riding, you stand on this flat board. If you are a beginner or a pro, you need this flat board to do different actions, which is the best for you. When you want to buy this wooden platform, you can see many models, shapes, and lots of sizes available in the market.

Well, you were riding correctly; size matters a lot. So you need to know. What size skateboard is suitable for a beginner? Or What size skateboard is good for skating? And also what size skateboard you need to buy? So, perfect sizing is always the eye of the beginner. Some like a more significant size while someone prefer the smaller one.

However, choosing the right size deck is a personal preference, but I am discussing the three main factors while choosing the right skateboard deck. So, go through this article, and it will help you a lot in getting the perfect size deck.

  1. Body Height & Weight
  2. Shoe Size
  3. Riding Style & Terrain

Body Height & Weight:

You have to choose a board deck that will work with your body size. If you are taller in height and an adult, you must prefer skating on a full-size board. On the other hand, if you are small in size,n you must choose a shorter board. Most of the street skateboard is almost similar in length, but width is a significant factor. All the differences occur due to the differences in the width.  The width is the essential part of choosing a skateboard deck, not the length of the wheelbase.  The Skateboard decks vary in width from 7.5″ to 8.25″. However, .25 inches doesn’t seem like much, but this small difference makes a big difference due to the deck’s concave and overall shape.

Here I will show a chart where you will get the deck width according to your height:

Height Recommended Board Size
5 ft 6 inches or more 8.00 inches to 8.50 inches
4 ft 6 inches to 5 ft 6 inches 7.75 inches to 8.00 inches
4 ft 6 inches or less 7.25 inches to 7.75 inches

Shoe Size:

Depending on the shoe size, you can select your skateboard deck. It’s an essential factor also. You are doing different activities like- turning, ollieing needs a good fit between foot and the board. This is the reason to choose skating shoes. You don’t need too much narrow or also complete a skateboard deck. For example, the skaters who have 13+ wear an adult size shoe, and 8+ can handle a full-sized skateboard. Ans that is 7.5″ or more comprehensive. A medium-sized skateboards like 7.25 – 7.375″ are for kids; and 9-12 years old person need mini skateboards like- 6.75 – 7.25 inches for kids 6-8 years old, and tiny size skateboards like- 6.5 – 6.75″ are suitable for kids under five years old.

Riding Style:

If you like to skate on the vert, parks, pools, or surface area under your feet, you’ll need to skate on a slightly more expansive deck. If you like to do lots of tricks and lighter weight setup, you will prefer a narrower board under 8 inches wide. It would be best to get a proper size skateboard for riding correctly to realize the riding style.

Here I will give you some measurements about the skateboard deck:

7.00 inches to 7.50 inches: the Narrow decks are suitable for youth riders.

7.50 inches to 8.00 inches: the Medium deck width for teenagers or adult riders skating street terrain or can do more technical tricks.

8.00 inches to 8.50 inches: this is Ideal for various street and transition terrain. Like- pools, parks, stairs, rails.

8.50 inches and more: you need the wider decks, which are ideal for skating, transition, bigger street tricks, pools, or just cruising.

In general, the skaters who like to skate big bowls, or want to jump down large gaps and stairs and handrails, are usually comfortable with a larger board like- 8.25 – 9.0 inches. On the other hand, those who like manuals, flip tricks, ledges, flat bars, and different technical tricks generally prefer boards on the spectrum’s narrower side like- 7.75 – 8.25 inches. The wider board is more comfortable and stable in a standing position. Don’t be panic to find out the perfect size deck, which works better for you; the above article will help you a lot. Only the personal preference is preferable here, nothing else.

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