What Size Wakeboard Bindings Do I Need?

Wakeboard companies continue to innovate this product year after year to make wakeboarding more enjoyable, and many riders, taking this sport professionally. The companies do not stop there every season try to bring new improvements to wakeboard gear lineups. Wakeboard gear lineups will help to improve the riding experience for the wakeboarders. 

It does not matter the change a rider gets from a wakeboard because one of the vital pieces of gear is wakeboard bindings for them.

This essential gear comes in many forms, but the main work is to attach the rider to the wakeboard. Knowing the wakeboard binding sizing is another important part because it will help you understand which wakeboard is ideal to purchase.

When we talk about wakeboard bindings, many of us will get confused to hear the name as a beginner. To clear your confusion, let us first tell you what wakeboard bindings are.  

What is Wakeboard Bindings?

Wakeboard bindings mainly help to attach the rider’s feet to the wakeboard. Interestingly, the way these bindings fit on your feet, you can make or break the wakeboarding experience for the first time. Wakeboard bindings are also known as wakeboard boots. 

It does not matter if the person is a beginner or professional wakeboard bindings are a must-have for anyone of any age.

Many riders prefer to have their own set of bindings, and they can easily swap out them. Most importantly, these wakeboard bindings will fit on any wakeboard.  

Types of Wakeboard Bindings:

Here, we will cover the four main binding types and additional information about each style with their advantages. 

  • Sandal Bindings: Basic type of binding that comes at a low cost and is not suitable for intermediate or advanced riding but is best for beginners. They are widely adjustable and pretty uncommon in modern boards. 
  • Open-Toe Bindings: Traditional type and an ideal model for beginner to advanced riders. They’re not adjustable, but you can potentially share this board among several people.
  • Closed-Toe Bindings: If you want to cover the entire foot, then it is the best choice. They are popular type wakeboard bindings that you can find in most high-end bindings these days. Easy to get the maximum amount of control. 
  • Step-In Bindings: Step-in binding setups carry two separate divisions, such as a closed-toe boot and a frame. It is similar to a snowboard binding. At first, put the boot on your foot. After wearing it, strap the boot into the frame, and that is mounted to the board.

Buying Guide for Wakeboard Bindings:

There are varieties of products that need so many vital considerations before purchasing them. 

Because there are some details, you need to check if you want to buy your desirable ideal product. Wakeboarding is a game that is for both children and elders. So it is essential to be careful when choosing these types of products without making any mistakes.  

There are four factors we need to consider while searching for the best wakeboard bindings:

  1. Fit
  2. Flex
  3. Features
  4. Compatibility

1. Fit

To control the wakeboard, the crucial feature we need to check is the fit. If the bindings do not fit will be difficult to control your wakeboard. Not only that, but it may also ruin your riding experience and cause severe injuries. Wakeboard bindings should be snug, but not to the point that they’re painful.

 2. Flex

Flex is another significant circumstance that needs to be checked when finding the accurate wakeboard binding. The more flexibility you can get from your wakeboard bindings, the more you can manage and push it swiftly to specific directions. Beginners need to buy a flexible binding for their first riding experience. For advanced riders, it will be better if they stick to stiffer bindings. 

3. Features

As we said above that bindings have a variety of features and should be considered. Frequent wakeboard riders prefer their pair of boots because the bindings and boots are personal to them.

If cost is an issue, then you can borrow boots from your friends. Many prefer to buy them for themselves. These different types of boots and swaps can give you a high level of riding experience. But there might be a question about how to understand which one is best before you purchase. Below I will give two common types of bindings details: 

  1. Open-toed;
  2. Close-toed.
  • Open-Toed

Open-toed bindings come with an open upfront, so your feet area can get some air. It also offers more versatility and typically fits multiple shoe sizes. The best part is it is an ideal choice for kids too.

  • Close-Toed

Close-toed bindings come with snug and precise fit options. It will be easier to control your wakeboard while riding it with better leverage and faster heel-to-toe response on the waves. It is excellent for the winter season to make your feet warmer. Close-toed bindings are more expensive than open-toed varieties.

4. Compatibility

Another major issue because if you purchase it separately, it can be hard to get the perfect binding on a board you already have. In most cases, you can find bindings that are known as universal bindings, and you can put them on any wakeboard. 

But, you can also get some binding that might not be made for a particular type of board, so do not forget to consider the screws and inserts. 

You can easily find three different sizes of binding screws and inserts, such as 6, 7, and 8-inch spreads, that come with three several sizes for all wakeboards. But most importantly, these various sizes could limit your stance variety. It is because wider spreads will need a wider stance.

Here, 6-inch patterns are known as the new standard in bindings because of their lighter, flexible, and less torsional flex features. 

Tips for Picking Your Stance:

Do you know that before you purchase bindings, you need to set up your stance? Wakeboarding stance’s vital work is to show how you will be standing, which direction you need to be facing, and how far apart your feet should be when you stand on the board. You should follow these steps for setting up the perfect stance for your bindings:

  1. At first, you need to stand up comfortably on the board and then do a squat.
  2. Secondly, you should look at the direction your knees and feet naturally point.
  3. Lastly, keep the position of your bindings on your wakeboard at a similar stance.

One thing that needs to consider your stance should be well-formed because it can help get more control over your board. It is also vital for your safety. Remember, until you have developed your preferred stance, try to set it as we said above. After when your riding experience will grow you can readjust according to yourself.

Wakeboard Length:

For any wakeboard riders knowing the length according to their weight is pretty much necessary. It can help to give them full clearance about which board length is perfect for them while they want to buy a wakeboard as a beginner. 

Below, I am highlighting this thing and hope it will help you.

Rider Weight (lbs.)     Rider Weight (kg.) Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100  < 45      < 130
90 – 150 40 – 65   130 – 134
130 – 180  59 – 82    135 – 139
170 – 250      77 – 113      140 – 144
200 – 275+    91 – 125+     > 144

So you can see that knowing the wakeboard binding length is a crucial part of finding your desirable and ideal wakeboard.

Can a Wakeboard Be Too Big?

Here size must matter when you are choosing a wakeboard for the first time. Yes, according to your wakeboard riding skill level, you can have a wakeboard that is too big or too small. There are different types of wakeboard size you can find for every wakeboarding style and skill level. Because it will determine the stability you enjoy, control, and balance while riding it.

Do I Need a Wakeboard Tower for Wakeboarding? 

The answer is no. You will not need a wakeboard tower to wakeboard from a boat. But some advantages you can get from such as it makes it much easier to wakeboard, kneeboard, or wake skate, and it will give a much higher tow point for keeping the tow line elevated.

Do You Need Boots for Wakeboarding?

To make your wakeboard ride easier you should invest in a board with a continuous rocker. When you make a plan for wakeboarding, do not forget to buy a pair of wakeboarding boots or bindings. It can give you excellent control and an unforgettable riding experience. 

Which are The Top Rated Wakeboard Bindings Brands?

Below, I am giving the top wakeboard bindings brands’ names who make excellent products.

  1. Slingshot Space Mob Wakeboard Boots
  2. Slingshot KTV Wakeboard Boots
  3. Hyperlite Webb Wakeboard Boots
  4. Ronix Divide Wakeboard Boots
  5. Liquid Force Index Wakeboard Boots
  6. Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Boots
  7. Slingshot Option Wakeboard Boots
  8. Connelly MD Wakeboard Boots
  9. Slingshot Rad Wakeboard Boots
  10. Hyperlite Team X Wakeboard Boots

Wakeboard Size Chart:

The Size Chart below is a great guide for all riders!!!

USA 6.5-7.5   8.0-9.0 9.5-10.5 11.0-12.0 13.0+
UK 5.5-6.5   7.0-8.0 8.5-9.9 10.0-11.0 12.0+
EUR 38.5-40.0   40.5-42.0 42.5-44.0 44.5-45.5 47.0+
CM 24.5-25.5   26.0-27.0 27.5-30.0 29.0-30.0 31.0+
Women XS   S M L
USA 5.0-5.5   6.0-6.5 7.0-8.5 9.0-10.0
UK 2.5-3.0   3.5-4.0 4.5-6.0 6.5-7.5
EUR 35.0-35.5   36.0-37.0 37.5-39 40.0-41.0
CM 22.0-22.5   23.0-23.5 24.0-25.5 26.0-27.0

It is necessary to understand that sizing is considerable, and bindings are one of the essential parts of the whole wakeboard setup. The vital thing to know is how to select the size of your binding. You can get lots of bindings that might be perfectly sized for a range of foot sizes so multiple riders can use the same binding.

Final Words

We know that wakeboarding is an engaging and fun sport for many of us. But with a pair of own best wakeboard bindings can change the scenery of the game. Many novices think that they can easily overlook this part. But it is one of the mistakes they make without knowing the importance of wakeboard bindings.

Advanced and professional wakeboarders know that finding the perfect bindings can make exceptional improvements and differences in their performance.

But there are a few vital parts we cannot escape while purchasing one. Before selecting any product knowing the wakeboard sizing chart and wakeboard length plays a crucial role. Because without knowing these things, it might be tough to find your bindings.

So, to make your work easier in this guideline, I talk about several things about it and hope that you may like it.

From here, you can get an idea about how to select wakeboard bindings and what things need to consider before purchasing them.

If you are a beginner, then this article is definitely for you without any doubt. It is a must-need to know topic if you want to take this wakeboarding sport seriously.

Thank you for staying with us from the beginning, and best luck to you.

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