Baitcaster vs Spinning Reel

Like any other recreational hobby, fishing too has several styles and your fishing gear can be very different from the ones of your companions’ depending on what you prefer. So, while adopting fishing as a hobby, you need to form the fishing gear that will help you to get the things you would like to have, not everything available.

If you are choosing between bait caster and spinning reels, then you have to assess all the pros and cons for both the variant. Keep in mind that the situation and spot play a factor in choosing the reel, as the weight of the fish is a key determinant.

Bait Caster Reel

This type of reels is more popular among experienced anglers due to the maneuverability and control on the rod that is required while fishing with the rod.

These reels are placed on the top of the rods. The line from the spool comes directly parallel to the rod. Monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid lines are the best type that suit bait caster reels.

As a general rule, people do not suggest bait caster reels for beginners as it is not quite cooperative to people who are just learning to fish. However, if you are serious about starting this hobby, it might be a good investment and it is not impossible to learn with.

How Do Bait Caster Reels Work?

The best feature of these types of reels is that they can be strategically used for more crowded places. Its design allows you to drop the line at an efficient angle through which you can pull up powerful or heavy fish easily. The level of power depends on the quality of the reel, nonetheless, it can provide you good enough for offshore fishing.

When you use a baitcasting reel, you are supposed to hold the rod with your dominant hand. This will allow you to cast the rod and be in full control. After that, while handling the rod, you should then switch your dominant hand to the reel to control it.

You can use the button to release the line in a bait caster reel. When you press the button, it releases the line and drops the bait. To cast the line, you can use your thumb to lock the reel and when you want to finish it, just draw the reeling handle backward.

Pro tip from experienced anglers: use your thumb to break the line, as well as to control the line. This will help you to avoid bunching up the spool that is also known as nesting (some also call it backlash).

When To Use Bait Caster Reels?

The bait caster reels come in handy when you are fishing for fish weighing 10 lbs+. But all in all, the bait caster reels are useful to pretty much at any time of fishing and a lot of anglers think it to be a very versatile style of a reel, covering a multitude of functions.


  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Helps to handle heavy and powerful fish at ease
  • Able to hold strong and heavy lines
  • Lightweight, thus easier to maneuver


  • Comparatively costlier than the other options
  • Takes practice to learn, that is why it is not a very effective option for a beginner
  • Difficult to switch the channel from left to right and vice-versa
  • The spool bunches up occasionally

Spinning Reel

The spinning reel is quite popular and widely available for its ease of access. This one is easy to operate and handle, which makes it very beginner-friendly besides being a popular choice for the anglers as well.

The spinning reels have a metal bail that comes in handy to avoid nesting or bunching up spools in the line. Unlike the bait caster reels, these reels are placed at the bottom of the rods and the drag adjuster is placed on the top.

How Do The Spinning Reels Work?

With a spinning reel, you get to have more control over your rod. You need to unlock the line to start casting the line. For that, you start with disengaging the metal bail besides holding the line with your index finger. This is important as it helps you to avoid nesting.

When you got started with casting and have reached the top of the cast, you need to remove your index finger to let the line go. After that, you have to move the bail and then position the rod by turning the crank.

Spinning reels are usually lightweight. But the even lighter ones with top-notch quality helps you to get a grasp easily, making your learning curve smooth.

When To Use Spinning Reels?

Usually, spinning reels are used for comparatively lightweight fish (fish that weighs about 8 pounds or less). A lot of anglers prefer to use fluorocarbon that gives a fine and smooth casting. However, this also gets tangled a lot, that is why the tip (and sort of a hack) is to fill a 10-pound braid that is attached to the fluorocarbon leader.


  • Quality performance
  • Applicable for light lures and baits
  • Great for lightweight fish
  • Switching arm is much easier with this
  • Perfect for setting in a rod holder
  • Has more control than drag
  • Gives you control over the casting within a limited distance and speed


  • Weak performance when it comes to casting at a distance with a heavy lure
  • The bail gets tangled easily
  • Not ideal for reeling in much larger or heavier fish like- salmon, tuna, halibut, etc.

Wait, Make Sure You Don’t Confuse Spinning Reels with the Spin Caster Ones!

It sounds very similar and you may think they probably do the same thing, but they do not. Spin caster reels are the most accessible and budget-friendly option out there, which is mostly used to test the water. Besides, it is very easy to use and has a very straightforward build. So, it makes a good option for the children to get the hang of fishing rods.

You can find a button in the spin caster reels that allows you to switch between locked and lock-free spooling. A drag adjuster is attached under the reel which helps you to control the level of resistance that the fish will feel once it is hooked.


Q: What Does Angle Mean?

A: angling is the type of fishing that involves fishing with a rod, line, and a hook which is called an angle, thus the word angling. This term is generally used to refer to the activity of recreational fishing, as this method is not practical for the fishermen for livelihood.

Q: What is the Most Beginner-friendly Spinning Gear for a Fishing Rod?

A: spinning reels are the most beginner-friendly choice for someone who is just getting started with fishing. Although some people prefer to invest in a bait caster reel even at the beginning stage, that is recommended when you are sure about committing to them since these are more expensive than the other ones. Otherwise, if you are just trying out fishing, spinning reels would be better to go as a beginner.

Q: Are a Spin caster and Spinning Reels the Same? What is the Difference?

A: the spinning reels have an open face, as well as a metal bail which does not let the line bundle up and nest. Spin casters on the other hand have a button to wind up the line and are also very easy to use compared to the spinning ones.

Q: Do Spin caster Reels Last Long?

A: no, usually most of the spin caster reels are pretty much single-use as in they would only last about one summer. These reels are ideal for trying out fishing for the first time without the intention of continual usage. They are very easy to operate but do not provide enough mechanism to control drag, distance, or to prevent nesting.

before purchasing any equipment or accessories for fishing, we suggest you look for as much information as possible. And having an overall clear picture in mind will help you to assemble your entire fishing gear. That is why look for the fishing grounds that will be ideal for you to visit regularly. And then, depending on the situation and types of fish available there, you can search for getting the perfectly matched fishing gear that will cover the very basic requirements for you. If you are a beginner, remember that not everything available in the market will be necessary for the basic starter kit. Thus, research well and shop wisely.

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