Best Longboards for Beginners

Are you thinking about longboarding for the first time but don’t know where to start? Beginners, in particular, may have difficulty in choosing the best longboard from all those popular brands. Don’t worry, you are exactly in the right place. We have done a latest market research for you and included the nine best longboards … Read more

Best Longboard Bearings

Who doesn’t want to have high-quality longboard bearings that can help you get smooth, fast, and noise-free features when you roll while riding. Here, bearings play a master role to get everything you want in a longboard, and no component affects the operation of a longboard like it. Not all longboard bearings come with the … Read more

Best Longboard Wheels

Longboarding is becoming more popular day by day among people of all ages. Exciting Cruising along with smooth sliding highly depends on the quality of the good longboard wheel. Longboard wheels are the essential part of your longboard and choosing the right wheel is a bit tricky if you are a beginner in longboarding. Don’t … Read more

Longboarding Tips For Beginners – A to Z

If you are a longboarding enthusiast and don’t know how to or where to begin, this article is the perfect piece for you. Longboards are slightly different from skateboards. They come in various shapes, sizes, and lengths. But generally, longboards are longer than conventional skateboards. Compared to skateboards, longboards are steadier and have more footing … Read more