Bamboo VS Maple Longboard

As we all know, how much a longboard gets its fame to all the skateboard lovers. The prime of a longboard is the deck because it is the most crucial and significant part of this device. A good-quality material of the longboard can help to fulfill your dream to become a professional longboard rider.

We can assure you, one exceptional and persistent deck is enough to offer better balance, supports for riding, super easy controlling power, and effortless moving. You can make your longboard journey enjoyable and surprised people by doing any impressive stunts.

Wood is the significant material in the longboard. If the deck is not powerful enough to help you for your perfect balance during riding, there is no need to invest your money by purchasing a worthless product.

However, wood is also a safe material than other devices and is easy to carry with a longboard bag skate.

Here, we will talk about maple and bamboo wood used to make the deck of a longboard.

Both maple and the bamboo longboard are fantastic according to their features, and still, some quality of these make them competitors.

To know more detail about it, you need to read this guideline carefully for understanding the differences yourself.

You might be wondering which longboard you should buy in between bamboo and maple longboard.

The first thing you have to do is stop thinking. I am here to help you so you can make the correct decision.

Before checking the differences, let us give you some basic information about these two materials.

Maple Longboard:

Many of us may hear the name of the maple tree. To make the deck of the longboard is taken from the maple tree. Maple trees grow best in cold areas that border the Arctic, and you can found them mainly in Canada and the Siberian regions of Russia.

The best advantage of making the longboard deck from it is because the wood is stringent, stable, and long-lasting, so it can assure the users to gift a solid and reliable product.

Bamboo Longboard:

Bamboo, unlike maple, grows best in the tropical areas of the world, is lighter, can grow fast, is more flexible, and is less durable than the maple tree. But the truth is, bamboo longboards earned more fame because of their swiftness and more agile.

Bamboo VS Maple Longboard a Wise Decision

Here, we are going to compare these two longboards. Our motive is to examine the differences between bamboo and maple and find which longboard is an ideal product to satisfy your needs.

  •  Weight

When we are talking about the weight of the product of longboard skating, you will need a device that is easy to carry.

Which one is lighter? After some research, we found bamboo longboard is not heavy, but maple wood is.

The fact is too many wooden components make the deck heavier, but the bamboo is hollow or airy.

It is easy to increase the speed and minimal propulsion efforts of the bamboo longboard. Also suitable for undertaking riders.

If you want to use a maple deck, you need to be stronger and give much effort to ride it.

  • Strength

When it comes to strength, let me inform you that maple wood is powerful than bamboo wood.

Many attendant benefits come along with maple longboard.

It helps to increase the ability to withstand heavy abuse, is long-lasting, and can use repeatedly, which is not possible with a bamboo longboard.

  • Durability

The maple wood is also very durable than a bamboo longboard. Maple trees do not grow faster like bamboo, and it takes years to mature and build its body.

The dynamic and sturdy wooden components ensure they are resilient to the common elements of wear, and tear which bamboo cannot do.

Another may be one of the best reasons the longboard manufacturer loves to using maple wood for the long-lasting tool.

To keep your tool in perfect shape, always try to give some time for repairing and maintaining, so it can serve you for years to years.

On the other hand, bamboo can give you flexibility and endurance, so the longboard deck will not break easily.

  • Flexibility

If you want to handle stubborn terrains and negotiate sharp turns, do not forget to purchase a bamboo longboard. The thinner and less woody components help it to turn. It, therefore, follows that the longboards manufactured using bamboo are equally flexible.

Not only that, it can offer you more flexibility than a maple longboard.

On the other hand, if you want straight-and-level terrains it will be wiser to use maple wood longboard.

Maple wood is rigid but the disadvantage is you can hardly work well in rugged paths.

  • Best for Stunting, Curving, Cruising

There are so many tricks you can perform with a longboard, and the majority of riders use it for giving several types of stunting, curving, cruising, freestyle riding, and many more to show their creativity.

But you cannot use these two longboards to give the same shots. If you want to use a longboard for giving stunting and curving shots, a bamboo longboard is the best. A maple longboard is suitable for cruising or freestyle riding.

  • Environmental Friendliness

As we learn above, maple wood takes time to grow, a maximum of 7 to 10 years long to mature, and is not eco-friendly.

Once you cut a maple tree, it takes massive time to replenish it, and you inflict extensive damage.

Bamboo grows faster and takes only 3 to 5 years to grow accurately, and is eco-friendlier.

  • Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the maple wood longboard is higher than the bamboo longboard. Maple wood longboard can easily bear a whopping 150 kg or 330 pounds.

Its other competitor, the bamboo longboard, can only carry 100 kg or 220 pounds.

But the fact is, the weight capacity matters when an adult rider, riding the longboard.

The average weight of adult riders’ is between 200lbs to 300lbs. The reason bamboo longboard can carry up to 250lbs readily is because of its durable fiberglass construction.

The construction, design, multiple plywoods of maple wood longboard make it powerful enough to carry 250lbs to 350lbs weight.

  • Costs

The maple wood longboard is not a cheap and expensive product because of its durability and comparatively strong nature than a bamboo longboard.

Bamboo longboards are comparatively budget-friendly, and anyone can buy them.

Final Verdict

After checking all the vital factors between bamboo and maple longboards, you can say the two are best according to their characteristics and the facilities they offer.

As a beginner, if you want a longboard that comes at a reasonable price or plies rugged terrains, it will be best if you buy a bamboo longboard. It is also lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you want.

On the other hand, many longboard riders use maple wood longboards. But it is an expensive product, heavy body, and not easy to carry.

But if we compare both, then I will personally prefer a bamboo longboard. It is far better than maple wood longboards, and the reason is that the outshine opponents are more parameters than maple wood, affordable so anyone can buy it, and the replacements are almost painless.

I hope our article about these two longboards gives you much informative information to understand all differences, and you find the guideline helpful.

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