Best Skateboard For Kids in 2022

You are surely lucky if your kid is asking you to get him/her a skateboard. Skating is a fabulous way for kids to improve social skills, learn new things, and stay active. Every day they learn something, and when they pull it off, their confidence level gets a boost.

However, things may not go according to the plan if the skateboard is not suitable for kids. Therefore, the best skateboards for kids are a must. Our experts have compiled a list of 12 skateboards out of countless products from the best skateboard brands. All of them are incredible in terms of quality. Have a look at them.

1. Phoeros Skateboard for Kids

Looking for the best beginner skateboard that includes every required component? Check out the Phoeros Skateboard For Kids. It is a standard board that runs smoothly by ABEC-11 bearings and PU wheels. The product has a maple wood built. It is robust enough to have 220 pounds of weight. The deck is nice and has a waterproof grip tape to sustain the print. Overall it is one of the best complete skateboards.


  • Suitable for Starters:

You purchase the skateboard for your child and remain worry-free. It is possible because of the safety measures this board possesses. It features 95A 53mm PU wheels that have excellent resilience. The strong grip of the board will make sure the beginner has entire control over the board. Also, the skateboard is very smooth, thanks to the ABEC-11 bearings.

  • Solid Construction:

A skateboard for kids doesn’t have to be flimsy or not durable. The Phoeros board comes with a decent deck that is made of maple wood. This particular material is recognized for its strength. Hence, it is going to last for a lot of years. The deck can accommodate a weight of 220 pounds. It means adults can ride the board without the concern of damaging it.

  • Essential Accessories:

At a not-so-high price, the beginner board is a fantastic choice. Not only because of the quality but also the board will come with the necessary equipment. In the package, the extra components are the alternative bearing, DIY set, carrying bag, tightness adjustment tool, and sticker. All of these accessories will come in handy at some point in your skateboarding journey.

  • Durable Print:

Many cheap skateboards come with prints that don’t last for even a few months. Those prints are not applied in the right way. The skateboard from Phoeros has a print that is applied by heat transfer. It was printed on the deck. Unlike several decks, this one is not a sticker.


  • Has an anti-slip dull polish wooden deck of 8 inches
  • Contains high friction to allow every play style
  • Prevents damping during the ride with soft wheels
  • Can bear a weight of 220 pounds


  • Wheels are small
  • Not a long-lasting carrying case

2. BELEEV Skateboard Complete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids

The fancier an item is, the more a kid is going to love it. The BELEEV Skateboard Complete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids is indeed a fancy board. It contains colorful and bright light-up wheels. The board looks cool when you ride, and the lights are glowing. Talking about other features, the trucks are 3.25 inches thick. Bearings, as well as wheels, let you enjoy high speed. Moreover, it has a supreme shock absorption system.


  • Aluminum Truck:

If there is a question about the best material to build a truck, the most familiar answer will be aluminum. The material has an unparalleled throne when it is about board trucks. The Beleev skateboard contains aluminum made trucks. Control, speed, and durability; all of these are available with the pair of trucks.

  • Smoothest Ride:

The skating board got everything that makes a skateboard smooth, even for a newbie or child. For wheels, the manufacturer used PU ones. These are soft wheels that promise to deliver a safe and smooth ride. The bearings are perhaps the best ones known as ABEC-7. If you want decent speed, the bearings are ready to do that. Also, it has an extraordinary shock absorption to soak up sudden bumps of the street.

  • Lightweight:

You should never gift your children a ride that weighs enormously. It will create various issues for a child while riding. Thus, it discourages them from skateboarding. This specific skateboard has a weight of 3.8 pounds. A kid can convey the board from a spot to another with ease. The size will fit in a regular backpack. Moreover, it comes assembled.

  • Fits ‘em All:

Albeit the board is designed particularly for kids, everyone, such as teens and adults, can use it. Aluminum trucks and other high-quality parts allow the board to be decent for all skaters. You can use the comfortable board in any street condition.


  • Comes with compact size (deck: 6 inches wide, weight: 3.8 pounds)
  • Features high-quality wheels that light up during a ride
  • Powered by 3.25 inches thick aluminum trucks
  • Has a supreme shock-absorbing system


  • Lights are not bright adequately in daylight

3. Magneto Mini Skateboard Cruiser

If your kid loves minimalist design, then you may want to gift him the Magneto Mini Skateboard Cruiser. The unit comes with four minimalistic designs, which are very charming. Interestingly, the bamboo design has a bamboo construction. The rest are built of Canadian maple. It can carry around 280 pounds of weight. Because of decent wheels and bearings, the board hardly sounds during the ride.


  • Maple wood Build:

The best thing about the skateboard is its robust and sturdy construction. To make the deck, the company chose maple wood as the material. It is not the regular maple. It is the Canadian maple wood that is the best among its family. Six full plies of maple are present on the deck.

  • Dual Kicktails:

Not only one, but the skateboard comes with a double kick tail. Let’s talk about the kicktail a little bit. A kicktail is the upwards bent tip of the deck. Kicktails are necessary for maneuvering the board. Here the dual kicktails will allow flip tricks, ollies, and mannies. The kicktails look cool and let you skate better than even some custom skateboards.

  • Decent Grip:

An adequate grip is a must-have feature for decks. The Magneto cruiser board has a sand grit finish on the deck that works as the grip. It is very effective to keep your feet in a strong grip. Kids can be sensitive in these situations. Therefore, the grip will help them to ensure safety while enjoying skating.

  • Portable and Small:

This item has a compact size of 27.5 inches. It is the perfect size for kids as well as teens. As mostly kids are going to ride in it, the board weighs lower than other boards. Thus, a child can carry the skateboard around without much effort.


  • Offers two variants with two different builds (bamboo and maple)
  • Comes with the double kick structure for allowing ollies and tricks
  • Contains a deck that has fantastic grip texture
  • Rolls like a premium skateboard, thanks to outstanding wheels and bearings


  • Fails to prevent wheel bite at times

4. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard is suitable for intermediate and new skaters. The board runs with excellent roll and grip, thanks to the wheels. Polyurethane wheels are durable too. Furthermore, the deck is a standard one. It has sufficient pop. Thereby you can do several tricks with the skateboard—no assembly required, which allows you to use it right away.


  • Decent Top Board:

The top board is composed of high-quality maple veneer to give a durable service. The deck contains a 7-layer technology to enhance strength. The top spot is grippy, which will result in a great placement of your feet. Your feet will hardly detach from the board.

  • High-rebound Wheels:

The skateboard comes with hand-cast polyurethane wheels that have super rebound ability. As a result, speeding up the board is not an issue at all. High rebound is also essential for the gripping of wheels. As wheels are a significant part of the machine, you will have full control over your skateboard.

  • High-strength Trucks:

The truck of the board is a vital part of the skateboard. If these trucks do not come with decent quality components, your skating journey will never be pleasing. However, the Powell skateboard features a cast aluminum build, which is sturdy. Moreover, the trucks have carbon steel kingpin and axles. All of these tell you how much strength each truck has got.

  • For Beginners:

Are you searching for a decent skateboard for your kid who is a newbie? This skateboard might be the one you are seeking. It comes at a reasonable price and fits the requirements of new and intermediate riders. Kids, as well as adults, can enjoy skating with the Powell-Peralta skateboard.


  • Can hold more than 200 pounds of weight
  • Comes with the durable aluminum cast truck
  • Has a top grade deck called K-12 with grippy top
  • Suitable for beginner adults and kids


  • Wheels are not noise-free

5. WiiSHAM  Pro Complete Skateboard

Should you be searching for a pretty skateboard for your daughter, WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete Skateboard for Teens can be your purchase. It has an art print that is going to make your child happy for sure. Moreover, the bearings are ABEC-9. It means the board will deliver smoothness while riding and turning. The maple construction of it ensures durability.


  • Cold Pressed Deck:

The deck is attractive as well as has enough toughness not to get damaged. The deck features a maple construction done by cold pressing. There are seven layers present in the deck. As a consequence, it is capable of accommodating heavy loads on the body. For durability, the board is an appropriate choice.

  • Aesthetic Print:

You will get one of the gorgeous prints on the skateboard. The upper part has a plain black printing pattern. The bottom is covered by a beautiful mixture of black color and flowers. It is waterproof, which means the print won’t lose its texture after getting in touch with major splashes. For teenage girls as well as boys, the design is attractive.

  • ABEC-9 Bearings:

The product runs with the assistance of ABEC 9 bearings. Talking about its quality, the bearing is one of the best ones among its competitors. The best features of the bearing are precision and speed. The rider will get precise turns and can increase the speed with less effort. Both of the things are very much necessary for a beginner.

  • Affordable:

Maple deck build, top end bearings, attractive design, and decent wheels, all of these come at a reasonable price. Beginners are not willing to spend a big amount of bucks on a skateboard. For them, this unit is a wonderful choice. At a cheap cost, it offers a bunch of necessary features.


  • Has the 7-layer maple build
  • Runs by the popular ABEC 9 bearings
  • Includes every skateboard component for instant rides
  • Features an elegant design


  • Features an elegant design

6. Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Complete Skateboard

Meketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids offers near 20 color and design variants. As children have different tastes, they will find their desired color from the options for sure. The deck is a 6 inches wide deck that is perfect for beginners. It has the ability to carry 200 pounds. The wheels and ABEC-7 bearings give a smooth ride. With CE certification, the board is a safe ride for adults, teens, and kids. The product is, without question, on the list of best skateboard for beginners.


  • Heavyweight Load:

The retro skateboard is suitable for people of any weight. Although it is a decent kid skateboard, adults can skate with it because of the heavyweight taking capacity. The maximum range of weight is 200 pounds. Hence, you can buy the same product for different people.

  • Clean Ride:

The riding capability of a board is a crucial thing to consider while purchasing. The Meketec board has got decent wheels and bearings to provide a top-notch and clean ride. The board comes with PU wheels, which are lightweight and smooth. On the other side, you get ABEC-7 bearings. These are known as speedy and smooth bearings.

  • Decent Build:

It is not an expensive skateboard. However, the manufacturer made sure it lasts for a long time with the build quality. It is made of high-end PP (polypropylene) plastic. The material is not costly at all. Nevertheless, it has sufficient rigidity to withstand regular bumps and scratches. Last but not least, the material is lightweight too.


  • Allows a weight of 200 pounds maximum
  • Offers a wide range of color and patterns
  • Powered by ABEC 7 bearings and 60mm urethane wheels
  • Has the CE certification that ensures its safety


  • The trucks are not adequately thick

7. Geelife Pro Complete Skateboard

Some skateboards are compatible to run in rough as well as smooth surfaces. Geelife Skateboard 7 Layers Decks 31″x8″ Pro Complete Skateboard is one of them. Precision bearings, PU wheels, bushings, and lightweight structure make it a comfortable ride even in not-so-smooth streets. Coming to the deck, it is 8 inches in size. It features a 7-ply maple wood structure for longevity.


  • Durable:

Many kid’s skateboards have countless features but lack durability. Because of poor construction and structure, those boards fail to last in a short time. If you prioritize the longevity of boards, the Geelife kids and beginner skateboard is the right item. It comes with a single deck press construction. The build material is well-known maple wood. After a long period of use, the skateboard won’t lose its usual shape.

  • Excellent Trucks:

The unit doesn’t disappoint its users with trucks. The aluminum made trucks are ready for heavy-duty rides. Both have top-notch high-rebound urethane wheels. The wheels have a size of 55x40mm. They are great in terms of acceleration and speed. Talking about the pace, it is backed by the ABEC 7 bearing.

  • Ollie Capable:

Learning to do the ollie is vital for new skaters. Kids can do it too, but they need a capable skateboard for the purpose. The Geelife board comes with short and steep kick tails. It aids in maximizing the height of the ollie.


  • Turns more than any other skateboards
  • Has the 9 inches axle that is compatible with numerous decks
  • Makes sure the smoothest response with dual kingpins
  • Does not wobble much during high speed


  • Can cause the wheelbase to increase

8. WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners

If you are worried about heavyweight, purchase the WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners. The unit is capable of carrying more than 330 pounds of weight, thanks to magnesium alloy trucks. The well known Canadian maple makes the deck. High rebound bushings and wheels make the board a smooth ride. Moreover, the item has the double kick dissymmetric concave with emery paper to aid beginners to learn numerous tricks.


  • Super Smooth:

The skateboard specializes in giving smooth rides, thanks to the wheels and bearings. The board has 52mm 95A PU wheels. Each wheel is great in terms of rebounding ability. Another thing that brings excellent speed and smoothness to the ride is its bearings. ABEC-9 is the best in business.

  • Rigid Construction:

The incredible skateboard is made of renowned Canadian maple. The deck contains 7 layers, which make it a solid part to survive rough rides. Talking about the weight range, it has an outstanding capability. The board can take people of a weight of 330 pounds. For a not-so-heavyweight skateboard, it is pretty amazing.

  • For Every Rider:

No matter what your level is in skateboarding, the WhiteFang board is right for everyone. Many people consider beginner skateboards to be weak and all. The statement is not true for this product. All of its traits are suitable for new as well as intermediate and skilled skaters.


  • Has a solid build that allows up to 330 pounds of weight
  • Features high-quality grip tape with adequate grip
  • Allows almost any tricks as it has a double kick dissymmetric concave and emery sandpaper (customized)
  • Designed aesthetically and offers multiple prints


  • The wood quality beneath the graphics is not up to the mark

9. ANDRIMAX Complete Skateboards for Beginners

People with a mid-range budget should consider purchasing the ANDRIMAX Skateboards-Complete Skateboards for Beginners. It has a fair amount of positive user feedback. The product takes near 220 pounds of weight. It means adults can use the board too. 95A 53mm high rebound wheels maintain balanced speed. ABEC-11 bearings are there to add extra smoothness to rides. The bearings hardly make noises.


  • Safe Deck:

The rider attaches his feet directly to the deck of the board. The deck must contain safety measures. The skateboard from Andrimax will prevent dangerous slips of the deck. It has a well known no-slip deck mechanism. Moreover, the deck has the emery paper as well. It is a kind of sandpaper that can prevent damages due to water splash.

  • Incredible Wheel Grip:

The 95A 53mm wheels (PU) are a magnificent choice considering its mighty grip. The grip allows these wheels to perform up to the mark in any street. Even on bumpy roads, the board won’t shake like other skateboards. It will not make annoying noise, thanks to the silent ABEC-11 bearing.

  • Secure Truck:

The item features a high-grade truck that is secure enough for kids to ride. It is a truck made of a popular component called an aluminum alloy. It is a balanced truck for beginners. Most importantly, it has outstanding stability, which is a must for children and starters. The trucks come with high rebound PU damping to make your ride safer and more comfortable than before.

  • Assembly:

It is a big hassle when your ordered skateboard comes disassembled. Beginner boards must come assembled as starters do not have sufficient ideas for getting all the parts together. If you want to stay free of the hassle, buy the Andrimax skateboard. When it arrives at your doorstep, the product is all ready to take you on a ride.


  • Feature waterproof emery sandpaper
  • PU damping system of trucks provide more safety than other trucks
  • Suitable for children above four years old
  • Has one of the best bearings called ABEC-11


  • Can get a little smoother than you want it to be

10. BELEEV Complete Skateboard for Kids

One of the most lightweight starter skateboards is the BELEEV Skateboards for Beginners, 31″x8″ Complete Skateboard for Kids. It has a weight of 4.7 pounds. Hence, it is convenient for a child or teen to carry the board. He can ride it without investing much muscle. The construction is sturdy as it has a maple wood build. The skateboard has 10mm thick. It comes with the well-known aluminum alloy truck to make rides easy for kids and beginners. Overall, it is, without question, on the list of best skateboards for beginners.


One of the most lightweight starter skateboards is the BELEEV Skateboards for Beginners, 31″x8″ Complete Skateboard for Kids. It has a weight of 4.7 pounds. Hence, it is convenient for a child or teen to carry the board. He can ride it without investing much muscle. The construction is sturdy as it has a maple wood build. The skateboard has 10mm thick. It comes with the well-known aluminum alloy truck to make rides easy for kids and beginners. Overall, it is, without question, on the list of best skateboards for beginners.

  • Entire Control:

The product is an excellent choice for starters because it gives the user entire control of the board. The first thing that plays an important role in providing control is the double kick symmetric concave design. It makes the braking procedure easier than before. Also, it allows more energy from heels to toes. Furthermore, the deck contains a grip tape that prevents slipping. As a result, you get magnificent traction in between your feet.

  • Minimum effort Rides:

With a minimum push, the skateboard can go a long way because of great speed and decent acceleration. These two things are possible specifically for top-grade bearings and wheels. 95A PU wheels and speedy ABEC 7 bearings are suitable for beginners as a smooth ride. As a bonus, you get a shock absorption feature as well. With the board, your ride is going to be smoother than ever.

  • Sturdy Board:

The board is 10mm thick. It is one of the thickest kid skateboards out there. The robust maple wood allows 220 pounds of weight. Furthermore, aluminum trucks make it even more stable and sturdy. For this reason, a beginner can enjoy his desired rides with safety.


  • Made with flexible maple wood that adds comfort to your rides
  • Easy to carry, thanks to its lightweight
  • Safe for kids with several features such as the top-notch grip tape
  • Does not require assembly


  • The design may not be appealing to everyone

11. OUDEW Skateboard for Beginners

The OUDEW Skateboard for Beginners got some seriously positive reviews from users. It features an effective double kick concave design. For a beginner, the break and control are important. The design ensures that. Eight layer maple wood is great when you are doing some heavy-duty rides. Furthermore, anti-shock wheels and ABEC 9 precision bearings give smoother rides than other so-called cool skateboards.


  • Shock-Free Rides:

Two things that can ruin the enjoyment of a ride are vibration and constant shocks. Both of the scenarios can occur when your skateboard product doesn’t have an anti-shock system. To get skaters rid of the issue, the Oudew board features 52mm anti-shock wheels. It will prevent shocks, vibration, and deliver a smooth ride together with ABEC-9 bearings.

  • Stable and Durable:

Oudew does not compromise its durability. The skateboard is backed by high density 8 layer maple wood. Hence, it supports more than 220 pounds of weight. For stability, you get an emery non-slip surface on the board. All the grip you need is available there.

  • Accessories:

There is no requirement for separate accessories for this item. The skateboard reaches you assembled. However, you may not like every function fixed by the manufacturer. You might want to modify various things like the tightness of the ride. For that, the package contains an all in one T-tool. You can use it to alter different settings and repair the board.


  • Suitable for novice riders as well as professional ones
  • Features thick aluminum trucks with steel axle
  • Capable of performing basic tricks and stunts
  • Includes an All-in-One Skate T-Tool to tighten or loosen things up


  • The size may not be ideal for some kids and it is quite large

12. RIMABLE Complete  Skateboard

One of the best value for money skateboards is the RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard. The product has a plastic build. However, PP plastic has a better high-grade structure than regular plastic. It is lightweight too. The material of trucks is aluminum that is 3 inches thick. For satisfactory speed, the truck comes with high-quality bearings and PU wheels.


  • Thick Trucks:

It is a common scenario nowadays to use aluminum trucks in good skateboards. The Rimable skateboard is powered by a better aluminum truck. What made it better is the thickness. Trucks used in this product are 3 inches thick. Hence, it is strong and durable. Other companies do not produce boards with this thick truck.

  • Soft Wheels:

You get a pair of soft wheels with the mini skateboard. These are PU wheels that are durable and suitable for riding in the street. The advantage of the soft wheel is its extraordinary grip. Soft wheels have way more grip than the hard wheel. Thus it will be useful for a beginner to turn the board.

  • Plastic Made:

Several may consider plastic made skateboards to be poor in terms of longevity. It is not true. A plastic made kid skateboard can be durable, especially when it is constructed of PP plastic. It is a fresh material that is proved to last as the skateboard material. Thereupon, the small skateboard can even take around 198 pounds of weight.

  • Gorgeous Prints:

Children are not going to care whether his skateboard is high grade or not. All they care about is graphic or print. For this reason, Rimable offers five different prints for the unit. All the designs will be appealing to kids for sure.


  • Has a lightweight plastic build
  • Features PU wheels for a smooth riding experience
  • Contains 3 inches trucks made of aluminum
  • Comes in different shades


  • The paint has poor quality as it comes off at impact

Why Every Kid Loves Skateboards?

Kids do love skateboards. Obviously, the reason is they are attracted to skating. You are indeed blessed if the kids want to learn how to skateboard. Nowadays, children are busy exploring new video games and playing them whereas some are watching cartoons or tv shows all day. While these habits are quite entertaining for them, they are not healthy on a long term basis.

To fill their entertainment gap, you can buy them a board so that they learn skating gradually. For sure, they are going to realize that skateboarding is more fun than they thought. There is no victory or a specific line where you have to reach in skateboarding. You learn many things as days pass by and conquer new tricks. Riding skateboards is indeed fun, which is why the majority of the kids already love it.

Fun is even more welcome when you physically and mentally benefit from something. A skateboard ride contains various elements that enhance the physical and mental health condition of children. Let’s hear some significant health advantages.

  • Increases Flexibility: Proper body movements or the use of the body is a must in skating. Hardly you find a sport where your body moves this much. Every trick includes the activities of different body parts. Hence, a child, teen, or an adult can enhance his flexibility notably by skateboarding for even a few days.
  • Develops Pain Tolerance: No skateboarder can ever say that his skating journey is free of bruises and scars. When you are passionately riding skateboards for a while, it is normal to face scrapes and bumps. However, a skate rider doesn’t worry about the pain because the excitement and fun of succeeding in a trick are far more splendid.
  • Relieves Stress: Children, teens, and adults get stressed due to the pressure at school, such as the presentation, homework, etc. If one doesn’t let the stress release, it might damage his mental health horribly. Those can grab a skateboard and forget all the tension. Skateboarding takes you to a world where you are busy learning and trying new things. It soundly relaxes a mind.
  • Improves Precision: You are going to fail numerous times while attempting to do the trick for the first time. For this reason, you keep making changes. For instance, your alter position, timing, speed, and so on. The more you do these tasks, the more precise you will be. This precision helps you in many aspects of your life.

How to Choose the Best Skateboards for Kids?

Provided the market is filled with numerous skateboards for kids; the task of choosing one of them is indeed tricky. In that case, you may have the best help from a buying guide. It will guide you through every single criterion that you should know to determine the right product for you or your child. Check out these points mentioned below.

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