Skate Helmet vs Bike Helmet

Biking and skating can lead to falls. To be safe, the head needs protection, but are skateboard helmets and bike helmets the same thing? they’re still huge. The functionality of the helmet also plays a role. It’s not just because you look silly that you don’t want to bike to the local cafe with your riding helmet on. Of course, some differences are due to style and sport-specific characteristics. If you want to understand the differences between skateboard helmets and bike helmets, this article breaks them down for you.

What is a Skate Helmet?

Roller skating and rollerblading provide amusing approaches to cruise round and get exercise. While there’s usually a danger for injuries to happen, curler sports activities are taken into consideration pretty secure in comparison to a number of its different wheeled opposite numbers like BMX riding, skateboarding, and longboarding.

A helmet made with EPS foam and polycarbonate is your first line of protection against head-associated accidents as a result of unlucky spills. You also can shield your wrists, knees, and elbows — 3 different regions at risk of scrapes and bruises — with guards and pads.

Be certain to pick out the proper form of defensive equipment primarily based totally on your skating style. “They see me rollin’” takes on new meaning whilst you outfit your noggin’ with a fab helmet for curler skating. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Why Should You Encourage Youngsters to Wear Skate Helmets?

While there’s no concussion-proof helmet, a skateboard helmet can assist guard your toddler or youngsterager from a serious mind or head injury. The facts in this handout will assist you to research what to appear for, and what to keep away from whilst picking out a helmet for your toddler or youngsterager.

Why Should You Wear Skating Helmets?

There’s no such factor as being too secure while you’re lacing up and rolling across the neighborhood. You may additionally keep in mind a few different shielding tools on your wrists and knees. When we fall, our preliminary intuition is to interrupt the autumn with our hands. Wrist guards are designed with plastic splints to assist the defense in opposition to scrapes and bruises or maybe a damaged wrist. Make certain the wrist guards you select match up like a glove. They need to be comfortable and need to no longer flow around whilst you put them on.

Don’t overlook your knees and elbows. Knee pads and elbow pads assist save you scratches and scrapes in case you take a fall (where did that rock come from?!). Oftentimes, you could discover cost-saving units that consist of all 3 portions of shielding tools. We definitely like this set from Triple eight for its funky patterns.

For people who may skate into the sundown and roll round after dark, we advocate sporting reflective tools to enhance your visibility to pedestrians and vehicles. Reflective stickers make a secure and fashionable statement, too

How to Choose the Right Skate Helmet?


Bring your toddler or youngsterager with you whilst shopping for a new helmet to ensure that you may take a look at an amazing health.


To discover the dimensions of your toddler’s or youngsterager’s head, wrap a tender tape degree round his or her head, simply above their eyebrows and ears. Make certain the tape degree remains level from the front to back. (If you don’t have a tender tape degree, you may use a string after which degree it goes towards a ruler.)


Helmet sizes regularly will range from brand to brand, so it’s essential to test out the helmet brand’s healthy and sizing charts to discover what helmet length suits your toddler’s or youngsterager’s head length.

How do You Know that a Skate Helmet is the Right Size?


A skateboard helmet has to match snugly all around, without any areas among the froth or padding and the skateboarder’s head.

  • ASK

Ask your toddler or youngsterager how the helmet feels on their head. While it wishes to have a cushty match, a helmet this is too tight can reason headaches.


Your infant or youngsterager must attempt the helmet with the coiffure he or she is able to put on at the same time as skateboarding. Helmet health can be extradimensional in case your infant’s or youngsterager’s coiffure changes. For example, a long-haired skateboarder who receives a very quick haircut may also want to regulate the health of the helmet.


A skateboard helmet must now no longer take a seat down too excessive or low on their head. To check, ensure that the front rim of the helmet aligns with the skateboarder’s eyebrows and the return of the helmet does now no longer contacts the pinnacle of the skateboarder’s neck.


Make certain you could see your infant’s or youngsterager’s eyes and that he or she will be able to see uncomplicated and aspect-to-aspect.


The aspect straps must make a “V” form below, and barely in front of, the skateboarder’s ears.


The chin strap must be targeted below the skateboarder’s chin and healthy snugly, in order that no greater than one or palms be healthy among the chin and the strap. Tell your infant or young stranger to open their mouth wide…massive yawn! The helmet must pull down on their head. If now no longer, the chin strap desires to be tighter. If needed, you could pull the straps from the return of the helmet to regulate the chin straps. Once the chin strap is fastened, the helmet must now no longer pass in any direction, returned-to-the front or aspect-to-aspect.

What is a bike helmet?

A bicycle helmet is a sort of helmet designed to reduce effects to the top of a bike owner in falls even as minimizing facet results which include interference with peripheral vision.[1] There are ongoing medical studies into the diploma of safety presented through bicycle helmets withinside the occasion of an accident, and the results of helmet sporting on bike owner and motor car driving force behavior.

There is energetic debate over what may be concluded from to be had studies, and on whether or not using helmets through cyclists ought to be promoted or mandated, both only for children, or for cyclists of all ages. In precise the talk over bicycle helmet legal guidelines has been extreme and every so often bitter, regularly primarily based totally now no longer best on differing interpretations of the medical and different instructional literature, however additionally on differing assumptions and pursuits of numerous parties.

A cycle helmet should generally be light in weight and provide ample ventilation because cycling can be an intense aerobic activity that significantly raises body temperature, and the head in particular needs to be able to regulate its temperature.

Why should I wear a bike helmet?

You aren’t legally required to put on one, it’s a quite clever idea. Why? Well, a motorcycle helmet may be the distinction among you feeling a bit dazed and struggling with severe accidents if you’re unfortunate enough to be worried in a crash.

Modern helmets may be glossy and comfortable, and that they usually encompass masses of functions and are to be had in lots of various styles, so that you can appearance precise at the same time as staying safe.

Choosing a bike helmet?

Let’s begin with the basics. Nearly all helmets are constructed the identical way. They include an outer plastic shell, an internal padded liner used to burn up impacts, greater padding for comfort, air vents, and an adjustable becoming system. At Halfords, all our helmets meet rigorous European protection standards.

Getting a helmet that suits comfortably, then, is the pinnacle priority. Given that they’re adjustable, all of our helmets show more than a few head sizes that they could cater to. To locate your length, definitely take a tape degree and degree the circumference of your head approximately finger-widths above your eyebrows. It’s that easy.

If you’re falling in among sizes, your nice alternative might be to pop into the store and attempt each sizes on. You’ll speedy comprehend which length you need. When the helmet is on, it shouldn’t be so unfastened that it wobbles around; nor need to it’s so tight that it’s digging in or pushing on stress points. A nice, cushty feeling is what you’re searching for – after all, you’re likely going to be getting loads of use out of it.

Difference between bike helmets vs skate helmets

There are numerous variations among motorcycle and skate helmets. The largest distinction is that skate helmets are designed to face up to a couple of impacts, in which bicycle helmets are designed to face up to one impact. This is due to the fact bicycle helmets have foam that is designed to compress upon impact.

And this makes sense. Skaters working towards hints will take loads of falls, in which cyclists aren’t predicted to take any.

Here are a few different key variations among skate and motorcycle helmets.

Bike helmets:

  • Single impact; designed to guard your head through compressing the froth upon impact
  • Are extra aerodynamic
  • Designed to have higher ventilation

Skate Helmets:

  • Multi-impact, as they’re designed to face up to the everyday variety of skateboarding falls and crashes
  • Cover the again of the head, as riders have a tendency to fall backward
  • Generally taken into consideration extra stylish
  • But except those variations, there are additionally loads of similarities. Both helmets are regularly designed from the equal elements, have detachable liners, and are regularly adjustable in comparable ways.

While protection must be your primary precedence while deciding on a helmet, fashion does play a vital role. I completely get that humans need to appear and sense correctness while cycling or skating. I helmet turns into a part of your fashion.

If appearances are a vital precedent for you, it needs to be stated that skate-fashion helmets are commonly conceived to appear extra younger and ‘street’ looking. The folks who pick this form of helmet are commonly humans such as:

  • Casual cyclists
  • Commuters
  • Mountain Bikers

Skate helmets may be extra flexible too. For example, they also can be used for skiing and in-line skating. The first query you must usually ask yourself is: “Do they offer the proper safety for the interest I need to do?”

Vents are a fundamental layout characteristic of motorcycle helmets and assist to preserve the pinnacle cool and well-ventilated. Since cyclists journey faster, the vents are designed to preserve the air flowing. This is why motorcycle helmets have vents that might be inside the front and out the returned to paintings with the airflow.

Skate helmets have vents too, however, they’re frequently smaller and now no longer designed for air to float through them as easily.

Sometimes, irrespective of the airflow, helmets can experience heat the longer you put on them due. This is because of the froth lining. The foam keeps warmness, however with a terrific airflow structure, maximum of this warmness must be released.

Can you wear these interchangeably?

Now, think you’re a person who loves each skating and cycling. In that case, there are numerous unique helmets that you should purchase which might be licensed via way of means of the producer to fulfill each the ASTM F1492 helmet general for skateboards and the CPSC general for bicycles.

Here are a few helmets you could put on for each cycling and skating.

  • Thousand Helmet (pinnacle recommendation)
  • Outdoor Master
  • Triple Eight

But what if the skate helmet isn’t licensed as a motorcycle helmet? While it’d be higher than nothing, it’s now no longer an appropriate replacement. If you desire to put on a helmet for each, take a look at the helmets above.


Hopefully, this article has helped you ease your worries and help your confusion. So it has been great rambling about this to you. Later.

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