How to Skate – Tips and Tricks

However, we all know that skateboarding is one of the most iconic sports in the world. Basically, for two months, it is tough for the skateboarders. But the experienced person can do all the activities like- however flipping the board in different directions at the top side and then landing back onto the ground, look very natural. But from the beginning, we cannot move a piece of wood attached with four wheels. Finally, skateboarding does not come; naturally, you need to do a lot of practice and perseverance to be a good skateboarder.

To learn skateboarding, you need to get up and then try it. You need to set up your mind and start as a complete beginner. For the beginner, board selection is also very confusing. Does a skateboarder think about what kind of board is perfect for the beginner?

First of all, Get Started

  • First of all, you need the appropriate footwear. Many brands like- Airwalk, Vans, Converse, or Etnies, etc. typically sold for the skateboarders. The sturdy sides and flat bottoms which is perfect for gripping the board. You can also skate with regular sneakers. Don’t try to skate in sandals because you need to move your feet comfortably. Without good sandals, you may fall and get hurt on your ankle.
  • There are different types of skateboards that you can found in the market. Most common are the regular classic skateboards and longboards. The classic skateboards have curved noses and tails and very helpful for doing tricks. You can get various sizes like- about 31″ or 30in length long and 8″ wide. On the other hand, the longboards have a longer and flatter body, and it is twice as long as the classic skateboard, which is very stable for the new skateboarders. Another board is Penny boards, which is suitable for a skateboard’s leisurely ride down the sidewalk. But it is not ideal for the taller person to do different tricks. The small size is not suitable for keeping balance. The beginner coast the board between $50-$150.  Try to get the board that is right for you.
  • When you first try to learn skating, you may fall. Don’t forget to wear different safety gears like a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads to protect you from falls and accidents.  When you skate on the street, at that time, you have to wear your helmet. Before buying, measure the circumstances of your head and then buy your helmet.
  • A flat concrete place and parking is an excellent place to start your skating. If there are any cracks, loose stones, and potholes, you may fall. As a beginner, first practice over the bare grassland and the carpet.


Secondly: Learn the Basics

  • Try to stand over the board properly. Keep the board on a flat surface and place your feet properly over there. Try to stand there with balance without falling. Keep your feet angled sideways over the board. Use your right foot to push. In skateboarding, regular foot means that you have to place your left foot forward; on the other hand, goofy foot means you’ve to put your right foot forward and left in the rear and use your left foot push. Let’s see how the trucks and wheels move.
  • Place your front foot more straight over the board and instead of sideways on the board. Keep your other foot to push gently, and do all the process very slowly to avoid accidents. After some practice, you can put your back foot on the back of the board and ahead of the tail curl around the trucks, and you can band your knee for doing different tricks. Mongo foot means you can comfortably pushing off with your leading foot and riding with your back foot. While you are comfortable with the mongo, try to do goofy and regular foot as well.
  • When you do lots of practice in a flat area, try to slow down. Then pivot your leading foot straight, push off with your other foot, and swing back again. The more you can practice this technique, the more you can ride the board comfortably. Try to speed up with a balance. You need to tighten your trucks if you want to do speed-wobbling. It will not make it easy for you to do it under complete control.
  • When you practice here, learn how to turn by shifting your back. Flex your knee by keeping your center of gravity low to the ground, and then move your knee forward and turn right. Again try to rotate your ankles back to turn the board on your left side. It depends on how to loosen your trucks. Actually, you can shift your weight very gently. You can lose your trucks by turning the large bolt in the center of each truck. You may fall while depending. So, keep your upper body weight in the opposite direction while turning.
  • While you want to stop, push your feet down and slow down. Don’t do this process while the speed is too much. Keep your riding foot over the board. If you want to stop, you need to shift your weight back and scrape the tail against the ground. Before you start skating at a very high speed, you need to practice getting on and off.
  • When you think that you are comfortable with riding, try to switch around and always ride with your back foot in front of the side and your front foot on the backside. One thing is that, if you want to be a good skater, you need to be comfortable equally with both directions.
  • From the very beginning, all the skaters are frequently falling. You can tell that it’s a part of skating. So before start skating, wear safety gear to avoid accidents. Some tricks will help you to avoid these types of situations. Always try to put your arms out and but keep them loose. If you are very stiff, there will be a severe risk of breaking your arms and legs. If you’re landing with a splat, you may scrap yourself up. If the board speed is too high and you cannot control the speed, jump, and land on your feet, and roll on the grass.
  • Try to find out more experienced skaters who know how to skate correctly. You can get them in the skate park. Watch and follow their tricks and apply them while you are skating. Keep patience and follow them, and then you can learn more. Just practice with fun, and then you will know more.

Thirdly: Learning to Ollie

  • An ollie means popping the board up into the air and then landing on it safely on the ground. First of all, you have to shift your back foot for the board’s tail to hit the ground; then, you can pop it up into the air. While you stand on the board, then you should practice rocking back and popping the nose up into the air with balance. Try to use your foot to stomp on the tail and see how much pressure it takes while popping it up in the air. Don’t push too hard down on your tail; that will prevent your board from going up in the air.
  • Stand on the board and then keep your knees in a low position, shifting your center of gravity down over the trucks. Keep your back foot back on the tail and pop the tailback. Never try to start in motion just yet; it will be hazardous during skating.
  • Now to pop the board up, you need to slide your front foot backward just a little and leap into the air, bring your chest up. The first time it is challenging, you need to do it swiftly. After the board pops up into the air, you need to drag your front foot forward with under control. Start to do this frequently.
  • After making the board straight, push the board back to the ground, straighten your legs, and land on the riding position board. Must try to land with your feet over the bolts and knees bent; this process will improve the chance of rolling without injury. While the board hasn’t stand straight,  land it on your feet instead.
  • When you can land ten stationary ollies in a row, then try to do one in motion. Push and start your skating at a low to medium speed. Then squat down and pop the board up while standing down. This is the fundamental skill that you have to learn.

Finally: Learn Other Tricks Also

  • Now you can do ollie as high as you can, and then you can also level your feet. Now you can spin on spins 180 degrees angles. You can make little scoop motion easily. Then try to kick the small area where the side of the board rises. Try to practice these easy tricks.
  • Try to grind; this is not such an easy trick; you have to do some steps properly. First of all, just rolling up to the rail, then jumping off on your board and land with your feet on the rail, and letting the board roll away.
  • Start with a comparatively low rai, which is equal to or less than one foot. And you have to maintain some steps- Rolling up to the rail and then jump off and then land on the board. After that, let the board roll away. Let popping the board up as you jump and make sure that your feet are on the rail. Always roll up at a slight angle. Then ollie as high as you can do on the duration of the rail. Then land on your feet on the board. When you turn to the end of the rail, turn the board in the right direction and easily land over the bolts.
  • Now it’s time to drop in; it needs guts. It starts your foot behind the bolts and your tail on the coping, but you need to keep balance. Place your front foot to the bolts and let the board down. Practice it more than you will get enough confidence. Always keep front motion and keep your shoulders always parallel to the board.

Practice as much as you can; the riding and skating capacity will increase. Warch skateboarders performance and try to follow my tips, tricks, and techniques, you will be a good skater. Definitely, you can progress very quickly when you start with useful techniques as well.

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